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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Esper Guide Diablos


How to unlock

Talk to 2 persons on Industrial City Dilmagia



The 1st person is on the shopping district. After talking to with the 1st person, keep going north, and talk to the woman with her child. You can go to Wicked Peak now.

Diablos Battle Tips

It can attack 2 or 3 three times a row

[0] Gravity
[0] Graviga:
[0] Death: 30% chance to K.O your characters.
[0] Darkness Messenger

[0] If you have Celes bring her. Sealing blade can cancel graviga and death.
[0] Curaja to recover from graviga
[0] Remember that Graviga can’t kill your characters, but be wary of his darkness messenger attack
[0] Bring char with Raise spell/ Phoenix down

Which Abilities to get first?

Remember that the esper only gives you 1% of their status, by knowing this never prioritize “status” on the training, always prioritize skills! You don’t have enough SP to collect all the nodes on the training, but you can get all the skills!!

I mark the important skills by give them Green color.

Tier Abilities
1 star Gravity, Deshell, Silence, Drain, Biora, Sleep
2 star Imperil, Reduce Encounter, Darkside, Man-Eater, Demon Killer, Deprotect, Mug, Osmose

Tips on Diablos

Diablos learn some “killer” abilities, but his primary attribute boost is for Magic and MP, because of this you may want to equip it on your physical character when fighting a boss or something strong. On normal occassion, it’s good to pair him with Mage (not a healer, because of low Spirit).

Status HP MP Atk Def Mag Spr
1 star (Lvl 30) 2800 4300 1200 1700 3700 2300
2 star (Lvl 40) 4300 6000 1500 2300 5300 3100

Diablos will reduce your Light resistance (50%), but since there are not many enemies that use light element attack, it’s very good :).

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6 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Esper Guide Diablos”

  1. Zorz says:

    What is the suggested average team level to beat Diabolos? First time I tried I failed miserably. Unusually difficult comparing to the rest of the game so far.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      5 stars at lvl 80 should be enough. The most important thing is to use your healing spell (curaja/cura) every turn, make sure you keep your party Hp full!!! If you have trouble you can try to inflict blind (it has 10% resistance against it).

  2. Mini says:

    Hi, could you also make a guide on which skills that are important for other espers? Thank you!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Ok, will do :). I will make it as soon as I finish the guide for main story (Dirnado). I believe the Esper guide will be available this week. So, simply bookmark and come back later :).

  3. Rua says:

    Hey man. thanks for the tip 😀

    Since there are 2 espers for mage now, i want to know in your opinion, how does diablos compared to ramuh? which one is better for mage if they are at the same lvl? which one has better spell and which mage suit diablos the most?

    btw, im the one that suggested u to make guide about esper 😀 im so happy and looking for your next one. keep it up man!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I remember your username :). Hehe. Ramuh is better in terms of MAG and MP Boost. So, I believe Ramuh is better for mages. You may also put diablos to physical characters on certain situation because some of his abilities are best for physical attackers (Darkside, Man Eater, etc). I will make pages about other espers once I am done with all FF tactic chars and other important section :).

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