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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Exploration-Into the Abyss (Burst Shot, HP+15%, and Stonra Blade Location) Guide

Warning: This is a high level event. Enemies are strong (about the same as Kolobos Isle). So, if you still struggling on Kolobos Isle, it will be tough.

FF BE Exploration into the abyss

There are 3 recipes for limited ability on this map

Ability Burst Shot Stonra Blade HP +15%


Fire Cryst (10) Earth Megacryst (24) Light Megacryst (27)
Ice Cryst (10) Elemental Tear (13) Tough Scale (16)
Silver Ore (10) Broken Blade (18) Dragon Scale (13)
Hard Pebble (5) Hard Pebble (18) Pure Stone (20)
Alcryst Alcryst Alcryst

Once you find them all, you still need come to this area, because you need to gather “specific” materials which can only be obtained here (Hard Pebble and Pure Stone). For other materials:
[0] Fire Cryst: Zadehl Westersands, good spot to gather fire cryst, you can also get fire megacryst here (used to create hero’s ring)
[0] Ice Cryst: Wolfsgang Peak, good spot to gather fire cryst, you can also get ice megacryst here (used to create hero’s ring)
[0] Earth megacryst: Zadehl Westersands
[0] Light Megacryst: Lanzelt Highland
[0] Tough scale: Zadehl Westersands and Wolfsgang Peak, enemies on this place drop this item frequently
[0] Dragon Scale: dragon type enemies drop this. You can find them on Shrine of Decay, Kolobos Reef, etc
[0] Alcryst: buy it from the ability store for 200 gil

Tips: farming those ingredients on the “world exploration” map will take you a lot of time.. I suggest you to simply open Chamber of Creation, go to the INT difficulty. You can get all the ingredients (except for cryst type items) there, in short time. Don’t go to “ADV” difficulty, the drops are really rubbish there (par with “BGN”), not sure why they make it this way…..

Most of them can be found on the exploration-into the abyss area (especially megacryst, you can get earth and light from this area). So, you don’t need to worry about side ingredient until you manage to gather enough “important materials” (Hard Pebble and Pure Stone). Remember that you can still create those abilities even after the event ends.

Some tips on the exploration:

[0] Equip Charm Bangle to reduce encounter rate. This is really important because there are 3 boss battles, so you want to conserve your MP.
[0] Use -ra spells instead of -ga. Save those MP for boss battles
[0] Cat’s bell maybe useful so you can recover your HP while walking

==Map Guide==

H = Hidden Path, often leads to items or exploration points
T = Treasure (can only be obtained once)
Exp = Exploration Point (refreshed every time you do an exploration)

If you find the items which listed here wrong (or have an additional info), please leave a comment and tell me about it.

==Possible Items from exploration points==

[Fire, Ice, Earth, Light] Megacryst, [Iron, Silver, Mythril] Ore, Red Megacite/Magicite

FF BE Into the abyss Event map

Loc Treasure
T1 Recipe for Burst Shot
T2 Phoenix Down
T3 Star Quartz
T4 Recipe for Stonra Blade
T5 Recipe for HP + 15%
T6 Elixir

FF BE H1 lead to Star Quartz into the abyss fix

H1 will lead you to first recipe on this exploration. The green path drawn on the map above may not include “complete” path, but it will be enough for you to reach T1 (Recipe for Burst Shot).

FF BE H2 lead to Star Quartz into the abyss

H2 is a dead end. It’s like a maze but you won’t reach T3 through H2.

FF BE H3 lead to Star Quartz into the abyss

H3 is the one that leads to the T3. (Star Quartz).


Boss 1 and 2 can be found by checking glittering thing on the ground. You don’t need to defeat them in order to get out from this place, but you must defeat them if you want to get “special” ingredients for those special abilities.

Boss 1: Golden Bomb (Bo1)

FF BE Golden Bomb

HP: 20.000
Weakness: Ice (50%)
Resist: Fire (100%), Poison, Silence, Confuse, Disease, Petrify
Drop: Hard Pebble (1-2)

Not hard at all, but if the golden bomb is like the normal bomb make sure you kill it before its HP below 25% because it probably self destruct.

Boss 2: Ansiel (Bo2)

FF BE Ansiel

HP: 51.480
Weakness: Earth (50%)
Resist: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind (100%), Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralyze, Petrify
Drop: Pure Stone (1-2)

This one is the hardest boss on this area.

Attack 3 times per turn

Attack Pattern:
[0] Aeroga: 1400 – 1900 Wind Damage to all
[0] Thundara/Watera/Fira
[0] Osmose (dangerous…… bring turbo ether and ether)

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Barthundara
[0] Baraerora
[0] Earth base magic (Stone, Stonra, Stonga)

[0] It has high defense and resist against a lot of elements. You can only attack it with Water, Earth, Light and Dark Element. You can use drain (non elemental) too, if you don’t have those elements
[0] Make sure your party HP above 1500 (every turn). Cast cura/curaja to maintain your HP.
[0] If you have Celes, then you may want to bring her. Her runic blade is really effective because Ansiel always attack using magic on every turns
[0] Pay attention to the one who equip Golem as his/her esper. It will take 50% extra damage from aeroga!!!

Boss 3: 3 x Belmodar (Bo3)

FF Brave Exvius Belmodar

HP: 24.500
Weakness: –
Resist: Petrify

You fight 3 Belmodar, You need to kill them ASAP. They don’t have a lot of HP, which make quite easy to kill them. But beware if you can’t kill them quickly because 10,000 Volts is quite powerful and take 3 of those on the same turn can be fatal. You may want to focus one at a time, if you don’t have a strong of AOE spells.

Some Tips:
[0] Equip Thunder Shield/Ramuh because it really helps against his 10,000 Volt attack


The only worth abilities is HP + 15%. why the others are not good?

[0] Stonra Blade is a hybrid damage, the damage is not good because it calculate the damage from some of your attack and some of your magic status.
[0] Burst Shot: this is quite good but if you already have powerful physical attack such as barrage, unmitigated damage skill (light shell, etc) then it’s not that useful

Actually, HP +15% is not that good too, because you can get HP + 10% from Rizer trust master reward (rizer is 1 star hero). He’s quite easy to get and you don’t need to grind “manually” like this event (waste time exploring), for rizer you can simply summon and fuse them.

Remember that 1 exploration run can only give you 1-2 Pure Stone and Hard Pebble. Let’s calculate the time needed to get HP + 15%.

 20 Pure stones = 20 runs = 20 x 15 = 300 energy, so you need 1500 minutes (25 hours) for HP + 15%. You decide by yourself whether it’s worth or not :).

My target: I aim to get 5 HP + 15%, so I can equip them one on every characters. For Burst shot and Stonra Blade, I don’t care:). They’re simply by-product when you try to get Hp + 15%

Please share on comment below, which abilities (and how many) that you will gather? Also, feel free to leave a question on the comment section if you need help.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide Main Page

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  1. FF PLayer says:

    Just wanna to share: Equip thunder shied, Rumah and jeweled ring within an user (maybe Rain or Kain) as they help to resist 100% of 10000 volts attack. I killed Belmodar by one user with “auto” attack since the rest of users were killed by the 10000 volts thunde for 6 times and get 6 Pebbles at the end.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, thanks for the tips. BTW, what’s the jeweled ring for?? It doesn’t have thunder element resistance, only petrified resistance. Also, do you mean hard pebble? I never got one from Belmodar T_T.

  2. Temsik says:

    Boss 2: Ansiel

    Uses watera and also uses osmose making this fight very difficult. On turn 3 & 4 omsomed both of my healers so I had 0 MP for heals. If you plan on fighting her bring plenty of ethers to replenish MP. I could not beat her and that makes this dungeon more trouble than it is worth imo.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks for the tips :). This event is hard and really time consuming. On the last event you don’t need to do an exploration which take a lot of time. I also find that the problem on the HP + 15% is dragon scale and light megacryst. Both of them are very rare….

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