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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Felicitas Town Side Quest and Items Guide

FF Brave Exvius Felicitas Quest V1

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Double Trouble

NPC: Bard on the entrance

How to:
[0] To start this quest you need to talk with the bard on Kolobos Marsh. You will easily find the bard near the exit (the bard also appear as a yellow dot on your map)

FF brave Exvius Doppelganger Felisitas

[0] The bard will ask you to defeat the doppelganger, you can find it on the Golzas Canyon. Talk to the doppelganger and then back to the bard on Felisitas.

Reward: Thunder Shield

Q2: A Burden of the Beast

NPC: Woman west of the weapon shop

How to:
[0] Defeat 10 Armored Beast, You can find it on Golzas Wharf. I find 1-2 armored beast every time I go to Golzas Wharf.

Reward: Pinwheel

Q3: Charmless Man

NPC: Man near the farplane monument

How to:


[0] Deliver the reef moss, you can find reef moss on the Kolobos Reef.

Reward: Light Curtain

Q4: Shock Therapy

NPC: Lady on Q4

How to:
[0] Give her 3 Lightning Cryst, you can find some on Kolobos Reef (or asking from friends), I believe you already have them though.
Reward: Recipe for Giant Feather

Q5: Charm Offensive

NPC: Same manwho gives you Q3

How to:
[0] Finish Q3 first
[0] Defeat 3 Moogle Eater, you can find them as a boss on Golzas Wharf – Demon of Gluttony

Reward: Recipe for Barbut

Q6: Thunder Enlightening

NPC: Old Man on Chocobo Stall

How to:
[0] Before able to talk to the old man, you need to talk to 2 women first. You can see the women on the map above (TS1 and TS2). They all talk about lightning god.

[0] The Old man will ask you for the Turbo Ether, You can buy it from the Felisitas item store for 2000 Gil.

Reward: Star Quartz and Thunder Summit

Q7: The Key Keeper Caper

NPC: Sparkling dust on Q7

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Quest 7 Sparkling location

[0] Check the dust on Q7.

FF Brave Exvius Quest 7 Locked house

[0] Go back to Ghost Port Kolobos and enter the house shown on the picture above. Unlock the locked door and then talk to the person inside to end the quest.

Reward: Phoenix Down

Q8: Paper Chase

NPC: Slacking Sister

How to:

FF Brave exvius research document 1FF Brave Exvius researcher document 1

[0] Go inside the building on Q8, you should see sparkling thing on the floor. Check it to get Document #1 and talk to the researcher nearby.

FF Brave Exvius Slacking Sister

[0] Talk to the girl in front of the weapon shop. She will ask you to find 2 more documents.

FF Brave Exvius Secret Path on Q8

[0] Go back to Q8, enter the secret path on the room. Go right, up, the left (change direction every time you meet a dead end)

FF Brave Exvius Document 2 and 3

[0] You will arrive in a new room, you can get Document 2 and 3 on this room by checking all the sparkling thing on the ground. You can see the picture above (the last document location is shown on the mini map above).

[0] Go back to the “Slacking sister”, she will ask you to deliver these to her brothers on Shrine of Decay

FF Brave Exvius Slacking Sister Brother Location

[0] You can find her brother at Shrine of Decay, very easy to find because there will be yellow dot on your map. If you have trouble finding it, it’s located south of T2 ( Visit THIS PAGE for complete map).

Reward: Recipe for Fire Rod

Q9: A Neverending Nightmare

NPC: Researcher

How to:

[0] Clear Shrine of Decay
[0] Go into research facility (Q8), the researcher now will offer you a quest to kill a monster

FF Brave Exvius Sandworm 1FF Brave Exvius Sandworm 2

[0] Go to Shrine of Decay Exploration, it’s located near the Boss area. Defeat the Sand Worm and report.

Reward: Madhura Harp

Q10: Location, Location, Location

NPC: Tree (Near Q4 location); You need to unlock Dirnado to clear this quest

How to:

FF BE Location3 Felicitas Quest

[0] Come back to Felicitas and check the tree near Q4. You need to find 3 things, the locations are

FF BE Location x3 Quest Phantom Forest

Phantom Forest

FF BE Location x3 Ques Ghost Port Kolobos

Ghost Port Kolobos

FF BE Location x3 Quest Maranda Coast

Maranda Coast; 1st area, near the transition point to 2nd area.

[0] Once you have collected all those things, go to Industrial City Dilmagia. Go to the Tavern and chech the southeast part of the tavern.

Reward: Gold Armlet


Golden Egg; it’s located south of the ability shop. The chest is hidden behind the tree.

FF Brave Exvius Earth Key Felisitas

Chocobo Stall: Use the ladder to go underground. Now see the screenshot above to get 2 treasure chests. (Earth Key#14 and Mythril Ore)

==Item Shop==

FF Brave Exvius Item Shop Felisitas Secret Path

FF Brave Exvius to Secret Cave Felisitas

There is a hidden path on the item shop. Follow the secret path to get a phoenix down. Back track a little bit and go north to the cave.

FF Brave Exvius Path to Star Quartz FelisitasFF Brave Exvius Path to Star Quartz Gi

Go through the secret path, go right then up to get the Star Quartz. Now follow the screenshot on the right to get the Black Belt Gi.

FF Brave Exvius Mythril Gloves Felisitas

Mythril Glove; outside Q8, you can walk behind the boxes.

FF Brave Exvius Dark Megacryst FelisitasFF Brave Exvius Elixir Felisitas

Dark Megacryst; Inside Q8, check the corner to get it, after that go to the room where you get Document 2 and 3 (see Quest 8 paper Chase). Check the bookshelves to get the elixir.

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