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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Festival of The Autumn Moon Guide and Tips

What’s the event about?

FF BE Festival of Autumn Cake

You need to exchange the moogle cake for a reward. You can get moogle cake from:

  • Daily reward (100/day)
  • Crafting it from Recipe, the basic will give you 45 moogle cakes/15 minutes. If you want to have more effective, then you need premium recipe that will generate more moogle cakes and have longer wait time (so you won’t waste time while you sleep)
  • You have a chance to get the cakes while defeating the enemy (small amount 1 – 10 cakes; not sure if it’s possible to get more)

Where do I get the ingredients?

FF BE ingredient source

You can get the ingredients from any battles (except from vortex and Colosseum). The ingredients are actually quite easy to get and not the “real” problem for this quest.

You get more ingredients from the place that uses more energies. However, the most effective place for gathering ingredients is from “exploration”. Because you will encounter more enemies on the exploration.

Few Tips on doing exploration

  • If you are like me, un-equip charm bangle. I always equip it to save my time completing daily quest (2 exploration), but for this event you want to meet enemies, so it’s counter-productive to equip it.
  • Farm on the furthest exploration area because they gives you most ingredients (on Maranda coast I get 25 Fine Flours/ drop, on Zadehl Westersands I only get 5 Fine Flours/drop). This mean
    [0] Dirnados (Maranda Coast and Dwarves Forge)
    [0] Kolobos (Shrine of Decay)
    [0] Grandshelt Isle (Wolfsgang Peak and Zadehl Westersands)
  • Explore the exploration until it runs out of the enemies, if you concern about your energy (especially on the weekend when they always release special event). But if you don’t care then simply exit every time you have gathered all the exploration point.

Should you buy the premium recipes?

Depends, let’s see the amount of cakes generated by the recipes.

Time Cakes Cakes per day Realistic Cakes/per day
15 min 45 4320 2150 (50%)
3 hours 540 4320 3240 (75%)
8 hours 1440 4320 4320

Like you can see that the total amount of the cakes are same. However the realistic cakes/day are different, why? It’s because of the shorter crafting time, you need to craft more frequently. We also need to sleep, etc. For 8 hours recipe, it’s very easy to get a perfect craft time, so it’s 4320/day.

That’s for one crafting slot, to complete this event I suggest you to have at least 2 crafting slots. This will double the result, especially if you want to obtain all the items from King Mog(umi).

If you want to get most of the items from king Mog then yes, you need to buy the 8 hours recipe (With at least 2 crafting slot). 3 hours are not worth, unless you only sleep 3 hours/day or willing to wake up midnight only to craft the cake.

You have 22 days to collect the cakes (the event ends on 17 September, but you can still craft the cakes until 22 September). So, it means that

Max cake (22 days)
1 slot 95040
2 slot 190080
3 slot 285120

What are the items (which important)?

FF BE Important Items

You can see the list of the items by yourself  on the king Mog (lol, what kind of guide is this….). However, there are items which are really worth on this event, they are

Reward Amount Price Total Price
Rare Summon Ticket 4 1000 4000
Rare Summon Ticket 3 3000 9000
Rare Summon Ticket 3 6000 18000
Lunar Pestle 1 30000 30000
Star Quartz 4 300 1200
Star Quartz 3 600 1800
Star Quartz 3 900 2700
Trust Moogle 1 30000 30000
Total 96700
  • Rare summon tickets are important really a must have, because with them you can summon shadow and sabin :).
  • Lunar Pestle is nice weapon (60 Atk is very high at this moment)
  • Star Quartz items (fat chocobo) will get better later, so saving star quartz from now is a wise choice.
  • Trust Moogle is really important especially if you have an unit with nice TM (Zidane, chizuru, Kefka, etc)

Hey!! why [insert item name] is not important?

Here are my explanation

Items Comment
Medicine (potion, etc) Seriously?? Potion for cakes?? All of them can be crafted easily
Metal Gigantuar LOL, better wait till next cactuar dunes event or simply go to chamber of experience later
Elixir This maybe tempting, but I never use elixir in this game. The prices
Evo material Go to the chamber of awakening…
Megacite Tempting, but I prefer to wait until chamber of crystal event Or farming them on exploration
HP + 15% If you really love this ability (which is useless IMO) then you probably already have a lot of them from Abyss event. If you don’t bother with the abyss event then why bother this time??
MP + 20% OMG….
Mini Burst Pot It may seem good, but you probably already know that to level up your LB ti needs a a lot of LB PTS. Even if you buy all the pots, it only increases 1000 of your LB. The increases dmg/healing from LB level up is also very small. I really don’t recommend you, better use LB normally while playing. The price is also really expensive
Magic Key Ingredients The content of the silver/locked chests are bad. Check THIS PAGE for more info about it.
Stellar Shield Despite the name, the shield is not stellar at all. First, the defense is not high (28). Also, I believe you already realize that not many mages can equip shield to get the mag benefit. If only it boost the SPR not the Mag….
Rabbit’s Foot Don’t be deceived by a lot green increases. It increases 7% ailments resistance. Let’s rephrase the sentence, it means that the opponent still has 93% chance to inflict you with Ailments.

So, to summarize all of things which I have written

FF BE King Mog Important

  • Buy the premium recipe (8 hours)
  • Gather the ingredients on exploration
  • Get the Items recommended above first, after that you can choose other items if you have still have cakes.

If you have tips/questions for this event, feel free to leave a comment :).

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