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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Ghost Port Kolobos Side Quest and Items Guide

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Zombie Repellent

NPC: Man, north of the item shop

How to:
[0] Deliver the resin, you can find the resin on the Kolobos Marsh.

Reward: Turbo Ether

Quest 2: Unfinished Bussiness

NPC: Diary

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Woman Kolobos quest architeuth

[0] Talk to the woman near the ability shop on Felisitas Town.

FF Brave Exvius Kolobos Ghost Port Treasures

[0] Go back to Ghost Port Kolobos, enter the house which marked “Vest” by the picture above. Read the diary on the house

FF Brave Exvius Arciteuth Location Reef

[0] Go to Kolobos Reef, go north from the entrance and then check the bubble on the water.

Tips: In the battle use thundaga/firaga to defeat it easily.

FF Brave Exvius Bookshelves Ghost Port Kolobos

[0] Check the diary and then check the bookshelf nearby to obtain the reward.

Reward: Elven Bow (+42 ATK, +10 Magic)


FF Brave Exvius Kolobos Ghost Port Star Quartz

Star Quartz: Go east to find a hidden path, continue until you find the chest.

Red Fang: Enter the house nearby (west of the hidden path; green circle on the mini map above) that lead to star quartz.

There are 3 items near the man who gives you Quest 1.

FF Brave Exvius Kolobos Ghost Port Treasures

Survival Vest; Follow the “Vest“, you will arrive in a room. The treasure chest located on the northwestern part of the room.

Violet Magicite; Follow the “Violet“. Simply continue west in the new area, you will see the chest as you move.

Recipe for Fish Scale; Follow “Recipe“. This won’t change into a new area, simply go down, left, up, left to get the item.

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