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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Grandport Side Quest and Items Guide

==Side Quest==

You can unlock a new quest (Quest 6) on the Town of Mitra. Visit THIS PAGE for Town of Mitra Guide.

Quest 1: Preserving the Peace

NPC: Man inside the weapon shop
How to:
[0] Defeat 8 Bloody Eyes, you can find it on the Lechios Hills (I find them on Scamp’s Alley)
Reward: Recipe for Rune Staff

Quest 2: Cryst Almighty

NPC: Shop Clerk inside the armor shop
How to:
[0] Obtain 5 Earth Megacryst
Reward: Paladin Armor (+32 Defense, +10 Spirit)

Quest 3: Lootiful Dreamer

NPC: Old man inside the north west room
How to:
[0] Give 3 chromatic ooze, you can get it from yellow jelly or red marshmallow.

[0] Give 1 otherworldly Bone. You can get this from the werephanter on Lanzelt Highland.


[0] Now go to the boat shown on the map above (west of the item shop) to claim the reward.

Reward: Moon Ring Blade

Quest 4: Ore Inspiring

NPC: Woman on the south west room
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Giant Rock Zadehl Ore

[0] Deliever Zadehl Ore. You can find Zadehl ore on the location shown on the map above. Simply walk a little bit more from the rock on the screenshot, you will see glowing thing on the sand. Pay attention because it’s easy to miss.

Reward: Recipe for Hypno Crown

Quest 5 – 11 Location are listed on screenshot below

FF Brave Exvius Q5 to Q11 Grandport Quest

Quest 5: Missing on the Mountain

NPC: Lady beside the farplane monument (Q5)
How to:
[0] You need to clear scaar man quest

FF Brave Exvius Wolfsgang Peak Girl

[0] Find the girl on Wolfsfang peak. It’s located on the 2nd area of Wolfsfang Peak.

Reward: Kiku-Ichimonji (Katana +30 Atk)

Quest 6: Hero Mask Task

NPC: Boy on Q6

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Tiger Mask Location

[0] You can find the man on Lanzelt Highland, it’s the one area before the boss battle area.

Reward: Tiger Mask

Quest 7: Niche Dish Wish

FF Brave Exvius Paper Quest 7

NPC: Paper on the Q7

How to:
[0] Find 3 dragon scales (Wyvern; you can find it on Lanzelt Highland as a boss, you can fight 2 wyvern on the exploration as the boss)
[0] Find 3 elemental tears (Green wisp on Phantom Forest Drop this)
[0] After finding those things, go back to the town and then choose “report”. You will arrive on the Tavern, talk to the Tavernkeep to finish the quest.

Reward: Coral Sword

Quest 8: Ninja Challenge

NPC: Man on Q8

How to:
[0]Defeat 8 Hivesguard, I go to Lanzelt Lowlands – Cliffs (easier to find find hivesguard there)

Reward: Recipe for Ninja Gear

Quest 9: Pillow of Your Dreams

NPC: Crewman on Q9

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Sleepweed location

[0] You can get Sleepweed on the Lanzelt Highland. It’s after you cross the wooden bridge.

[0] Report back to Crewman, and then go to Village of Kol. The grandma stands in front of the inn. Report back to Crewman.

Reward: Recipe for Sleep Dagger

Quest 10: It’s a Dog’s Death

NPC: Boy on Q10

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Vetenarian House Grandport

[0] Find the doctor inside the house that shown on the screenshot above.

[0] Find 3 Abominable Wing, you can find it easily from poison eagle on the Lanzelt Highland

Reward: Vaccine

Quest 11: Operation Desert Treasure

FF Brave Exvius Barrel Quest Grandport

NPC: Barrel on the town, you won’t see the quest icon on your map. See the picture above for the location of the barrel

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Giant Rock Zadehl Westersand Quest

[0] Go to Zadehl Westersand, check the giant rock near the boss area.

[0] Return to Grandshelt Royale Capital Vault

Reward: None (you already get the Earth Key#20, right :)? )


#Locked/Silver/Magic Chest#

FF Brave Exvius Locked Chest 1 Grandport

1st locked chest: Inside the weapon shop, contain “Recipe for Brace

FF Brave Exvius locked chest 2 Grandport

2nd locked chest: See the map above, contain “Recipe for Barwatera

#Important Treasures#

I won’t list unimportant item such as potion, etc. They can be bough easily from the shop.

FF Brave Exvius Recipe for Warhammer Grandport

Recipe for Warhammer; just right on the entrance. Hidden by the inn signboard.

Scholar Robe; Inside the item shop (the one that near the inn).

FF Brave Exvius Star Quartz 1 Grandport

Star Quartz; Southwest of the armor shop

Sage Surplice; near the abilities shop, you can see it easily, no hidden path or something like that.

Iron Mace; Go north from the farplane monument, you will also find ether along your way.

FF Brave Exvius Chain Whip Grandport

Chain Whip; South of the boy who gives you Quest 6. See the screenshot above to find it.

FF Brave Exvius Airship Reception Path

FF Brave Exvius Recipe for Bacchus Wine

Recipe for Bacchus’s Wine: Airship Reception, behind the counter lady. Airship reception is a build that is in the middle of this town (large building) which have 2 doors separated by the river.

FF BRave Exvius T1 and T2 GrandportFF Brave Exvius Star Quartz 2 Grandport

Star Quartz; see the map above T1, it’s hidden by the wall

FF Brave Exvius T2 Iron Shield Grandport

Iron Shield; T2 on the map above

FF Brave Exvius Earth Key 7

Earth Key #7: Go to the inn (the one that located on the south). You can use this to unlock Bio Blaster which is very useful against white dragon.

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