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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Grandshelt Castle Exploration Guide

This area doesn’t have exploration map, so you can only farm the items from the normal battle. You can find magitek armor on this place, it has a little chance to drop digital circuit (not sure the function of this item).


You may find the enemy drops something which not listed on this table, this table is meant to show you a general idea about the drops, so you have an idea where to look for a certain items (also their weakness and strength). I will update the bestiary if it’s necessary (updated drops info, etc).

Enemy Type Weak Resist Drops
FF Brave Exvius Floateye
Demon Blind, Sleep, Silence Esper Shard
Esper Cryst
Mystic Ore
Beast Meat
Quality Stone
Book of Ruin
Foot Soldier
FF Brave Exvius Foot Soldier
Human Thunder (50%) Petrify Crimson Tear
Farplane Soul
Esper Cryst
Pearl of Wisdom
Rainbow Needle
Hill Gigas
FF Brave Exvius Hillgigas
Human Broken Blade
Rainbow Needle
Farplane Soul
Magitek Armor
FF Brave Exvius Magitek Armor
Machina Thunder (50%) Quality Part
Farplane Soul
Pearl of Wisdon
Digital Circuit (rare)
Objet d’Art
FF Brave Exvius Obj t d art
Stone Petrify Gaia’s Tear
Esper Shard
Mystic Ore
Quality Stone
FF Brave Exvius Roper
Stone Fire (50%) Litrock
Allure Powder
FF Brave Exvius Sergeant
Human Petrify Farplane Soul
Broken Blade
Rainbow Needle
Wild Nakk
FF Brave Exvius Wild Nakk
Beast Esper Cryst
Life Orb
Beast Meat
Thickened Hide
Luminous Horn

==Boss: Flamesblade==

FF Brave Exvius Flamesblade

Health: 4550
Weak: Ice
Resist: Fire
Drops: Petrify

it weak against Ice, so make sure you use character that can cast blizzard (or even blizzara). Laswell is also useful on this battle because he has ice based limit break.

[0] Fury: fire damage to all (200-400)
[0] Tranquility: chance to do 2 hit attack ??
[0] Iai: increase magic and attack power, can be dispelled
[0] He can also boost his attack and magic status, if you have dispel then use it.

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