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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Grandshelt Catacombs Exploration Guide

==Map Guide==

H = Hidden Path, often leads to items or exploration points
T = Treasure (can only be obtained once)
Exp = Exploration Point (refreshed every time you do an exploration)

If you find the items which listed here wrong (or have an additional info), please leave a comment and tell me about it.

==Possible Items from exploration points==

Copper Ore, Lumber, Magicite Shard, Black Magicite, (Wind, Fire, Dark, Lightning) Cryst

FF Brave Exvius Grandshelt Catacombs Map

Location Item
T1 Leather Whip
T2 Bronze Mace
T3 Iron Gloves
T4 Star Quartz
T5 Battle Axe
T6 Phoenix Down
T7 Recipe for Bronze Helm
T8 Locked (Recipe for Barwater)
T9 Recipe for Javelin
T10 Locked (Recipe for Barthunder)
FF Brave Exvius Locked chest Grandshelt Catacombs T10

Location of T10, it’s hidden below the pipe. It’s also locked.

Some of treasures are hidden below the pipe, make sure you look around carefully. See the screenshot above for example.

FF brave exvius hidden path to iron gloves

The arrow on the map shows you a hidden path, H1 is quite hard to find see the screenshot above to find it. H2 will lead you to a new area (it doesn’t show yellow transition point on the map).


You may find the enemy drops something which not listed on this table, this table is meant to show you a general idea about the drops, so you have an idea where to look for a certain items (also their weakness and strength). I will update the bestiary if it’s necessary (updated drops info, etc).

Shark is a a boss on the Sewer area, I am not sure if it can appear on the exploration map. If it can appear on the exploration area, then it means that it’s very rare.

Type Enemy Weak Resist Drops
Reaper Green Soul
FF brave exvius Green Soul
Light (50%) Allure Powder
Beast Wild Rat
FF brave exvius Wild Rat
Fire (50%) Luminous Horn
Thickened Hide
Esper Cryst
Esper Shard
Life Orb
Seed of Life
Aquatic Shark
FF brave exvius Shark
Thunder (50%) Ice, Earth (50%)
Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralyze, Confu, Petrify
Crimson Tear
Aquatic Yellow Jelly
FF brave exvius Yellow Jelly
Thunder (50%) All bad status Beast Meat
Esper Shard
Quality Parts
Chromatic Ooze
Reaper Zombie
FF brave exvius Zombie
Fire, Light (50%) Book of Ruin
Gaia’s Tear
Esper Cryst
Life Orb
Crimson Tear
Green Fluid

==Boss: Architeuth==

FF brave exvius arciteuth

Health: 3900
Weak: Fire, Lightning
Resist: Earth, Petrify
Drops: Life orb, Esper Cryst

It has 3 tentacles, use AOE spell to kill them all in the beginning of battle.

Recommended Character:
[0] Any character that have AOE skill, such as Cyan, Penello, etc
[0] Fire element spells, especially fira since it’s an AOE spell and strong against this monster
[0] Leave your suggestion on the comment section.

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    T8 Recipe for Barwater
    T10 Recipe for Barthunder

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