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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide and Tips

FF Brave Exvius featured pic

Platform: IOS/Android
Genre: RPG

This guide is far from complete, I will update it frequently, so make sure you book mark this page, because it’s the index of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide. If you want certain topic to be covered, or have any questions, feel free to leave comments. If there are wrongs in my guide, please tell me so I can fix them ASAP. Thank you very much for using my guide while playing.

FF Type O EVENT Guide and Farming Analysis (Pro or Elt?)

World Guide

These guides will show you the map (if there is an exploration map) and the locations of the items (hidden path, etc). You can also find useful info and tips for enemies (drop rate, weakness).

==Guide Log==

SQ = number of side quest you can get from the town

I won’t continue the guide for upcoming story mode guide, because I notice that there are not many players are using it. Simply go to the wiki for the guide. I will always updated the event guide and hero review guide though 🙂

Heroes Guide

You will find Strength, Weakness, Equipments, Esper and Tips for these heroes. If you want me to review certain hero feel free to leave a comment. I will try to review that hero ASAP.

Number inside the quote indicates my rating for that hero

Newest Hero Review: Queen

LM  = the character is not obtainable on normal occasion. It’s only available when its banner is up.

==Max 6 Stars==

  1. Ace (9)
  2. Bartz (9.5)
  3. Cecil (10)
  4. Cerius (8.5)
  5. Chizuru (10)
  6. Cloud of Darkness (9.5)
  7. Cupid Artemios (9/10) LM
  8. Dark Fina (10)
  9. Dark Knight Cecil (8)
  10. Demon Rain (8.5) LM
  11. Delita (9.5)
  12. Dracu Lasswell (9.0) LM
  13. Elza (10)  LM
  14. Emperor (10) Youtube Video NEW!!!
  15. Exdeath (9,5)
  16. Firion
  17. Gilgamesh (10)
  18. Lightning (10)
  19. Ling (10) Youtube Video
  20. Luka (10) 
  21. Luneth (10)
  22. Marie (9/10)
  23. Medius (7.5)
  24. Mercedes (9)
  25. Noctis (10)
  26. Olive (10)
  27. Primm (8.5/10)LM Youtube Video
  28. Queen (10)  Youtube Video NEW!!!
  29. Randi (9/10) LM
  30. Rain (9.5) Youtube Video
  31. Ramza (9.5)
  32. Refia (10)
  33. Santa Roselia (9.5) LM
  34. Seven (9)
  35. Shine (8.5) Youtube Video NEW!!!
  36. Snow (8.5)
  37. White Knight Noel (8.5) LM
  38. White Witch Fina (7.5) LM
  39. Xiao (8/10)
  40. Yun (10/10)

==Max 5 Stars==

  1. Agrias (9/10)
  2. Alma (7.0)
  3. Arc (8.5)
  4. Artemios (8.5)
  5. Black Cat Lid (8.0) LM
  6. Celes (8.5)
  7. Charlotte (8.5)
  8. Edge (6.0)
  9. Elle (7)
  10. Fang (7.5)
  11. Faris (8.0)
  12. Fencer (8.5) LM
  13. Gaffgarion (8.0)
  14. Hope (7,0)
  15. Ingus (8.0)
  16. Jack (9)
  17. Juggler (7.0) LM
  18. Kain (9.0)
  19. Karl (7.5) LM
  20. Kefka (8.5)
  21. Lenna (9,0)
  22. Leo (8.5)
  23. Ludmille (7)
  24. Maxwell LM
  25. Mustadio (8.5)
  26. Rosa (9/10)
  27. Roselia (8.5)
  28. Rydia (8.0)
  29. Sazh (7.5)
  30. Seria (7.0) LM
  31. Thief (8.0) LM
  32. Tilith (9.5) LM
  33. Trey (7,0)
  34. Vanille (7.0)
  35. Warrior of Light (9.5)

==Max 4 Stars==

  1. Krile (8)
  2. Vivi (7)

Esper Guide

Items Guide

Equipments (Armor)

Equipments (Weapon)

Colosseum Guide

Trials (How to Defeat)

Vortex Guide

  • Cactuar Dunes (Appear once a month on the weekend); Last Appear on 18 – 20 November 2016
  • Enchanted Maze; Last Appear on 26 September – 1 September 2016

Event Archive

This section will list all expired from the past. Not sure whether they will available again on the future.

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128 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide and Tips”

  1. Myst says:

    Working to give Elza Dual Weild and Barrage. Wonder if id need both lol. You think giving elza Twin lance and death scythe a good idea for now when im done gettin dual weild?

    Just to mention i picked up the recipe for Atk +10% from water shrine and defence bracer which outshines shining bracer hehe.

    Lastly where is the easiest banner for me to Get Roselia. I kinda nid her TM for Tilith. Unless i pick up Refia hehe

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, Barrage would be waste slot for elza. She already have Madness rush which is more powerful. Elza wont have any MP problem because she has lance :). Twin lance is bad IMO, because “double” attack only works when you attack normally (who do that in the boss battle??). Try to get Gungir or her own TM :).

      I haven’t reached water shrine lol XD, but yes Atk + 10% abilities are super useful :).
      Roselia doesn’t have banner T_T, you only need to pray to get her through luck XD.

      • Myst says:

        Oh god.. I pulled my 4th exdeah today.. (summon ticket) no Bartz.. What the heck.. Is his TM Holy even worth it?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Nope, but he’s a good mage himself :). Holy might be useful when you face strong enemy with low light resist.

        • Myst says:

          Good Mage.. What equips to you suggest to max his damage? I have like 1 candy basket, 1 earring. and wizard rod. He cannot equip creepy mask and black robe :-(. Advice me also what kind of abilities should he have to be at best 🙂 thanks much

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hi, For Mage Lilith Rod/Wizard Rod (from previous event; FF 4) are the best weapon you can get easily. For abilities, simply use Mag + 10% on all 4 slots (replace them as needed, put HP if your mage die frequently). For his armor, it’s one of his weakness and you can’t do anything. Simply equip highest defense.

  2. Jose says:

    Will you do a guide for the Gale Keys? Im having problems trying to get Gale Key #4 which is supposed to be started in the Town of Amore.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, yes I will do about them but I am not sure when it’s available. I will try my best to complete all olderion guide and gale key before 29 November 2016 (FF XV release lol, need to finish all the works so I can play XD).

      • Myst says:

        Gale keys will only work once you complete the entire earth key quest (Animal Tale quest from Village of Ambel) . After that u can easily get all 10 gale keys at their correct spots. Town of amore Boarish quest should get u gale key #4. 🙂 oh yah, i think theres a new Vault after Olderion next patch. Because after i finished the vault of gale keys, another introduction letter was given to me for the next vault. :))

        Oh god, i hope its recipe for elixir hehe or atack +20%. Fingers crossed 😀

  3. Myst says:

    Ok, after 2days of non-stop playing , i reached the point of clearing all missions of the WORLD/(too many Lapis lol) and came to a stop point, Leviathan, after killing the Boss, the next stop of the stroy line shows me Olderion City, but i have no idea where to continue 😀 is this the end of the storyline for now? i currently achieved 8 Gale keys(#4 and #8 missing). is that as much as we can get now? If yes, when is the next released content.

    Finished all trials too (Wizard Rod achieved today lol (Last Trial), i was really lucky, almost completely died)

    All that’s left for me is clearing Maxwell. I’m really happy with the guide you gave above 😀 ill use it tomorrow. I also finished Crystal Tower when i asked u before by luck too 😀 (Lightning finished the job(Last survivor lol, at 1HP, the next hit was a “miss” from Xande, HP of Xande was 1 hit too haha)

    I used the free lapis from all missions to pull twice 10+1 and ended up with complete FFBE set. Karl(2x)/Seria/Tilith (2x) and Elza(Red Crystal) (1x)[YES!] + Free Garnet, CoD, Rydia, Amarant and Kefka.

    So what i wanna know now, is what am i missing for the storyline above, 2nd is fastest way to level TM (Wanna give Dual Wield for Elza to make OP) and lastly (is there a chance to pull lightning/Luneth again soon?) 😀

    PS. Thanks for the advice on Crystal Tower Previously. and i also learned WoL is better than Vaan 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haha, glad to hear that. Yes, WoL is farrrrrr better than Vaan :). Vaan is overrated because he’s the only char with full break on the beginning of this game, but after that he falls down really hard, lol (he will get 6 stars upgrade in the future though).

      1st about story, yes it’s end after you defeat Leviathan. We need to wait for the update, I believe it will come this week or next week.
      2nd about TM, there is no shortcut, simply go to earth shrine and do the mission there (1 energy). I will make a more detailed guide about this soon. I have finally clear all the event guide. So, I have time for side thing like TM guide, etc.

      Nice pull you get there :). Make sure you buy that tablet ruin for elza. I am saving all my lapis for upcoming ff tactic event (Orlanduuuuu). From now, I will simply do half lapis summon. For Ligthning, yes if we follow the same japan release, we will get chance to summon her again when other ff 13 joins this game. For Luneth, I don’t think so :).

      • Myst says:

        Thanks man, i did get that “Tablet of Ruin” and all the other items already. I use a party of Elza, Seria, Karl and Lilith. 1k karma per run but with metal gods, 4k to 14k karma.took me 2days to get all ffbe characters maxed. It comes down to 1 item left, is it worth it to get the “15% Magic” for 70k? Seems ridiculous when we can easily craft 10% ones and there would also be a 30% TM

        Also where can i get a lot of magicites? I need to level my golem fast to 2star for provoke. I still havent beaten maxwell lol

        • noobbgodlike says:

          For magicite simply keep doing chamber of crystal event everytime it’s available :). Phantom forest is a good place to farm green megacite too, but I am too lazy to do that kind of thing :).

  4. Spikeys says:

    So I don’t have CoD or Cecil. My healer is a 5* Refia and Lena. My tank is Charlotte. Full Breaker is Vaan/Agrias and DPS is a Luneth with Chirijiraden and an enhancer.

    I guess I have no chance of getting Maxwell?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can say it’s very hard, because even with your whale friend you need to hold back and without tanker it’s very hard to hold back and wait until your summoning bar full.

  5. ConcreteUltros says:

    hey bro we really need to beat Maxwell to get her? sorry I missed the JP event where she debuted and some people is saying you only need to survive enough to cast Diabolos.

    any info on the topic?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I am not sure myself. Simply try to do a mission on normal quest and try to give up, if you don’t get the mission reward then it means you can’t do the same for maxwell.

  6. Myst says:

    Lastly do you think having Cecil, Vaan, Rosa and 2 CoD would beat ELT boss of Crystal Tower?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      CoD is really good, but 2 Cod will be bad, why? Because I believe you don’t have enough strong weapon for him. CoD weapon choices are really bad if you miss Lunar pestle.You need a super strong friends to beat Xande with your current party lineup.

      • Myst says:

        I was thinking since CoD(6*) was the only one who could deal the highest damage with 2 man-eater traits/atack+30% and maybe a set of attack equipments (MBR and Mithril Mace/Hyperwrists/BlackBelt Gi’s, Green Berets). Combining he’s resistance to all elements(Both current+Omniveil) and HP high, (Defense+10% abilities and Hp%) he woudn’t die so easily and be a useful partial tank. And 2 of them would be overkill(call of Void). because Cecil(6*) and Rosa(Mp Booster) would be both healers, while cecil is also a tank. Vaan for reducing SPR and DEF(main Purpose), last a lightning partner with awesome equipment might do the job 😀 Is that a little possible? i don’t really have the OP characters yet because its really hard to pull with the daily 250 lapis pull and Garland was a total Failure for Xande lol.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yup, you got it right, she wont die so easily but I worry about his time stop. COD will survive that but what about your healer? Anyway, simply try it :), I can’t say for sure because I never try it :). Actually CoD is one of OP characters :), but you don’t have Lunar Pestle, that’s the problem. Also, barrage is more powerful than call of void (unless the enemy is weak against dark). You may be able to do it though (if your both of your CoD at lvl 100).

  7. Myst says:

    Can u make a full review on Vaan for me? I need to fully understand him.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I think I will wait until he get 6 stars upgrade in the future (still very long), but I can only say that his speciality is only full break (and focus spell for support). At the beginning he’s really special because he’s the only unit with full break and focus, but right now many characters have those ability which make him not special anymore. Still good unit but not the best.

      • Myst says:

        Glad to hear he’s gonna have a 6-star version. Yea i usually use him for Boss kills by using Full Break for other powerful character to deal damage after. Thank you very much for the tips about him there 🙂

  8. Omar says:

    Do you have a review on Xiao?
    I got her a while back I maxed her outo she’s strong, she reminds me of tifa…

  9. MysticKat says:

    Are you going you include non exploratory areas in Lanzelt, like lanzelt estuary which has pit fiends need for a quest , kol badlands. I have written down sketchy item drop list for monsters encountered those areas. I’m very slowly making progress in the game and still a nub. What does the star quartz do as I have a collection of them.
    This is great site.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I won’t make the guide for non exploratory area anymore, because IMO. It’s kinda useless. I find that to find rare material (such as dragon scale, etc), it’s more effective to go into vortex. For common items, you don’t need to know the exact location because you will always get them easily (such as esper cryst, shard).

  10. Jose says:

    Im here again lol.

    Just wondering, do you have a Guide for ELT Bosses in the Giant of Babel Event? I click where the guide is supposed to appear but the page goes to the Orbonne Monastery page and not the Babel One.

    Thanks again for all the great info.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome. I am really sorry, it’s my mistake about the link…. The link has been fixed now :). However, it’s not a “real” guide because I haven’t defeated ELT my self. It’s simply tips :). Thanks for telling me about the link.

      • Jose says:

        Another question, damn I cant stop lol. Have you gotten the gale keys? If so, whats the best way to use the Equip Hat that you get from one of the keys?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It’s ok :). No, I haven’t obtain the key… THe last 2 weeks are busy with Orbonne event. Now, I am busy with Cecil (levelling him to 100; now 96). After I reach the lvl 100 I will continue the story quest :). I believe tomorrow is the last day for training Cecil :). What’s the effect of the hat??

  11. David C says:

    Hi,Been playing this game a few weeks and I wanted to say that what you are doing is excellent. I visit your site constantly because of the wealth of information. Thanks!

  12. Jose says:

    Can you continue your guide of the Colisseum Adv?

    Im having problems defeating the C-5 Boss.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Ok, will do them later.
      Here are general rule for now:
      [0] Use Libra, see which ailment it weak against (and elements). Then inflict it (blind, paralyze)
      [0] Power break and Magic Break is a must !!!! without it you will dead very easy
      [0] Tanker is really important especially if you find the boss that have single target. Use provoke and keep guarding, so it can guard better.
      [0] Fight a lot of enemies, then try to chain all magics (like my guide on how to beat ELT level on FFT event)

  13. Trish says:

    Can you do a review of Garnet, Vaan or Freya?

  14. Omar says:

    Can you find out what Alma does i got her for a summons and all she knows is, stone throw????
    What’s is she gonna learn next, harsh language….

  15. SolidWhiteTiger says:

    I know she’s only a 4* max but my favorite character from any FF is Rydia, could you do a review for her pleze?

  16. Just-a-dude says:

    any chance to get a full review of Freya, Fencer or Cecil?

  17. Quack says:

    Is there any good way/ placce to get Sacred Crystals?

  18. Lieapp says:

    Wanna ask you for your opinions, I pulled Roselia, Garnet and Cerius..which one provide better support? My healer currently is Lenna and I’m using Freya, Artemios, Zidane and Santotto..i wish I can get an attacker but too bad I pulled all good healer in one short.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Lenna and Garnet are the best healer at this moment, if you have a lot of physical attackers, then choose Lenna because her cheer will boost your party power a lot, if not then go for Garnet because she has raise. Roselia is also nice (maybe rank 3 for healer), because she also learn curaja but since you alreayd get Lenna and Garnet, then I must say that she’s useless.

      Cerius is really situational, until now the only battle that makes her shine is when you fight demon chimera. Demon chimera won’t be able to do serious damage because of Cerius elemental defense support skills. When you do this summoning? On the Fencer event??

      I suggest you to replace Shantoto ASAP, because he’s only maxed at 4 stars (You can use Rain/Laswell, I prefer Rain cause of his power break). However don’t go crazy on fencer event, they are good but there will be many better heroes coming soon. You can see Fencer and Thief guide on the post above (I just made them). Hope this helps, if you have more question feel free to ask :).

      Freya’s Reis’s Wind is also very good combine it with your healer, then it’s very hard to kill your party :).

      • Lieappe says:

        Thanks for the reply! I pulled them few days ago but don’t know what to do with such a lot of healer. Ya, I love Lenna’s cheer but Garnet has revive, sometime it’s very useful..thanks for the suggestion too! I will replace Shantotto with Rain/Lesswell..I wish I can get chiizuru in fact. But I tried few times but it’s too hard to get her!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome.Haha, yes, chizu is very rare. I dont like raise very much because I can use phoenix down. I don’t find my characters dying often too, so I prefer Lenna.

  19. SomeAnonFromCO says:

    are you going to do more unit articles for popular units like Cecil/Chizuru/Exdeath/Leo/WoL/Vaan/Bartz/etc?

  20. james says:

    have you included the missions that pop up, as you progress further into the game, in the prior villages?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh? do you mean an event like cactuar dunes? I have written about them on this page but I delete them as soon as they’re expired. I will make a page dedicated for them later :). Thanks for using my guide while playing.

      • Josh says:

        I believe he meant some side quests made available by NPCs upon passing a certain point in the story after a town wherein you have to back track to the town to pick it up. I’ve noticed a few as well but can’t remember where.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm the only quest that need you to do that is on the grandshelt royale capital. I will update the quest on that town later. Thanks for the help.

      • james says:

        yea thats what i was going for thank you..

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