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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide and Tips

FF Brave Exvius featured pic

Platform: IOS/Android
Genre: RPG

This guide is far from complete, I will update it frequently, so make sure you book mark this page, because it’s the index of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide. If you want certain topic to be covered, or have any questions, feel free to leave comments. If there are wrongs in my guide, please tell me so I can fix them ASAP. Thank you very much for using my guide while playing.

FF Type O EVENT Guide and Farming Analysis (Pro or Elt?)

World Guide

These guides will show you the map (if there is an exploration map) and the locations of the items (hidden path, etc). You can also find useful info and tips for enemies (drop rate, weakness).

==Guide Log==

SQ = number of side quest you can get from the town

I won’t continue the guide for upcoming story mode guide, because I notice that there are not many players are using it. Simply go to the wiki for the guide. I will always updated the event guide and hero review guide though 🙂

Heroes Guide

You will find Strength, Weakness, Equipments, Esper and Tips for these heroes. If you want me to review certain hero feel free to leave a comment. I will try to review that hero ASAP.

Number inside the quote indicates my rating for that hero

Newest Hero Review: Queen

LM  = the character is not obtainable on normal occasion. It’s only available when its banner is up.

==Max 6 Stars==

  1. Ace (9)
  2. Bartz (9.5)
  3. Cecil (10)
  4. Cerius (8.5)
  5. Chizuru (10)
  6. Cloud of Darkness (9.5)
  7. Cupid Artemios (9/10) LM
  8. Dark Fina (10)
  9. Dark Knight Cecil (8)
  10. Demon Rain (8.5) LM
  11. Delita (9.5)
  12. Dracu Lasswell (9.0) LM
  13. Elza (10)  LM
  14. Emperor (10) Youtube Video NEW!!!
  15. Exdeath (9,5)
  16. Firion
  17. Gilgamesh (10)
  18. Lightning (10)
  19. Ling (10) Youtube Video
  20. Luka (10) 
  21. Luneth (10)
  22. Marie (9/10)
  23. Medius (7.5)
  24. Mercedes (9)
  25. Noctis (10)
  26. Olive (10)
  27. Primm (8.5/10)LM Youtube Video
  28. Queen (10)  Youtube Video NEW!!!
  29. Randi (9/10) LM
  30. Rain (9.5) Youtube Video
  31. Ramza (9.5)
  32. Refia (10)
  33. Santa Roselia (9.5) LM
  34. Seven (9)
  35. Shine (8.5) Youtube Video NEW!!!
  36. Snow (8.5)
  37. White Knight Noel (8.5) LM
  38. White Witch Fina (7.5) LM
  39. Xiao (8/10)
  40. Yun (10/10)

==Max 5 Stars==

  1. Agrias (9/10)
  2. Alma (7.0)
  3. Arc (8.5)
  4. Artemios (8.5)
  5. Black Cat Lid (8.0) LM
  6. Celes (8.5)
  7. Charlotte (8.5)
  8. Edge (6.0)
  9. Elle (7)
  10. Fang (7.5)
  11. Faris (8.0)
  12. Fencer (8.5) LM
  13. Gaffgarion (8.0)
  14. Hope (7,0)
  15. Ingus (8.0)
  16. Jack (9)
  17. Juggler (7.0) LM
  18. Kain (9.0)
  19. Karl (7.5) LM
  20. Kefka (8.5)
  21. Lenna (9,0)
  22. Leo (8.5)
  23. Ludmille (7)
  24. Maxwell LM
  25. Mustadio (8.5)
  26. Rosa (9/10)
  27. Roselia (8.5)
  28. Rydia (8.0)
  29. Sazh (7.5)
  30. Seria (7.0) LM
  31. Thief (8.0) LM
  32. Tilith (9.5) LM
  33. Trey (7,0)
  34. Vanille (7.0)
  35. Warrior of Light (9.5)

==Max 4 Stars==

  1. Krile (8)
  2. Vivi (7)

Esper Guide

Items Guide

Equipments (Armor)

Equipments (Weapon)

Colosseum Guide

Trials (How to Defeat)

Vortex Guide

  • Cactuar Dunes (Appear once a month on the weekend); Last Appear on 18 – 20 November 2016
  • Enchanted Maze; Last Appear on 26 September – 1 September 2016

Event Archive

This section will list all expired from the past. Not sure whether they will available again on the future.

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128 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide and Tips”

  1. SomeAnonFromCO says:

    can you do a review of Wilhelm?

  2. Myst says:

    So who’s better? Elza or Orlandeau? or should i just keep both at party with dual wields? :)

  3. Myst says:

    I was forced to pay a few dollars to pull 10+1, lucky queen and cinque were pulled. 🙂

    • Myst says:

      Can you recommend me characters beating Gilgamesh with no items, 5man party. The limit burst seemz the easiest. But thats about it. I seem lost having no items as backup.. If you know a tip or trick to beat him easy, pls share it. Hopefully he has a maxwell trick where we can disconect and reconect to avoid a skill of his xD haha

  4. Myst says:

    For Phantoma farm, is using 5 type 0 chart characters ok? Cinque, queen, 2x Eight and 1 support as Nine/Queen. I need Elza to do the killings hehe. I earn about 600-800 per battle in Elt without Nimbus or Golden Bombs yet. Good enough already? Or should i remove Elza and add another type 0, but the battle will be harder for me hehe

  5. Myst says:

    Can you give me a guide on how to beat Nimbus? I tried and his HP is godly high lol. And he can instakill you 🙁

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can’t kill it my self lol XD. The point is to kill it you must bring full powered party, but in the event you need to bring “weak” ff 0 chars to get bonus point. So, when i meet nimbus simply steal phantoma and wait to him run away.

      • Myst says:

        he run away after i got his HP a little reduced down lol, all OP characters and hes too much trouble. might as well steal. BUT have u seen golden Bombs? they give high point numbers when they appear too 😀 i had luck passing by them twice already.

        • Myst says:

          The golden bombs seems more rare than nimbus lol, youve encountered them yet?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yes, I have encountered few of them. But for Nimbus…. BTW, can you leave a comment, ask on the youtube page. As you can see that the blog is not that active. So, I prefer to discuss about the game on the youtube because other can also see the answer and get the same benefit :).

  6. Myst says:

    Is it me or even the drop rates of banner’ed ff type 0 units are so low.. 7 tickets and only 1 Eight.. :-/

  7. Myst says:

    What can u say about odin? Physical like ifrit?

  8. Myst says:

    Damn, don’t use “Focus” in dreadnought 15% HP challenge, it is bugged, it’ll consider it as white magic lol. tested twice and yea, aside from that, i used party to defeat Captain:

    Elza (Ravaging Blow – SPR down 50%),
    Cecil (Tanker/provoker) 6K HP
    Tilith (Healer, Buffer 50% stats)
    Ling(Debuffer/item user)
    Exdeath (Dual Meteor)
    Buddy -> Dark Fina (Dual Alterna(black magic)-> Ring of Lucil) (80k damage/99MP)

    Took the bastard down, cheers! another +15% HP 🙂

  9. Myst says:

    Ok i believe u, ring of domination when i read about. Is truly difficult lol

    1. 70 trophies is already super hard, takes a long time already
    2. The craftable items will make u craft plenty of ruler/monarch and domination ring. Imagine the hardship.
    3. Finding all that megacrysts is crazy when crafting all those rings lol
    4. Better to TM farm than to make this and stick with ruler rings lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1. yes… I don’t think I will get it. I still only have 58 trophies at this moment. And the rest of trophies are insane (such as arena, etc)
      2. Yeah, also the material is not 100%. I read the rate is 2% LOL
      3. yeah, also you need to explore for megacryst

      • Myst says:

        Haha, leta just consider “ring of domination” a God item with high difficulty for crafting. 🙂

        Well got my ling to lvl100, now to retry dreadnaught for the hp15%. Gonna use tilith instead of refia.

        In the banner, i got shera and leon but no olive.

  10. Myst says:

    I bet you already made your domination rings 😀 i upgraded all my hero rings to monarch rings already hehe. I still need two trophies to obtain demolition rings recipe 😀

  11. Ghostdog says:

    Should I invest in Popoi?

  12. Myst says:

    Could you make a video of CoD and Elza again so i can fully understand then better? Thanks 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I will make the video for them when they make an appearance on summon banner. For CoD I will wait until she get the skill update feature :).

      • Myst says:

        Elza’s scythe TM which i am getting with the last 5% needed, its dark element. Bad for events coz most bosa have dark resistance lol, can only be used occasionally. better get 1 gungir and other death scythe ryt?

        Same with Cecil’s Excalibur, looks occasionally too.

        Also i plan on maxing out my popoi’s tm’s and giving exdeath 4 mp+5% mag+25%. Sounds good? 😀

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yup, I prefer non elemental weapon, that’s why I train Agrias instead of cecil because agrias’s tm non element. For Popoi, as lon you don’t use Trust moogle, then it’s fine 🙂

  13. Myst says:

    I already have 4pcs HP+15% abilities, do i really need a 5th one on this dreadnought mission not using white magic? In my opinion, not really worth all that crazy effort on rare items like elixir, chocolates, mega ethers and y potions lol especially noctis comeback. Got the moogle, im done. XD i believe there are events easier to get this in the future again

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can’t answer that for you but. More HP + 15% always better IMO, but it’s the last priority for secret of mana (like I have said on the video). For the ff 2 event, get it if you have Luka, if you don’t then don’t need to stress out XD.

      • Myst says:

        I have luka and ling but not yet maxed xD i tried twice, without white magic, elza, cod, cecil, refia and exdeath and buddy noctis or dark fina. Epic fail lol, gave up and decided to max ling 1st as you used her in video to inflict status effects xD will try again if she maxed.

  14. Myst says:

    Barely finished mana event but got all items except 70k moogle. And some useless abilities. So tiring the mana event considering the characters are not really good. Hehe today did dreadknought, poof thought it was easy, bam, last boss ELT, the bombs explode after 1 round, poof wipeout lol. I will watch your guide above xD

    Also now that i have Gigantaxe and Gigas Axe, is it about time to maximize Mercedes with dual weild? 😀

  15. Myst says:

    Omg, so tired, 400x run to do in mana mystery ELT. Those little rabbits are so rare xD getting all the items is a real challenge. XD rily glad elza, a maxed popoi and exdeath can do the trick. I use 4mana characters so around 700 candies per run. That axe is 50k lol.

  16. Myst says:

    Hi, so what’s new about Dangerous Ariana and is it an OK character? I haven’t seen you add it yet in the character list, i got it maxsd out at 6star now.

    Another thing, is giving ultima to exdeath better than him dual casting meteor?

    Lastly, is jack the best among the ff tyoe 0 characters to have? The 6stars ace and seven doesnt seem strong at all.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Jack is strong but he is limited on 5 stars which make him bad XD. Honestly, there are no chars in ff type 0 right now that’s very good. Dangerous ariana is really bad lol which make me kinda lazy to make a review for her. I will make one though once I get mine to 6 stars, I am still farming ff type 0 event, so I don’t have time to train her :). From now on, I will make a new char guide on youtube, so you may want to subscribe to my channel on youtube.

      Instead of Ultima I think it’s better to give exdeath mag 30%, meteor and ultima only have 0.3 difference which is small.

  17. parn09 says:

    Hi I’ve always look forward to your item guide (what items to get) for event but it seems like you are not doing it anymore. Are you stopping it like the story mode guides?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, I have stopped guide about them, because there are not many people are using them. You can visit exvius wiki, you can find all the info there. I only do event guide and trial guide through my channel on youtube.

  18. Myst says:

    What’s new with Rain(6*) version? Is it recommended?

  19. Will says:

    What’s the best place to find elemental tears for crafting spirit slayer? I can’t seem to find any more

  20. mamushi says:

    Looks like the FF XIII Banner characters are disappointing and I am annoyed with the Hanging Edge event. You need a companion FF XIII character or have a FF XIII character yourself to get more gears. I hate to say this but one possible reason is that players will use their lapis and summon tickets to get the characters more often
    If they don’t do it, players can grind for the same event without attempting to get the banner characters. I for one do this now since I got most of the characters that I need, except for a strong tanker. Why can’t gumi consider Lighting for this banner? She’s an FF XIII character.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I agree the characters are bad because the global version make this event too late (They release this before FF IV event on the Japan, so that time getting sazh is quite good 🙂 ). About Lightning, you don’t need to worry. I believe they will increase its drop rate next week (when Fang and Hope available). For this event I only bring one sazh and sazh friend’s, so it means 100% more trochoid :). It’s enough if you only buy important thing (guide coming soon 🙂 ).

      • mamushi says:

        I’m only aiming to get all the 6 star awakening materials in this event since I got Refia and Bartz. Other than that, everything else is a bonus.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          IMO, rare tickets are your priority unless you have a lot of un-awakened heroes.

        • mamushi says:

          Yup, I agree with you. Getting 6 star characters can be a blessing and a curse. Blessing since they provide power to your party and Curse since getting their awakening materials can be a pain at times. I do try to get Rare Summon Tickets with the remaining gears that I have before the event ends. That is a goal.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          The key is to choose which hero you’re gonna use :).

        • mamushi says:

          Refia will be a priority, I plan to take her in the S Class ADV of the Colosseum since I plan to get the materials for the Blood Sword and forge it. Hence, I need a strong healer to do it. She will be also responsible for buff skills in fights. BTW, Lightning will back in the next banner and getting her as companion or having her in your party will merit a 100% gears collected the event, talk about good luck.

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