Posted on Sep 24, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide How to Beat Brachiosaur


HP: 240.520
Weak: Ice (+50%)
Resist: All status

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Power Break
[0] Magic Break => Must have ability!!!! You can get this from shiva (2 stars).
[0] Full break
[0] Curaja

Recommended Items:
[0] Hi-Potion/ X-Potion
[0] Turbo Ether (MUST HAVE) and Ether
[0] Elixir

[0] Black Choker (confusion) and Headband (Silence) on your healer.

Recommended Hero:
[0] Vaan, Warrior of Light for full break, if you can’t find them, you need at least power and magic break!!!
[0] Tellah, Kefka, other mages who know ice attack/magic (Blizzaga, Blizzara, etc)

Attack Patterns

It attack 2 – 3 times per turn, but if it uses skills described below then it will only attack once.

[0] Spin: Powerful physical attack to single unit (about 1800 – 2000) Power Break will reduce it to about 1400.
[0] Meteor: 1500 – 2300 dmg to all units; magic break is really important here!!!
[0] Snort: Remove one character from the battle, you can recover from this one. It will always use this attack once its health drops below 30%. It may use it before that randomly, if that happen then simply restart the battle.
[0] Focusing Magic Power: Will cast ultima next turn
[0] Ultima: Non-elemental magic damage to all. Can deal about 4000 damage to all allies, you can cancel it by using Celes Sealing Blade. If you don’t have Celes, then make sure it’s on “magic break” debuff status and then choose guard command (swipe down)
[0] Disaster: Status ailments to all characters (Sleep, Confusion, Blind), the chance is low though.


1st phase (Health above 50%)

On the 1st turn it always use Disaster, if almost all your characters are affected by this skills, simply restart the battle. You only need to make sure that it always on magic/power break state. You can simply nullify the meteor damage by curaja on the next turn (if  it’s on magic break state).

2nd phase (Health < 50%)

Once you lower its HP below 50% then pay attention to the screen, when it says “focusing magic power” it will cast ultima on the next turn. Simply follow what I have written on the Ultima section above.

3rd phase (Health < 30%)

once you have lowered its Health below 30%. It will use snort to remove one of your character (random). However the battle nearly ends, so it shouldn’t affect you so much.

Tips: Snort is annoying, simply pray that it won’t use it when its health above 30%. If it uses snort then I suggest you to retry the battle. Menu => Give Up :).

Your victory draws near, simply recover and attack carefully while maintaining your break.

Tips: if you’re using Lapis all snorted characters will return to battle (not only the dead). If you want to use Lapis make sure you able to reduce its health at least below 30% first (surefire snort).

Rewards: Killer Bow (+60, Bird, Plant, Bug Killer abilties)

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