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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween Event Guide Pumpkin Rider


You need to gather Candies and then exchange them on King Moogles (Farplane).

Which Items you should get?


Must have items

Items Candies Comment
Star Quartz x10 5700 To exchange good equipments from fat chocobo
Rare Summon Ticket x10 28000 This is what make this game interesting right?Even most of you get armies of Bedile and Shadow :).
Candy Basket 18000 Very Nice Accessory for mage and healer
Creepy Mask 27000 Nice Hat for mages (+30 Mag), The skill paralyzing effect too small to be useful though (15%)
Total 78,700

2nd Priority

Items Candies Comment
Trust Moogle x2 100000 Get it for future useful units’ TM reward
6 stars awakening (1) x 20 19200 Get it of you have a hero that can be awakened into 6 stars
6 stars awakening (2) x 5 16200 Get it of you have a hero that can be awakened into 6 stars
Kitchen Knife 8000 It’s inferior compared to other weapons available (Murasame, etc). The only good thing about the dagger is almost all characters are able to equip it. So, if you want to equip your mage with physical attack you can do that (but why would you do that??). If you’re total newbie (just start this game for about 1 -2 week), then yes, this items are porbably the strongest weapon right now. In that case you can get it.
Chilling Aura 5000 Get it only if you get the Halloween Heroes that able to become 6 stars and plan to use them extensively.
Spooky Aura 23000 Get it only if you get the Halloween Heroes that able to become 6 stars and plan to use them extensively.
Screamroot x10 1500 Get it if you don’t have Magic Key (or low number)
Fine Alcryst x10 1500 Get it if you don’t have Magic Key (or low number)
Elixir x10 1000 Very nice to have, but I doubt I will use them. I have tendency to keep the elixir 🙂
Total 175,400
  • You can buy metal gigantuar if you need them because it’s very cheap compared to go to the cactuar dunes. With 18 Energy you can get 1500 Candies; that’s equal to 15 cactuars (15 energy cactuar dunes only give you maximum of 3 cactuars).
  • Survivor’s Flask is useful for killing pumpkin riders, buy them only if you need them. If you have powerful friends (lightning, Delita, etc), I doubt you will need them though :).

How long does it take to get all items?


I will only calculate how long does it take to get all the must have items, after that you still have a lot of time to get the other items.

Diff Candies per run Total Run Total Energy Day energy Days
ADV 1550 51 954 288 3-4 days
INT 520 152 1976 288 6-7 days

The table above are based on pumpkin riders run, like you can see that it only takes about 3 days to gather 78700 pumpkins. However if you find the boss too hard and want to takes on “normal” waves, then see the table below.

Diff Candies per run Time Needed Total Energy Day energy Days
INT 325 243 3159 288 10-11 days
ADV 1000 79 1422 288 4-5 days

Like you can see that doing ADV difficulty (normal waves) is also possible. So, if it seems very hard to kill the pumpkin rider, then simply go to “normal” waves.

Is Trust Moogles worth on this event??

If you calculate by raw energy, then it’s not. It takes 30,000 candies, so you need about  1 – 2 days to gather that amount of candies. For easy calculating, let’s say that you get 300 energies (1 day gives you 288 energies). You can do 300 run on Earth shrine, and if we calculate it roughly.

(0.1%/10 runs) x 300 runs = 3% per characters that means 15 %, because you grind 5 characters at the same time, right? The prize of the trust moogles become more insane for the 2nd (70,000 Candies).

HOWEVER, I will still get them, why? Because tapping 300 times on earth shrine is really boring… and time consuming (unless you’re macro-ing). So, if you play manually like me, then yes I suggest you buy them using candies :).

Fighting the Enemies Tips

For INT difficulty, it’s recommended to use at least all 4 stars heroes with max level

For ADV difficulty, it’s recommended to use at least all 5 stars heroes with max level

Notable heroes for this event:

  • Mage (and raise caster): Tellah, Kefka (with Fire Rod), Rain (useful for chaining), Shantoto, Vivi, Terra, Amarant.
  • Bladeblitzer (AOE): Agrias, Gaffgarion, Leo, Fencer. Basiacally anyone who able to attack all enemies, and able to equip fire elemental weapon (flame lance, Chijiriraden).

Tips for Castle of the Dead Armies of zombies

  • You can easily clear it by using chaining Fira (Firaga cost too much MP). You only need 3 persons that able to cast Fira (with Mag above 250). This is for ADV difficulty
  • If you have physical attackers that able to attack all targets (Bladeblitz, Swallowtail, etc). Equip them with Fire Weapon (chijiriraden, Flame Lance, etc).
  • Escutcheon, is also useful here because undead killer ability
  • When facing the boss like Bone Dragon, Fossil Dragon, Mahadeva, etc, you can simply cast Raise on them to kill it instantly.
  • You can’t kill Pumpkin Kid with Raise though, it’s demon category. But it’s easy so you got nothing to worry about.

Tips on defeating Pumpkin Rider

  • It weak against fire attack so make sure you use it.
  • It has partial resistance against full break (so it won’t take all 4 de-buffs)
  • On the first turn it always use Death call, so you’re free to do anything you want :).
  • Bring survivor’s flask if you need more than 3 turns to kill this boss
  • It’s important to have protectga/Cheer to protect yourself from nightmare charge. It’s a powerful physical attack to all targets.
  • Able to paralyze, so make sure you bring unicorn horn and equip paralyze-resist equipments on one of your characters, so he/she can cure others of needed.

Tips on Defeating Pro Difficulty Pumpking Reaper

  • Equip non-elemental weapon (no chijiriraden on this one). Excalibur is allowed though (it weak against light)
  • Bring a powerful friend (Lightning, other who equip excalibur)
  • Bring Survivor’s Flask and Turbo Ether (His Osmose drain your MP to 0..)
  • It has 30% resistance against all elements (except light), so the best mage for this match is Kefka (hyperdrive) . Use his Hyperdrive, if you don’t have Kefka, then your best bet is to use imperil and then chain the spells.
  • Use Protectga (or Cheer) and Shellga (or focus), it’s really important because almost all his attacks affect all.
  • Has partial resistance against break attack. So, keep trying to inflict it.

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  1. Dani Duck says:

    The Pumpkin Rider can paralyze and sometimes paralyzes 2-3 characters at once. You dont’t need a 5* team if your 6th is Lightning with about 500 attack or higher (or if you have her you lucky duck). If she has 600+ attack then the rest of your characters can lounge by the pool until the end of the battle. It’s good to have a character that can raise or Phoenix down just in case things go to pot.

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