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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Industrial City Dilmagia Side Quest and Items Guide

There is a quest called Location, location on felicitas which can be completed right now (Visit Felicitas Town Page for more info). The town is fully unlocked at this moment. I will only display the quests which are available to complete at this moment.

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Job Hunting

NPC: Kid on the entrance

FF Brave Exvius Dilmagian Q1

How to:
[0] Talk to the kid near the entrance
[0] Give him 5 Water Megacryst, you can find it from exploration on Wolfsgang Peak and Maranda Coast (My farming area for Ice megacryst to make a hero ring)

Reward: Star Quartz

Quest 2: A Fair Day’s Wage

NPC: talk to the woman on the west of Q1 Kid

FF Brave Exvius Dilmagian Q2

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Gloom Widow Ballan
[0] Defeat 15 Gloom Widow, You can find them on Ballen Passage.

Reward: Recipe for Wind Spear

Quest 3:  Help Wanted

FF BE Note Dilmagia Inn Quest

NPC: Note inside the inn

How to:
[0] Check the note on the inn’s wall

FF BE Maranda Coast Engineer Dilamagia Airhsip Quest

[0] Go to Maranda Coast exploration, talk to the engineer on the 1st area.

FF BE Maranda Coast

[0] Find 3 airship pieces on 3 spots. Refer to the Maranda Coast map above for more info about it.

FF BE Airship Piece 1 Maranda CoastFF BE Airship Piece 2 Maranda Coast

The first piece is on the southwest of the engineer. The second one is located on near the Exploration point location (H2 hidden path)

FF BE Airship Piece 3 Maranda CoastFF BE Airship Clear piece quest Maranda Coast

The last piece is located on the area where you can find T7 and T8 (H4 Hidden path). It’s located on the “4” of my “guide4gamers” watermark :). After finding those pieces, return to the engineer to claim the reward

Reward: Mythril Helm

Quest 4: Mind your wares

NPC: Tavern Master

How to:
[0] Go to tavern (building on the south of the inn).
[0] He will ask you to deliver the grindstone


You can find the stone on the Windy Height West, see the location on the picture above.

Reward: Remedy

Quest 5: Settling the Score


NPC: First Girl on the area 2 of the town (north from the 1st area).

How to:
[0] You need to finish previous quests in order to trigger this event (the quest begin in Royal Capital Grandhselt; There’s a Scaaar-maaan

ff-be-terror-knight-location[0] Go to Windy Height West and then talk to the man on the (1), after that talk to the lady (2) and use the item.

[0] Defeat Terror Knight


The terror knight is quite hard, make sure you bring strongest party, not a “grinding” party. I believe you won’t have any problem if you bring your main party.

Few Tips:
[0] Bring character with raise spell/ phoenix down
[0] Wind and Ice resistance is nice for this battle
[0] Power/Magic/Full Break

Reward: Fire Lance

Quest 6: To Whom is This?

NPC: Woman south of Q2 NPC (1st area of the town)

How to:


[0] Requirement: Talk to the woman on Town of Kolt (in front of the Weapon Shop)

[0] Go to the NPC location (Dilmagia), and then go back to Town of Kolt to speak with the same woman (in front of weapon shop)


[0] Now go to Junkyard Exploration, and talk to the man there. You can easily find the man (yellow dot on your map).

Reward: Hyper

Quest 7: For Her Special Day


NPC: Man on the “Airship Docks” (northern area of this town, past the long stair area)

How to:
[Requirement] Reach Village of Ambel

[0] Talk to the NPC, and he will tell you to gather ingredients for his daughter’s wedding.


[0] Go to Maranda Coast, you can find the glittering spot (pretty shells) on the last area of Maranda coast. Go back to the man and then he will make you a shell earrrings.


[0] Go to Village of Ambel, and talk to the girl south of the farplane monument. She will give you a letter. Give it back to the NPC and the quest is finish.

Reward: X-Potion


FF BE Vega Dilmagia Item

Vega, it’s strong gun (+40 Atk). You can get in from Tavern, simply go to the little path on the south part of tavern.

FF BE Star Quartz Dilmagia

Star Quartz, go to the inn. Head upstairs and check the spot near the bed.

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