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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lands of Plenty Pro Difficulty Guide and Tips


Hey, why the title is “pro”, where are the BGN, INT, ADV?

I don’t make a guide for those difficulties because there are nothing specials on those difficulties. The enemies are easy and the exploration points don’t give you any special thing; only Copper, silver, Iron, Lumber. They can be found on the story exploration points. Simply clear “easy” difficulty once to unlock the next one until you manage to unlock Pro difficulty.

What’s so special on the Pro?

The Pro difficulty exploration points have an item called CAVERN ORE, it’s only obtainable from this place so if you want to create Shining Splendor then you must farm on the Pro difficulty.

Tips: PRO difficulty is hard, I mean really hard. There are 3 bosses which can be painful. I suggest you to bring all 5 stars heroes to the Pro difficulty (max LVL). If you seems not able to clear this event right now, then don’t worry. Because I am pretty sure that they will make it available later (this event has appeared 2 times before on the beta, now it appear again). This is why GUMI only give us 4 days, because GUMI will make it available again later (It’s not a fact but I believe it’s 99% accurate).

What’s Shining Splendor?


It’s a good sword which give you + 72 Atk and +8 Def. Unlike other events (Rod of Gravity…), this event’s reward is really worth the effort. So, make sure you do this event.

BUT, BUT, there is a cactuar event right now…

Don’t worry, you only need 80 Cavern Ore for one sword. From my experience you get average of 10 Cavern Ore/run. Make sure you get all the exploration points though !!!

Rough calculation: 16 energies x 8 runs = 128 Energies. The event last 4 days, but since I recommend you to farm cactuars, then you only have 3 days. So, 128 energies/3 = 43 energies/day, which is very small. If you want to get 2 or even 3, it’s still manageable.

You don’t need to craft the sword now, simply keep the ingredients and craft it later when you have time.

So here’s the map to make sure you get all the exploration points.


 ff-be-lands-of-plenty-2nd-area-pro-mapLike you can see that there are total of 8 Exploration Points. The last 3 are guarded by 3 bosses :). There are no treasures here, so simply take all the explorations points and head to the exit (3x exp).

Here are few tips on this pro difficulty

  • Bring Tent, I repeat BRING TENT. This is a must for this level. I will explain it later why
  • The most important skill: Escape !!! Try not to fight the normal enemies, simply use escape to conserve your MP!!! Notable heroes that have escape: Zidane, Locke, Kefka, Thief. If you don’t have them then
  • If you have character that has Graviga then use it. Heartless angel/Graviga can reduce normal enemies HP to 1/4, after that you can kill them easily. HOWEVER, remember that goblin type enemies are resist against gravity, so fight them normally (element chain).
  • Equip Charm Bangle (reduce encounter). I am not sure if this work on this dungeon or not, because the encounter seems still high even after I equip this bangle.
  • Other useful items: Ether, Turbo Ether, Remedy, Unicorn Horn, Eye Drops, Phoenix Down.
  • Search for a friend who has an ability to do Full Break > Armor Break/Deshell > Power/Magic Break.
  • Useful Buff abilites: Cheer, Focus, Esuna, Paralyna, Blindna

Let’s talk about the boss

All three bosses can’t be inflicted by all de-buffs from full break, but you can still de-buff them with “single” break. Example: if you use full break and then see the boss only inflicted by 2 debuff (ex: Atk and Spr), you can debuff defense and spirit by using armor and mental break.

1st Boss: Amoebozoa


This boss is not hard at all, and you won’t die against this one unless you’re really careless or maybe auto your battle.

  • DON’T USE MAGIC, it will trigger the osmose…. it will suck your MP to 0. “ability” category is still safe to use (hyperdrive, barrage, etc). It has 20% resistance agains common element, so firaga, blizzaga, thundaga are useless anyway
  • Use items if you want to recover (X-potion, Hi potion).

Tips: This is where tent become handy, don’t move after defeating the first boss. Use tent if you think that your party needs Full HP and MP.Or you can save it after fighting the 2nd boss

2nd Boss Hill Gigas


  • If you have character with Man-eater ability, make sure you use it because the boss is human category. Example: Garland, Cloud of Darkness, etc
  • The boss mainly uses magnitude 8 (earth physical damage to all).
  • If you have barstonra you can use it, Cheer also useful because it increases your party defense.
  • High physical defense, so make sure you use armor/mental break to lower its defense
  • The defense is high, I suggest you to use magical attack (elemental chain) so you can deal significant damage to it.

3rd Boss: Ogre


  • If you have character with Man-eater ability, make sure you use it because the boss is human category. Example: Garland, Cloud of Darkness, etc
  • He able to inflict paralyze and blind so make sure you equip “eye glass” on your primary attacker, and Jeweled ring on your healer so it can heal/restore status of the other party members.
  • The defense is high, I suggest you to use magical attack (elemental chain) so you can deal significant damage to it.
  • The only dangerous attack is destroyer, it can deal about 1600 damage to all. Make sure you use curaja/cura after it use this attack.

Actually those 3 battles are not that hard, the only thing that makes them hard is your party running out of MP. So try not to go all out by using “-ga spells”, simply be patient and maintain your HP by using “-ra spell”. See my video to learn more tips to defeat the bosses.

The cost 1 Shining Splendor

Ingredients Total Gil Cost
Buy Broadsword x 90 (town of Mitra) 18,000
Copper Ore x 360
Lumber x 480
Iron Ore x 80
Silver Ore x 80
Mythril Ore x 50
Cavern Ore x 80
Crafting Cost Fine Blade x 18 7,200
Crafting Cost Superior Blade x 3 12,000
 Crafting Cost Shining Splendor 150,000

Total Gil


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4 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lands of Plenty Pro Difficulty Guide and Tips”

  1. Rua says:

    Hi. Thanks for the guide man. keep up the good work!

    i really hate that the Amoebozoa kept sucking all of my MP and dont know how to deal with that shit! now i know how!

    and i just want to recommend that if u have Roselina, bring her. Her LB is the best for this event. you dont have to use any items at all because her LB could heal and cure any status for your party. and you dont even have to use MP until you encounter 3 bosses.

    In my case, my party( all max lvl 5*) is: WoL, Chizuru, Kefka, Roselina, Fina. all i do is set auto LB on in the option and then using auto attack. Roselina will auto heal party when LB is full. i only need to use eye drops when facing the final bosses to cure when her LB is low.

    1 more thing is Garland. Garland hit the bosses really hard because he create “weakness” everytime he attack. In my experience, Garland max lvl 5* equiped Enhancer and Ifrit 2* lvl 15 = 310atk deal ~ 1500 damages every hit and LB deal ~ 3500 damages compared to Chizuru only about 600 damages per hit with best items and Ifrit 2* lv 23. i dont know why he can weaken the bosses, hope u could help me find out :D.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome :). I am glad you like my guide. For Garland I know the cause. He has Man-eater ability, the ogre is human category so it will cause weakness :). Thanks for mentioning it. I will put it on the tips above.

      I still prefer Lenna compared to Roselia :). I have her but still at lvl 1, 3 stars XD.

      • Rua says:

        Thanks man 😀

        Btw, i hope you could make a guide about Roselina someday and compare her with Lenna. Roselina has better stats and Lenna has better spells so i really torn apart because i love them both.
        and 1 more suggestion: i hope you could make a guide about Espers too. I really dont know how Espers mechanic work, how Espers stats affect to heroes or how to spend Espers point smartly 🙁

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Ah, ok. I will put down that on my priority list for this guide. Make sure you bookmark the main page so you can know when it’s available. I will make them for this week.

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