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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Latius Woods Exploration Guide

==Map Guide==

H = Hidden Path, often leads to items or exploration points
T = Treasure (can only be obtained once)
Exp = Exploration Point (refreshed every time you do an exploration)

If you find the items which listed here wrong (or have an additional info), please leave a comment and tell me about it.

==Possible Items from exploration points==

Copper Ore, (Wind, Water) Cryst, Lumber, Dark Shard, Lightning Cryst, Magicite Shard, Green Magicite.

FF Brave Exvius Latius Woods Map v2

Location Item
T1 Staff
T2 Cotton Robe
T3 Rod
T4 Recipe for Feathered Cap
T5 Alcryst
T6 Locked (Recipe for Silence Blade)
T7 Star Quartz
T8 Star Quartz

FF Brave Exvius Latios Wood Hidden Path 1There are many hidden paths which lead you to the items. Make sure you check area marked with H on the map above. You can see the example from the screenshot above.

FF Brave Exvius path to T7

The path to get T7 is quite tricky (Star Quartz), it’s hidden within the woods. Thanks to Sean for telling me how to get this one. See the screenshot above to find the path that leads to the treasure.


You may find the enemy drops something which not listed on this table, this table is meant to show you a general idea about the drops, so you have an idea where to look for a certain items (also their weakness and strength). I will update the bestiary (picture, percentage, etc) when I gather more info about the monsters.

Enemy Weak Resist Drops
Woodwatcher Fire (+50%) Gummy Oil
Esper Cryst
Golden Egg
Nutkin Quality Parts
Beast Meat
Thickened Hide
Life Orb
Ivy Fire (+50%) Allure Powder
Seed of Life
Goblin Petrify Broken Blade
Crimson Tear
Hornet Aqua Pearl
Allure Powder
Rainbow Needle
Luminous Horn
Gaia’s Tear
Microchu Fire (+50%), Earth (+50%) Petrify, Water Golden Egg
Esper Shard
Gaia’s Tear
Quality Parts
Gigantoad Ice (+50%) Crimson Tear
Chromatic Ooze
Beast Meat
Quality Parts
Killer Mantis Fire, Sleep, Confuse Petrify Spellsilk

==Boss: Ochu==

FF Brave ExviusLatius Woods Boss Ochu

Health: 850
Weak: Fire (Extra 50% damage)
Resist: Petrify

Tips: Not hard at all, you probably gonna finish it within 2-3 turns. Ochu dance can attack all units, it only deals aout 70 – 130 damage, so you shouldn’t worry about the attack. Don’t forget that it weaks against fire, so use the fire attack.

Recommended Character:
[0] Rain (has fire element Limit Break, and you must have him at this point of the game)
[0] White Mage (has limit that heals all characters to negate the damage from ochu dance)
[0] Leave your suggestion on the comment section.

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9 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Latius Woods Exploration Guide”

  1. MysticKat says:

    I did come across small cactus monster in Latius forest Minicactaur? it drops star quartz. Only seen it once though.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, minituar can appear on any exploration map :). You just has to be lucky XD. And yes, it drops star quartz :). I only manage to meet 3 of them after playing since the release :).

  2. Spot64 says:

    T6, the locked chest contains the ‘Recipe for Silence Blade’ and I was able to obtain Water Cryst from the Exploration Points.

  3. Karen says:

    T7 has a star quartz in it.

  4. Lostinmind says:

    How do you unlock chests?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You need to have an item called mystic key. You will get the recipe as you progress the storyline :). The ingredients for the key is quite rare though :). You can also buy the key using lapis, but I don’t recommend that.

  5. Sean says:

    I figured out T7; the path is diagonal, directly below the path you are in.

    ( Check in the ‘armpit’ of the left arm; if that final area was a human body. )

    Chest contains a Star Quartz.

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