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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lost Village of Marlo Side Quest and Items Guide

This is an optional town/village, you can reach this village by following a secret path on Wolfsgang Peak. Visit THIS PAGE for more info about how to open this village.

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: The Wolfsgang Terror

NPC: Man on the entrance
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Mahadeva LocationFF Brave Exvius Mahadeva Battle

[0] Defeat Mahadeva, you can find mahadeva on the wolfgangs peak. See the map above to find Mahadeva, it’s on the way where you need to go if you want to find Lost Village of Marlo for the 1st time.

Tips: Mahadeva can cause blind, so equip silver glasses (obtained at Town of Mitra, visit THIS PAGE if you haven’t got it). There is also a Fairy Ring which prevent blind and poison, you can get it from BGN A-2 Colosseum.

Reward: Mirage Vest

Quest 2: Outside In

NPC: Girl east of the weapon shop
How to:
[0] Give her 3 Ice Megacryst, you can find it from the Wolfsgang Peak Exploration Point
Reward: Star Quartz

Quest 3: My Shameful Naked Wrist

NPC: Woman South of the Material Shop
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Bracelet Repair Grandport

[0] Fix the broken bracelet on the Grandport. You can meet with the artisan on the Grandport Accessory Shop. He will ask you to give him 1 Silver Ore (you can find it easily on any Lanzelt Exploration Point).
[0] Return to the girl for the reward
Reward: Recipe for Red Cap

Quest 4: Ice Sculpture

NPC: Man inside General/Item Store
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Ice Sculpture

[0] Defeat 10 Ice Sculpture, you can find them on Wolfsgang Peak – Exploration. From my experience, you are able to find 3-4 ice sculptures before you run out of the enemies.
Reward: Recipe for Kazekiri

Quest 5: Sins of the Past

NPC: Old Man inside the ability shop; You need to clear Quest 4 first to get this quest.
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Chipped Greatsword Location

[0] Deliver the chipped greatsword. Visit THIS PAGE (wolfsgang peak map), you should notice “Dead End” on the map. Go to that cave and you will find it on the west.
Reward: Recipe for Gaia Gear


There are many hidden path on this village, so I will give you a map :).

FF Brave Exvius Marlo Map

Loc Item
T1 Star Quartz
T2 Large Shield
T3 Recipe for Fuma Shuriken
T4 Recipe for Power Vest
T5 Ether
T6 Great Axe
T7 Gold Needle
T8 Recipe for Hyper Wrist
T9 Locked Chest (Osafune)
T10 Barbut
T11 Earth Key#1
T12 Partisan
 For T10 and T11, follow the guide below

FF Brave Exvius Path to T10 and T11

As soon as you enter the cave, you will see a lot of barrels. There is a hidden path on the east. Go right and then up, you will arrive in a room, you can get Barbut Here.

FF Brave Exvius Barbut MarloFF Brave Exvius Earth Key 1 Marlo

Go left, down, then right. On this room there is a treasure chest contain Earth Key#1.

FF Brave Exvius Library Marlo FF Brave Exvius Partisan Marlo

For T12, the building is hidden behind the ability shop. Once inside keep go east to the lower floor. You can find Partisan there.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide Main Page

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  1. Justin says:

    Hey when someone asks where something is, try giving better instructions. Like the accessories shop is located in the upper left quarter or in the left side by the…. Get it? Now I’ll ask the f’n question again. Where is this f’n “Accessory shop”?

  2. Anjul says:

    Sephael is correct. There is a hidden shop on the bottom left. Where Quest 1 is located, the large L shaped side of the map, there is a hidden path that leads to a fat chocobo that trades Star Quartz for the following:
    5 Star Quarts for 1 Phoenix Down
    10 Star Quartz for 1 Healing Staff
    20 Star Quartz for 1 Black Garb
    30 Star Quartz for 1 Shining Bracer.

  3. SephaeL says:

    I believe there’s a hidden shop run by a fat chocobo or something on bottom left

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