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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Port City Lodin Side Quest and Items Guide

==Map Guide==

H = Hidden Path, often leads to items or exploration points
T = Treasure (can only be obtained once)
Exp = Exploration Point (refreshed every time you do an exploration)

If you find the items which listed here wrong (or have an additional info), please leave a comment and tell me about it.

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Map V2

==Side Quest==

To finish the side quest after you have completed the objective. Go to “Town Menu” (only can be done from the inside of the town) and then choose “Quest Report” and then report the quest you have finished.

Quest 1: Demon Tollbooth
NPC: Man Q1
How to:
[0] Go to Fulan pass, fight the monster on the location on the screenshot.

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Demon Toll

You will see a yellow dot on the Fulan pass map once you obtain this quest. Check the man to initiate the battle.

[0] Report back
Reward: 1000 Gil

Quest 2: Rime of the Absent Mariner
NPC: Woman Q2
How to:
[0] Find 2 man with red bandana, you can see the location on the map above; marked with RB (there are 3 persons you need to talk to)
Reward: Hi-Potion and Ether

Quest 3: Fruit…or Death?
NPC: Man Q3
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Quest Fruit

[0] Go to Fulan Pass and take the fruit on the location show on the screenshot above.
[0] Report
Reward: Bomb Arm

Quest 4: Courier Career
NPC: Man Q4
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Port Lydira receptionist

[0] Go to inn at Lydira and talk to the receptionist. Tell the password “Hope”
[0] Deliver the item back
Reward: Tent

Quest 5: Hello? Sailor?
NPC: Man Q5
How to:
[0] Find the sailor on the Fulan Pass, report back

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Quest Crew Man Location

[0] Give him 3 Digital Circuit, you can get them from Security Eye on Fulan pass

Reward: Twist Headband

Quest 6: A Knight’s Duty
NPC: Man inside house Q6
How to:
[0] Defeat 5 Coeurl on Fulan Pass
Reward: Recipe for Copper Cuirass

Quest 7: Bombs Away

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Bomb Quest

NPC: Paper on the wall on Q7
How to:
[0] Defeat 5 bombs on Inferno Hollow
[0] Go back to Lodin and report back from menu (it will transfer you to the knight at the inn)
Reward: Silver Armlet

Quest 8: Muse of the Anvil
NPC: Man inside the weapon shop (I don’t remember he offer quest when you visit first time, try to clear other quest first if he doesn’t appear)
How to:
[0] Have Kotetsu, you can easily get kotetsu from the treasure chest on Royal Capital Granshelt (Visit THIS LINK if you haven’t taken it). You can also buy kotetsu on the weapon shop for 1400 Gil
Reward: Recipe for Great Sword

Quest 9: Too Cute to Die
NPC: Sailor inside the Q7 Building (It seems you need to finish all previous quests to trigger this one)
How to:
[0] Give 24 Magicite shard, you can gather magicite shard from any exploration points on Granshelt Isle.
Reward: Star Quartz


I only list important items on the map above. I don’t write insignificant items such as gold needle, etc. If you find that I am missing something important, please leave a comment :).

Loc Item
T1 Recipe for Small Shield
T2 Spark Ring
T3 Star Quartz
T4 Earth Key #18

#Locked/Silver/Magic Chest#

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Locked Treasure

On the Q7 building, you can find locked chest.

#Important Items#

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Earth key 18

Earth Key #18: There is a hidden path on the western area of the town. Follow the screenshot above to find the key.

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Spark Ring

Spark Ring: It’s marked by T2 on the map above, but if you have a hard time to find it, the screenshot above may help you.

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Star Quartz

Star Quartz: T3 on the map above.

FF Brave Exvius Port Lodin Recipe for Leather Whip

Recipe for Leather Whip: Weapon shop, go through the secret path and check the bookshelves (circled on the screenshot above) to find the recipe. You can also get the shuriken by opening treasure chest nearby.

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  1. Me says:

    At the place marked for the red bandana on the map there is a little girl that says: its a nice day, isnt it?, But it doesnt relate to the quest and I simply cant find this guy!

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      Sorry, I forgot to add the third RB. I know it’s strange but IIRC, you need to talk to 3 persons to complete this quest. Please check the map above one more time, I have update it. Thanks for asking :).

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    There’s a path to Zeus’ Wrath near Q3 on the map.

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