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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Port City Lydira Side Quest and Items Guide

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Memento of My Sister

NPC: Young Boy East of the Inn
How to:

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Memento sister Quest Location[0] Look for Memento Pendant on the Phantom Forest
Reward: Star Quartz

Quest 2: Patron of the Arts

NPC: Man on the inn
How to:
[0] Give 8 white magicites, You can find white magicites on the Fulan Pass Exploration Point.
Reward: Recipe for Mage’s Habit

Quest 3: The Hunger Games

FF BRave Exvius The hunger games quest location
NPC: Woman northeast of the inn (if she doesn’t appear try to finish other quest first; it appears on my game after finishing the “Quest 2”)
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Hunger on Deserted Highroad
[0] Defeat 10 Hunger on Deserted Highroad. The monster is very rare…. This make the quest really annoying. I only able to find 1 hunger after 5 tries… (this means 30 energies….). Simply do it if you have spare energy
Reward: Earth Key #4


#Locked/Silver/Magic Chest#

FF Brave Exvius Locked Chest Port Lydira

It’s behind a house which located south of Farplane monument, follow screenshot to find it. It contains “Recipe for Muscle Belt

#Important Treasures#

FF Brave Exvius path to Star Pendant

Star Pendant: You can get this by going south through the secret path. See the screenshot above for the guide.

FF Brave Exvius path to Star Quartz

Star Quartz: this one located behind the inn.

FF Brave Exvius Bards tunic

Bard’s Tunic: It’s located inside a house on this city (Next to the boy who gives you memento of my sister). Once inside follow the screenshot above to find it.

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    The locked chest is a Recipe for Muscle Belt

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