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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Royal Capital Grandshelt Side Quest and Items Guide

==Map Guide==

H = Hidden Path, often leads to items or exploration points
T = Treasure (can only be obtained once)
Exp = Exploration Point (refreshed every time you do an exploration)

If you find the items which listed here wrong (or have an additional info), please leave a comment and tell me about it.

FF Brave Exvius Royal Capital Granshelt

==Side Quest==

To finish the side quest after you have completed the objective. Go to “Town Menu” (only can be done from the inside of the town) and then choose “Quest Report” and then report the quest you have finished.

Quest 1: A boy and His Slime

NPC: Man (Q1)
How to:
[0] It’s located near the star quartz (T6) on the map
Reward: Phoenix Down

Quest 2: There’s a Scaaar-maaan…

NPC: Woman (Q2)
How to:
[0] You need to talk to 4 people to know about the scaar maaan, the locations of the people are marked by SC on the map above.
Reward: Unicorn Horn

Quest 3: Caught by supplies

NPC: Boy (Q3)
How to:
[0] Gather 10 Water Cryst. You can gather it from exploration point or simply request for water cryst on friend’s gift menu.
Reward: Recipe for water

Quest 4: Return Flight

NPC: Man Q4
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Fulan Pass Thief

[1] You can find the thief on the Fulan Pass, visit THIS PAGE for Fulan Pass Map (you can find him on north of T1)

Report the quest, and then

FF Brave Exvius Report to royal catacombs

[2] You can see the person immediately when you enter the royal catacombs


Reward: Recipe for Bronze Knuckles

Quest 5: Pendant Dependent

NPC: Boy (Q5)
How to:
[0] You can find the pendant on Q5 on the map above
Reward: Access to earth key’s vault

Quest 6: The Enlettered Poet

NPC: Bard (Q6)
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Dalnakya Cavern Enlettered Poet

[0] You can find the letter on Dalnakya Cavern: exploration
Reward: Recipe for Bard’s Tunic

Quest 7: Whither Townsman?

NPC: Man Q7
How to:
[0] You can find the man near T13, you need to gop pass the secret path on the tavern.
Reward: Recipe for smoke bomb

Quest 8: Road to castle

NPC: Man on Collosseum (Q8)
How to:
[0] Defeat Hill Gigas x3, can be found on Granshelt Castle -Throne Room
Reward: Bandana

Quest 9: Ode to Boy

NPC: Girl on the inn 2nd floor (Need to finish Quest 6 first)
How to:
[0] Choose following options; “To My Beloved”, “Your kind contenance…”, “I offer you the small bloom…”
[0] Go to the bard
[0] Return to the girl
Reward: Harp

Quest 10: Prowl Movements

NPC: Man on the Item Shop (Q10; if he doesn’t appear try to finish other quest first)
How to:
[0] You can find sergeant on any area of Granshelt Castle.
[0] Defeat 5 Sergeants
Reward: Recipe for Power Wrist

Quest 11: For Members Only

NPC: Man on the weapon shop (Q11;you need to fisnih quest 10 first)
How to:
[0] Defeat Zu, You can find it on Dalnakya Plains – East gate
[0] Gather 5 thickened hide, You can get it from wild nakk on granshelt castle
Reward: Altair

Quest 12: Ruin Subduin’

NPC: Old man on T14 Building

How to:

[0] You need to clear Lanzelt Ruins first.

FF Brave Exvius Old Man Io Quest

[o] Talk to the old man on T14 Building.
[0] Come back to Lanzelt Ruins, Go to the small room (through H1). Go to THIS PAGE for the map. Defeat Io and Report.

FF Brave Exvius Io Lanzelt Ruins

Tips: Io is quite hard. It can attack 3 times per turn. Equip Lightning resistance enemy and use barthundara to reduce the thunder based attack from it. This boss is “easier” version of Europa, so you can visit THIS PAGE if you have problem facing Io.

Reward: Jeweled Ring (Prevent Paralyze and Petrify), Def +3


Loc Item
T1 Echo Herbs
T2 Leather Plate
T3 Antidote
T4 Recipe for kenpogi
T5 Unicorn Horn
T6 Star Quartz
T7 Gold Needle
T8 Locked Chest (Recipe for Vox)
T9 Earth Key #22
T10 Phoenix Down
T11 Smelling Salts
T12 Gale Ring
T13 Recipe for Bronze Shield
T14 White Cape
T15 Kotetsu
T16 Star Quartz

#Locked/Silver/Magic Chest#

FF BRave Exvius Locked chest chocobo farm

Beside the one that listed on the map, there are 2 more locked chest on this town. They’re on the armor shop(Recipe for barblizzard) and Chocobo Farm  (Recipe for Blind).There is also an ether on the Chocobo Farm (there is a hidden room; shown by the arrow on mini map on the screenshot above).

There are many hidden paths on this town. Here are few screenshots that may help you gathering items located on this town.

FF Brave Exvius H1 Royal Capital Granshelt

It’s hidden path H1, this will lead you to star quartz and green slime doll which needed to finish one of the quest above.

FF Brave Exvius Earth Key 22 Royal Capital Granshelt

This is the location of T8 and T9. You must go through the hidden path to get the Earth key#22.

FF Brave Exvius T13 Royal Capital Granshelt

You will find bronze shield recipe here. You can also find the man from the Quest 7 on this area. Enter the tavern and go south-east (bottom right) to find an entrance that lead to this area.

FF Brave Exvius T14 Royal Capital Granshelt

White cape is really useful accessory for your spell caster, because it prevents silence. Make sure you get this one.

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  1. KhmerKing says:

    Theres a box in the colosseum. In royal capital. Top of quest dude for hill gigas. Right wall. Its star quartz

  2. Dalarin says:

    Inn second floor, room with woman (Q9) south of bed:

  3. Anjul says:

    There is a chest beside the weapons shop that has Q11 in it 🙂

  4. Dwandalin says:

    Didn’t mark the locked chest contents for the Chocobo stables. Recipe for Blind.

  5. Avon says:

    Some items you seem to have missed:
    1. Fish Scale – beside the Gunsmith store
    2. Potion – inside the Tavern, hidden chest, near two women seated by a table

  6. Avon says:

    I think you missed a hidden chest at the TAVERN. It contains a POTION. It’s near the table with two women.

  7. Ene says:

    There is an earth key chest #22 right beside Q11 (outside the building) 😉

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh? WHat do you mean? The earth key 22 is located on the T9, or do you mean something else?

      • Ene says:

        Hmm that’s strange. Are the earth keys at different locations for everyone? I got key 22 right beside the weapons shop (Q11 on your map) where the little path goes up behind the weapon shop shield. Sorry for the confusion :0

  8. Spot64 says:

    T8 Recipe for Vox

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