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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Silver/Locked Chest Guide

FF BE magic Key

You can open the Silver/Locked Chest by using magic key. You get the key’s recipe after clearing Grandshelt Castles. To create the key you need

[3] Screamroot: Obtained from trophies reward. You can find it from Minituar (from any exploration map) as a drops, but I never found it after playing this games for about a month….. so let’s say that it’s super rare enemies…

[3] Fine Alcryst: you have a chance to obtain this item every time you craft an ability. Reddit says that it has 20% chance of appearing but I find it that it’s lower than that. And even if it has 100% rate, the problem still lies on screamroot.

Other ways to obtain magic key:
[0] Exchange your lapis for them (you can find it on the shop); not recommended
[0] Wait for an extra event that gives you discount on magic key (Example: Summer Special package which run from 11 – 19 August 2016, the package gives you 1 rare tickets, magic key, elixir, and Megacites for only 300 Lapis).

You can find my list of recommendation below.

Worst = avoid this……
Bad = Bad, but still can be tolerated and you may find it useful on very rare occassion/in the beginning of the game
Ok = Nice to have right now, but we may see an upgrade on the future, so you may want to save the key for later.
Nice = This is very nice to have, most of these are passive abilities.


Area Town Treasure Comment
Grandshelt Isle Town of Mitra Recipe for Fire Blade Bad
Recipe for Barfire Worst (.. You will get barfira which affect all)
Royal Capital Grandshelt Recipe for Vox Ok
Recipe for Barblizzard Worst (There is barblizzara later)
Recipe for Blind Bad (you can get it easily from Siren, I doubt you need to equip these on all your characters)
Port City Lodin Recipe for Silence Bad (you can get it easily from Siren, I doubt you need to equip these on all your characters)
Ordol Port Recipe for Bandana (Atk + 4, Def +6) Worst (HAHAHA seriously, you will get much better equipment soon)
Lanzelt Port City Lydira Recipe for Muscle Belt (HP + 10%, Def +3) Nice
Village of Kol Recipe for Shell Ok
Recipe for Deshell Ok
Grandport Recipe for Brace Bad (Use protect instead)
Recipe for Barwatera Ok
Lost Village of Marlo Osafune (Katana + 42) Ok
Kolobos Felicitas Town Recipe for Green Beret Worst (Simply buy the item from the shop for 500 Gil on the same town)
Dirnado Industrial City Dilmagia Recipe for Sleep Blade Worst (You can craft sleep)
Village of Ambel Recipe for Wizard’s Robe Worst (You can buy it on Felicitas Town)
Town of Kolts Recipe for Dispel Worst (Many espers learn this ability, you can also use holy torch)
Olderion Aquapolis Olderion Recipe for Icebrand Bad
Recipe for Evo Mag + 10% Worst (summonning do crappy damage on this game, increase it by 10% won’t help much)
Town of Amore Recipe for Biora Blade Bad (hybrid Damage)


Area Exploration Treasure Comment
Grandshelt Isle Earth Shrine Recipe for Barstone Worst
Latius Woods Silence Blade Bad (haven’t found enemy that need to be silenced that badly)
Dalnakya Cavern Recipe for Blizzard Blade Bad
Grandshelt Catacombs Recipe for Barwater Worst (There is Barwatera later)
Recipe for Barthunder Worst (.. You will get barthundara which affect all)
Fulan Pass Recipe for Baraero Worst (there is Baraerora later)
Recipe for Stone Blade Bad
Recipe for Bio Worst (Skip this bio, You can get bio blaster easily)
Lanzelt Phantom Forest Recipe for Bio Blade Bad
Zadehl Westersand Reciepe for Aerora Bad (1.4x wind damage?? not that good)
Recipe for Barstonra Ok
Recipe for Paralyna Ok
Lanzelt Higlands Recipe for Mental Break Bad (Deshell does better from this; 15% vs 20%)
Wolfsfang Peak Recie for Barblizzara Ok
Lanzelt Ruins Recipe for Blizzara Bad (there is an item called ice rod that give you this ability)
Recipe for Baraerora Ok
Kolobos Isle Kolobos Marsh Recipe for SPR +10% Nice
Golzas Canyon Recipe for Pinwheel Worst (unless you have infinite amount of ingredients, and party with 5 throwing characters)
Kolobos Reef Recipe for Bug Killer Nice
Shrine of Decay Recipe for MP +10% Nice
Dirnado Maranda Coast Recipe for Mag + 10% Nice
Dwarves’ Forge Reciper for Bravery Bad (you don’t want to cast this buff one by one)
Windy Heights Recipe for Aero Blade Bad (hybrid damage….)
Mobreeze Airship Factory Recipe for Faith Bad (you don’t want to cast this buff one by one)
Junkyard Recipe for Spirit Slayer Ok, useful depends on certain situation
Wind Shrine Recipe for Tiger Mask Ok (You can’t buy this and the Atk + is nice)
Olderion Mystic Woods Recipe for Brigandine Bad (you will get many better armor than this)
Aquatic Cove Recipe for Watera Blade Bad (hybrid damage….)
Lake Dorr Recipe for Curaga Bad (I believe cura is better than curaga, we also rarely need to only heal single target)
Ghost Ship Recipe for Auto-Protect Bad (the effect doesn’t stack with other buff, so it’s useless if you use Cheer)
Water Shrine Recipe for Atk + 10% NICE

Remember that it’s my thought, you may have different opinion about the treasures. Few questions that might appear on your mind.

Why I thought [Insert element here] Blade, bad?

First they do the hybrid damage, I don’t know the exact calculation of the damage, but they take a little bit from your magic and a little bit from your Atk Parameter. The result is not so high damage even after you attack the enemy that weak against it. You’re better with other skills (Most of good attackers have unmitigated damage skill, barrage, and other skills which are more powerful than these).

Why I say [Insert status recovery spell] Ok?

First spells like vox, paralyna has low lvl White magic compatibility, which mean many characters can equip them. They’re really situational though, however most of the hard bosses can inflict you with some kind of abnormality. Esuna is very hard to get (Maria Trust Master).

If you have any questions, tips, or find an error/mistakes on the post above. Feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for using my guide while playing the game.

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3 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Silver/Locked Chest Guide”

  1. Joe says:

    Please add more about the silver chest at the olderion and zoolard, and about good or bad item inside it.
    Thank ypu

  2. jj says:

    Your comments about ‘blade’ as bad are your opinion. You do realize that all ‘blade’ weapons can be equipped by *every* character with 0 restrictions. It’s nice putting elemental attack and silence on characters that normally can’t use elemental attacks for elemenal chains. And putting silence on say… a healer… to give it a little something extra since healers attacks usually just otherwise suck.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yup, I exactly said that all things above are my opinion :). If you think “blade” skill is useful then open it. I find it not useful though, because you can easily get the skill (silence, etc) from esper, crafted abilities. The only ailments that I find useful is paralyze, I never meet an enemy that need to be silenced.

      For elemental blade, I find it not useful because many strong enemies doesn’t have elemental weakness (I am looking at you trial bosses 🙂 ). Thanks for the tips :).

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