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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Town of Amore Side Quest and Items Guide



The items here are pretty easy to find, The only secret path is the one that lead to T5 (Fat Chocobo Area).


Loc Items
T1 X-Potion
T2 Star Quartz
T3 Phoenix Down
T4 Red Megacite
T5 Recipe for North Wind
T6 White Robe
T7 Ice Lance
T8 Recipe for Biora Blade (Locked)
T9 Hero Drink

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Gift to the God of Water

NPC: Woman on Q1

How to:
[0] Talk to the woman on Q2 and give her 3 water megacryst. You can get it from exploration point (Water Shrine, Maranda Coast, etc)

Reward: Elxir

Quest 2: Foe of the Veterans

NPC: Old man on Q2

How to:

[0] Talk to the old man and he will ask you to kill 5 Ogre Mages.


[0] You can find it on Water Shrine

Reward: Phoenix Down

Quest 3: Aqua Supreme

NPC: Man on Q3

How to:

You need to clear Quest 2 first!! Talk to the old man again and he will tell you about brewing a tea.

[0] Go to Q3 and you will find the man give you “quest” signal.

[0] You need to gather 3 pure waters, all of them takes form of glittering thing on the ground


Zadehl Westersand, It’s on southeastern part of the oasis.


Golzas Canyon, you can find it on the cave (through secret path), visit THIS PAGE (it’s the cave where you reach from H1).


Village of Ambel, on the norhteastern part of the city.

[0] After finding those, go back to the man to get the reward

Reward: Star Quartz

Quest 4: Boarish Pride

NPC: Man on Q4

How to:


[0] You need to clear “What a Man Wants?” quest on Aquapolis Olderion.
[0] Go to Dilmagia Vault (Gale Key), you will see an event
[0] Talk to the lady near the cave on Town of Amore (near Farplane Monument)

After that You can talk to Man on Q4 to begin the quest

[0] Talk to Gale Key (Dilmagia) Vault guard


[0] Go to Grandshelt Orphanage and talk to the Gentleman inside


[0] Now go to Aquatic Cove to fight the thief.

[0] Go to Gale Key Vault (Dilmagia) to get the reward

Reward: Gale Key #4

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