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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Town of Kolts Side Quest and Items Guide


For more detailed guide about items location, scroll down to the section below Side Quest.


Loc Items
T1 Recipe for Dispel (Locked Chest)
T2 Iron Ore
T3 X-potion
T4 Bacchus’s Wine
T5 White Megacite
T6 Flame Shield
T7 Recipe for Earth Drum
T8 Rune Staff
T9 Gale Key#2
T10 Star Quartz

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Lost in Dedication

NPC: Speak with the man on the weapon shop

How to:

[0] Speak to the NPC and then head to Dwarves’ Forge


[0] On Dwarves forge, talk to the Dwarf on the entrance (see the map above, talk to “?”)


[0] Head to northeastern part of this place, see THIS PAGE for overall map. Talk to the man and you will fight with Abyss Worm. Nothing hard about it, simply use power break (or full),the battle will end easily. You can also inflict paralyze to make the battle easier.

Rewards: Ice Armor

Quest 2: M.I.A.

NPC: Speak with the man on the weapon shop

How to:

[0] Finish the Quest 1 first
[0] Talk to the NPC on the weapon shop (Town of Kolts)
[0] Go back to Dwarves’ forge and talk to the man who you saved before.
[0] Back to Weapon Shop and talk to the NPC

Rewards: Recipe for Main Gauche

Quest 3: Not Your Normal Thief

NPC: Thief on Q3

How to:

[0] Talk to the thief on Q3
[0] He will go to Windshrine. Now go to Wind Shrine (exploration).


[0] Talk to him (2nd area of wind shrine) and you will enter a battle (Easy normal battle).

Rewards: Holy Crystal

Quest 4: More Important than Life Itself

NPC: Man on Q4

How to:

[0] Talk to man on Q4
[0] Go to Mobreeze Airship Factory


[0] Check the glittering spot on the location above (1st map of this area). Check THIS PAGE for overall map

Rewards: Star Quartz



You can get Locked chest inside the Ability shop, go left until you reach the new room. After that, go right , down, and left (turn every time you meet dead end), and you will find the locked chest. The chest contain dispel, I don’t recommend you to open it though.



Left screenshot show you path to T3 (x-Potion). Right screenshot show you the location of the Gale Key#2, I get it by facing up on the hidden path (try all direction on the dead end, the location is a little bit vague). Remember that you need to unlock the vault first to be able to get the key!!!


Bacchus Wine and White Megacite are not kept in the treasure boxes, you need to check the “environment” to get them.


You can’t see the Star Quartz location (T10), but simply go down to get it (left screenshot). For flame shield, it’s hidden behind the white sheet on the left.


There is also a treasure (T8) near the fat chocobo.

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