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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Town of Mitra Side Quest and Items Guide

==Side Quest==

To finish the side quest after you have completed the objective. Go to “Town Menu” (only can be done from the inside of the town) and then choose “Quest Report” and then report the quest you have finished.

Quest 1: Succor for Sore Eyes

NPC: Inn Keeper
How to:
[0] Talk to inn keeper, he will ask for an eye drop. You can buy it for 100 gil on the item shop.
[0] Give the eye drops to him to get Hi-Potion
Reward: Hi- Potion

Quest 2: A Hello to Arms

NPC: Armor seller
How to:
[0] He will ask you to bring him 5 lumbers. You can get it from exploration point (almost all exploration point on dungeon near Mitra give you lumber)
Reward: Silk Robe (Def +9, Mag +4, SPR+6)

Quest 3: Bleeder of the Pack

NPC: Gylbart the blacksmith (located inside the weapon shop)
How to:
[0] Go inside the weapon shop. You will find a door lead to the tempering room
[0] Talk to Gylbart there
[0] He will ask you to kill 10 wolves on Dalnakya Cavern, do that and report back.
Reward: Recipe for Bronze Mace

Quest 4: Secrets Unearthed

FF Brave Exvius Side Quest Secret Book

NPC: Suspicious Boy
How to:
[0] Suspicious boy standing east of the weapon shop (he stands below the tree, see the screenshot above)
[0] Find the book on the Earth shrine exploration map (A new chest will appear after you take this quest, located on the east, north of exploration point)
Reward: Recipe for Blizzard

Quest 5: For My Eyes Only

NPC: Woman (Town of Mitra)
How to:

FF BRave Exvius SQ cure recipe 1

[0] Talk to a woman that stand in the south of this town (you can see “?”) on your map, to initiate the quest.

FF BRave Exvius SQ cure recipe 2

[0] Talk to the man east which stand on the shore.

FF BRave Exvius SQ cure recipe 3

[0] Talk to a kid that stands in front of barrack (building that located east of inn)

FF BRave Exvius SQ cure recipe 4

[0] Go inside the barrack and talk to the soldier. Report back to the woman to finish the quest.

Reward: Recipe for Cure

Quest 6: Feathers in Your Cap

NPC: Girl near on the norther part of the town

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Grandport waitress for MItra Quest

[0] You need to talk with a girl on the Grandport to make this quest available. In Grandport, go to the inn which located on the southeast (it’s a bar). Go downstairs and then talk to the woman there.

FF Brave Exvius Mitra Grandport Quest

[0] Go back to Mitra and you should a new quest pop up on your map. Talk to the girl and she will ask you 18 Raptor Feather. You can get Raptor Feather from the steel bat on Dalnakya cavern or simply from any avian type enemy. I believe you already have 18 of them though :).

Reward: Buckler


#Locked/Silver/Magic Chest#

Locked Chest 1 (Fire Blade): Enter the inn from the back door. You can enter this by using the ladder located south of the armor shop.

Locked Chest 2 (Recipe for Barfire): Inside the Magic shop

#Normal Treasure#

Eye Drops: West of Woman who gives you the quest 5

Bronze Armor: Inside the barrack (building east of the inn)

Antidote: Go inside the barrack and then exit from the east door.

FF brave exvius choco stable path

FF Brave Exvius Path to Silver Glasses

Feathered Cap: Inside Chocobo Stable, there is a hidden path that lead to the treasure. See the Screenshot above (Red Arrow).

Silver Glasses (IMPORTANT!): From Chocobo Stable, exit from the east door (Green arrow). You will arrive outside. Follow the path shown on the screenshot to find the treasure

Bronze Knuckle: Northwest part of the town (north of the armor shop).

FF Brave Exvius Star Quartz on Mitra

Star Quartz (IMPORTANT!): Check the tree near the armor shop (west of it, see the screenshot above).

FF Brave Exvius Earth Key 6 mitra

Earth Key#6: inside the inn, go to 2nd floor.

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  1. Diar says:

    There is one more side quest on town of mitra called feathers in your cap. We need to deliver 18 raptor feathers. I don’t know the reward yet because I haven’t finished it.

  2. Spot64 says:

    Locked Chest 1 is a Recipe for Fire Blade
    Locked Chest 2 is a Recipe for Barfire

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