Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Trial#1 Guide How to Beat White Dragon

FF Brave Exvius White Dragon Boss Featured

HP: 53,000
Weak: none
Resist: Petrify

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Cura: You need to cast 2 cura on one turn to maintain your party’s HP.
[0] Bio Blaster: It has 50% chance to inflict poison and quite easy to create. You can use other Poison skills (like Bio, biora, etc) too.
[0] Paralyze skill: This will make the white dragon paralyze :). Blade bash is very nice (it has 30% chance to inflict paralyze for 3 turns)
[0] Sleep Spell also good because it has 40% chance.
[0] Other inflicting ailments abilities, White Dragon can be inflicted by all status ailments except for petrify. Those 3 skills above are the easiest status ailments skill that you can get on this game.
[0] Barfira, Barthundara, Barstonra: this will reduce the white dragon’s attack greatly. It’s not a must but really useful.

Recommended Items:
[0] Phoenix Down
[0] Healing Spring: Regen
[0] Ether to restore your healer’s MP

Recommended Equipments:
[0] Equipment that have a resistance to fire, earth, and thunder elements
[0] Other than that, simply equip strongest status boosting accessories because white dragon can’t inflict any status ailments.

Attack Patterns

[0] Scorch: Deal fire damage to single target
[0] Bolt: Deal thunder damage to all targets
[0] Earthquake: Deal earth damage to all targets (multiple hits)
[0] Maelstorm: critically injured single target. Only be used when its HP reach 70% and 30%


It attack twice per turn!! You can simply let the poison kill the white dragon (10% HP per turn), while you trying to inflict sleep/paralyze to the dragon. Once its HP Reach 70% and 30% it will use Maelstrom (it will reduce your character’s HP to 1); 2 of your characters will get hit by this skill. Make sure you heal your party immediately!!

If you’re using sleep, make sure you don’t attack the dragon with the physical attack because it will wake the dragon. Simply recover, attack with magic, etc while the dragon sleep.

Reward: Murasame (+61 Atk)

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