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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Trial#2 Guide How to Beat Demon Chimera

FF Brave Exvius Demon Chimera

HP: 200,000
Weak: none
Resist: Ice, Fire, Thunder, and all status ailments

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Cura: You need to cast about 3 cura in one turn to be safe
[0] Barfira, Barthundara, Barblizzara: this will reduce the Demon Chimera attack greatly. It’s not a must but really useful.
[0] Poisona: can be crafted easily
[0] Power Break/Magic Break/ Full Break: This will reduce the damage from the Devil Chimera

Recommended Items:
[0] Phoenix Down
[0] Healing Spring: Regen
[0] Antidote
[0] Ether to restore your healer’s MP

Recommended Equipments:
[0] Equipment that have a resistance to fire, ice, and thunder elements
[0] Equipment that resist to poison,
Star Pendant: obtained from the quest on Port Lydira
Fairy Ring: obtained from Colosseum BGN A-2
At this moment, there is no recipe that can craft accessories that immune to poison.

Attack Patterns

[0] Frost Blast: Ice damage to single target
[0] Ice Storm: Ice damage to all targets (really dangerous!!! especially to ifrit user..)
[0] Blaze: Fire damage to all targets
[0] Thunderbolt: Thunder damage to all targets
[0] Venom Breath: Inflict poison to all target (used when its HP reach 60% and 30%)

Recommended Hero:
[0] Cerius, if you have her, this battle will become really easy. Her Limit break will nullified all chimera’s attack (except for physical). She also has a complete of “bar – ga” spell.
[0] Rain, Duane, Vaan: Basically anyone who have “break”


This is a lot harder than white dragon because it can attack three times per turn. The ice storm probably gonna kill/critically injure ifrit user, make sure you bring phoenix down to revive him/her. The physical attack is also a threat, so make sure you keep using power break when the effect wears off.

Venom breath is not that dangerous if you bring antidote/poisona. It will only use venom breath (not thrice per turn like usual) when the HP reach 60% and 30%, so you can use this turn to recover your MP and HP.

if you have a lot of mages, then make sure you don’t use fire, ice, and thunder elements, because it has 100% resistance against those element. Some of spells which work against the boss:

[0] Kefka: Hyperdrive
[0] Vivi: Comet
[0] Kuja: Flare

You can also attack it using other elements such as wind, water, etc.

Reward: Force Armor (+51 DEF, +13 SPR, 10% resistance against fire, blizzard, thunder)

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