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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Village of Ambel Side Quest and Items Guide

Go to T10 when you come to this village first time to continue the story.

FF BE village-of-ambel-map

Loc Items
T1 Star Quartz
T2 Scripture of Time
T3 Healing Spring
T4 Rod of Lightning
T5 Mythril Buckler
T6 Unicorn Horn
T7 Turbo Ether
T8 Light Megacryst
T9 Gale Key #5
T10 Recipe for Wizard’s Robe (Locked)

==You can find more detailed guide about items on section below the Side Quest.==

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: When the Knight Comes

NPC: Man on Q1

How to:


[0] You can find Golden Eagles on Windy Height West (Exploration if you want to save energies). Defeat 10 Golden eagles and then come back

Rewards: Recipe for Antarctic Wind

Quest 2: Invasion Afoot!

NPC: Girl on Q2

How to:
[0] Talk to Girl on Q2. After that you need to talk with 3 persons on this city, their locations are marked as “So” on the map.


[0] Go to “So4” and check the well. after you have talk with all people (So1So3). Go back to the girl to complete the quest.

Rewards: Mythril Saber

Quest 3: An Animal’s Tale

NPC: Old Braggart on Q3

How to:
[0] Clear Thief’s Legacy Quest
[0] Basically Obtain all Earth key’s beside Earth Key#21


[0] Go inside the house on Q3 and talk to the old man.


[0] Ssearch something on Junkyard. It’s on the southeastern part of the area.

Rewards: Earth Key #21 (one of the requirement for Gale Key Vault)





T1 contain Star Quartz, the path is hidden by a tree. Rod of Ligthning also hidden by tree, make sure you search it carefully (I am not 100% sure about the location of the screenshot above 🙁 forgot to take a note, so please rell me if I made a mistake).


T7 (turbo ether) can be obtained from the back of the shop.



T9 contain Gale Key#5, you need to have an access to Gale Key vault on Dilmagia before able to open the chest (it won’t appear if you don’t have the access).

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  1. Dimitri says:

    I am stuck at this point of the game (story wise.) Usually after going to a village, you will see the next path and the missions will open up. Do I have to complete the side quests in order for the story to continue?

  2. William Feather says:

    I can’t seem to get out of Ambel every time I go a get beat down by the Veritas of the Heavens any recommendations on defeating him?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Simply break his parameter (atk/def, etc break). Rain has undermine at lvl 100 (6 stars), once you have his undermine, story mode in this game is very easy.

  3. Arya says:

    How to open gale key vault

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