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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Village of Kol Side Quest and Items Guide

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Hammer Time

NPC: Man inside the weapon shop
How to:

FF Brave Exvius Hammer Location on Phantom Forest

[0] Find the old hammer on the phantom forest. You can see the map above for the location.
Reward: Mythril Dagger

Quest 2: Don’t Stop! (Hammer Time)

NPC: The same man from quest 1
How to:
[0] Give him 8 Iron Ore, you can find iron ore easily from any exploration point on the Lanzelt island.
Reward: Recipe for Great Axe

Quest 3: Nuts Without My Daughter

FF Brave Exvius Woman on Port Lydira Quest

NPC: Woman (east of the inn)

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Woman on Port Lydira Quest

[0] You need to talk to a certain girl on the Port Lydira to initiate the quest. If you haven’t talked to her, then the woman on Village of Kol won’t have a quest icon. The girl will say something about running from village of Kol.

[0] Talk to the NPC on the Kol. She will ask you to talk to convince that girl to come back.

[0] Talk to the girl on Lydira and then head back to Kol. Report the quest and you’re done

Reward: Recipe for Healing Spring

Quest 4: Constant Devotion

FF Brave Exvius Hidden Path to Quest 4 and 5 on Kol

NPC: Old Man inside a house. You can reach the house through the hidden path (it’s the first house that you see). See the screenshot above.

How to:

FF Brave Exvius Latius Wood Location

[0] Go to Latius Wood Exploration and offer the white flower on the location above (near the exit)

Reward: Recipe for Water Blade

Quest 5: Catastrophi-Kol

NPC: Retired Martial Artis, you can find the man on 2nd floor of the same house from Quest 4.

How to:
[0] Defeat 10 Pit Fiends. You can find Pit Fiend on Lanzelt Lowland and Lanzelt Estuary.

Reward: Recipe for Black Belt Gi

Quest 6 Available once you reach Granport, so I will update the guide when I have reach that point


#Locked/Silver/Magic Chest#

FF Brave Exvius Locked Chest 1 Kol

Locked Chest 1 (Recipe for Shell): Located behind the item shop, there is a hidden path you can pass.

FF Brave Exvius Locked CHest 2 Kol

Locked Chest 2 (Recipe for Deshell): Inside the inn, northeast room

#Important Treasures#

I won’t list unimportant item such as potion, etc. They can be bough easily from the shop.

FF Brave Exvius Long Sword Kol

Long Sword: Chest beside the Chocobo Farm.

FF Brave Exvius Path to earth key 16 1

FF Brave Exvius Path to earth key 16 2 Kol

Earth Key #16: On the weapon shop go to the 2nd floor (there is a ladder on the back of the shop). There is a hidden path there, see the screenshot above. Go through the hidden path. Don’t go out because there is only an unicorn horn outside, the Earth Key#16 is hidden on another hidden path (see the screenshot on the right).

FF Brave Exvius Star Quartz Kol

Star Quartz: Inside the inn, at the very back there is a hidden path. Follow the screenshot above to find it.

FF Brave Exvius Metal Knuckles Kol

Metal Knuckles: On the house where you get Quest 5, keep going up until you find a treasure chest with a Smelling Salt, there is a hidden path that lead you to the out side (screenshot above). Follow it to the outside and you will get Metal knuckles from the treasure chest.

FF Brave Exvius Buckler Kol

Buckler: South of the farplane monument. You can reach this area, by going north (north of the armor shop). The chest is hidden behind the boxes.

FF Brave Exvius Earth Ring and Ether Kol

Ether and Earth Ring: Inside the Tool shop/Item Shop. There is a hidden path, go down and then right to find the earth ring. For ether you can see another treasure chest before you enter the hidden path, that chest contain ether.

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