Posted on Aug 10, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Weapon Guide All Rod

It’s the main weapon for your mages. It boosts your Mag status, so it’s kinda useless on your healer since they are rely on Spr.


Unless noted, it means that you only get the item. For the recipe I will marked it with (Recipe). If there is a gil inside the bracket, it means that you can buy it from the shop on that town. Since, it’s a weapon then search for the “sword” icon on your map.

The list will be updated as the game progress, if you think that I miss certain hat, feel free to leave comment.

Items Effect Where to Get
Atk + 8, Mag + 10 [Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandhselt, Port City Lodin] Shop (140 Gil)
[Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandhselt, Port City Lodin] Shop (42 Gil); Recipe
Latius Woods
Iron Rod
FF BE Iron Rod
Atk + 10, Mag + 18 [Village of Kol, Grandport] Shop (280 Gil)
[Village of Kol, Grandport] Shop 84 Gil); Recipe
Phantom Forest
Ice Rod
FF BE Ice Rod
Atk + 14, Mag + 26;
Ice Element;
Blizzara Ability
Colosseum INT D-4
Fire Rod
FF BE Fire Rod
Atk + 14, Mag + 26;
Fire Element;
Fira Ability
Quest Felicitas Town
Gravity Rod
FF BE Gravity Rod
Atk + 5, Mag + 35;
Gravity Ability
Event only: Demons Unleashed

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