Posted on Aug 16, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Weapon Guide All Swords

Unless noted, it means that you only get the item. For the recipe I will marked it with (Recipe). If there is a gil inside the bracket, it means that you can buy it from the shop on that town. Since, it’s a weapon then search for the “Sword” icon on your map.

FF BE Sword

The list will be updated as the game progress, if you think that I miss certain hat, feel free to leave comment.

Items Effect Where to Get
FF BE Broad Sword
Atk + 15 Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt, Port City Lodin Shop (200 Gil) and Recipe (60 Gil)
Treasure Earth Shrine
Long Sword
FF BE Long Sword
Atk + 20 Village of Kol, Grandport Shop (400 Gil); Recipe (60 Gil)
Treasure Village of Kol
Mythril Sword
FF BE Mythril Sword
Atk + 26 Treasure Wolfsgang Peak
FF BE Flametongue
Atk + 33;
Fire Element
Treasure Zadehl Westersand
FF BE Ice Brand
Atk + 33;
Ice Element
Earth Key #24
Coral Sword
FF BE Coral Sword
Atk + 33;
Lightning Element
Treasure Kolobos Reef (Recipe)
Treasure Grandport

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