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Posted on Sep 12, 2012

Final Fantasy Dimensions Faq Chapter 1 Part 2 Mt. Liene to Castle Liene

Now get out from the crystal chamber to the world map (use the crystal chamber map Lux version). Go back to Lux ; The mountain is gone now so you don’t need to go through Northern Cave. Lux is gone, see an event.

Go north to the small round forest (see the screenshot). It’s chocobo forest, go up and check white chocobo to recover your health and check the yellow chocobo nearby to obtain “chocobo” summon spells. You can ride chocobo by talking to yellow chocobo that stands near the entrance. Go south (ride chocobo if you don’t want to fight any enemies) until you see a small town (Liene). Go inside, you can buy new white and black magic spells. Stay at the inn to trigger an event.

Get out from the town and head northwest to

Mt. Liene

Name HP Weak
Basilisk 100
Bomb 95 wind
Cocatrice 95 wind
Flamehound 235 ice
Floating eye 105 wind
Hobgoblin 80
Lamia 210 fire
Lesser Lopros 330 wind
Mud Golem 210 fire
Sprinter 90

You find a lot of same enemies that you have encountered before, so nothing really hard on this dungeon. You goal is the exit on the other part of this mountain which lead to the world map.

You’ll get fusion ability “Magic Missile” automatically on your journey to the other side of this mountain.

[0] Try to have one red mage/ white mage so you can heal your party quickly
[0] You’re only able to reach lvl 3 on each job at this point, so make sure you switch to other job when you reach lvl 3. Make each character have some kind of specialization (ex: I want make Sol become physical attacker, so when his Warrior’s job reach lvl 3, I switch into monk because maybe monk have ability that can be useful later for physical attacker).

Go west and go to

Castle Liene

Talk to Soldier and you’ll fight 3 soldiers, defeat them. Go north to the inside (The map starts from her).

Name HP Weak
Gargoyle 270 Light
Mangy Hunt 95
Phalanx 225
Sergeant 190
Statue 375 Lightning
Wild Rat 165 fire
Yellow Jelly 60 Lightning

Go to room (1), You can buy items from the soldier, you can also check the white jar to recover your health. Take Bard’s Tunic and Tent from the treasure chest and then get out. The doors at point (2) and (3) are locked at this moment, so ignore them. Go upstairs using the stair on the middle of this room. Your goal is “Boss” location on this dungeon.

Note: J1 and J2 are treasures that located inside the jar. Check the white jar to obtain them.

Hell minion(weak: none, Steal : Hi- Potion)
Butch (weak: none; Steal: Ether)

You’ll start with only hell minion, as you deal damage to him, he will summon butch. They’re susceptible to slow, so cast it to make this battle easier. Hell Minion’s attack is not dangerous at all, however butch’s attacks are a little bit powerful.

[0] Wag your tail: deals about 90 damage to all
[0] Feeding time: 2 hits attack that absorbs about 90 damages on each hit.
[0] Normal attack: 3 hit physical attacks, deal about 90 damages on each hit.

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  1. cazzapee's says:

    how do I get out of room with the rabbits? Please help

  2. test says:

    after pass Boss
    Hell minion(weak: none, Steal : Hi- Potion)
    Butch (weak: none; Steal: Ether)

    i can’t find the way out, cos i think it’s have some puzzle in the room

    with old clock
    3 jugs
    and suspicious floor

    i don’t know the step to open secret path
    waiting for some one who know can help

    thank u 🙂

  3. Ken says:

    There are few items you can get from the pots at Lien

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