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Posted on Sep 12, 2012

Final Fantasy Dimensions Guide Chapter 1 Part 3 Aftside Airship

Castle Liene Part 2

After defeating the boss, check all the jails and free all the prisoners (The gnome will ask you some questions; I don’t know whether it has an effect later on this game, he tell me that “fangs don’t lie”and I don’t have any idea about it, so please leave comment if you know what he means). Go back to point (2), it’s unlocked now :D. You’re at puzzle room now. Few things to check on this room.

[0] Check the bed 2 times to see funny scene 😀
[0] the clock will be broken if you check them

To continue, you need to check the jar that located  on the bottom left of this room. See the screenshot to know which jar that you need to check (other 2 are useless and one of them will make Sol get poison status :D). After you have obtain the water, go to the flower vase to fill it with the water. The door will be opened, continue to the exit.

Tips: Before you exit, go south and unlock the door (3) so you can backtrack quickly.

Now you’re on the world map, you should be able to see an airship, before you enter the airship there is a chocobo forest on the northwest of the airship. You can ride black chocobo if you want to go back to the town (Liene) quickly since it can fly. Enter the airship once you’re ready.

Aftside Airhsip

Name HP Weak
Battle Mage 185
Cavalier 270
Sergeant 190
Sergeant Major 250
Swordsman 240

Go inside, save your game and you’ll be told that this is the last save point for this chapter. Unfortunately the path to the boss (1) is still locked now, so you can’t continue :D. Backtrack to the first room and head north to B1F. You can simply run toward to the soldier (fight) or walk carefully to evade the battle.  Go to point (2) and press the lever/switch to continue to the next room (screenshot below).

Go to point (3) and fight the guard on that room to obtain the key. Now you can go back to 1F and unlock the door at point (1).

Tips: Make sure you take all the treasure chest on this ship before continue further. At point (4) there are 2 switches/levers. Touch the right lever to open the door that leads to 2 treasures (Battle Axe and Ether). The left switch is a trap which will call enemies coming at you.

Make sure you save your game before continue to “Boss“. You’ll fight 2 normal battles (3 x Battle Mage and 3 x Cavalier).

Boss: Captain (Weak: None; Steal:Iron Armor)

Kill 2 other enemies first before focusing your attack to the captain. The captain is susceptible to slow, so cast the spell at him. He can attack twice, his attack patterns:

[0] Take Down: 160 damage to single target.
[0] Swing: 50 damage to all targets.

after defeating him, see an event and

Battle: Baugauven (Weak: Ice; steal:Potion)

You can’t win this battle, but I don’t know whether it will be game over or no, if you just lose without him using his special attack. I can’t steal anything from him (always failed, please report if you steal something from him). The battle will ends when he uses his heat attack.

See an event and fight some normal battles. End of this chapter, you need to buy chapter 2 if you haven’t done it before.

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  1. XIIIRoxasKeyblades says:

    you also missed two chests across from the room that has the chain whip. 1 of the 2 chests has a star pendent and i can’t remember the other. just check and then revise the guide please….thanx!!!

  2. IowaMarinei says:

    In the chocobo forest with the black chocobo, if you “talk” to one of the yellow chocobos, you will get the “chocobo” summon

  3. Zyloch says:

    I stole a potion from Baugaven, but besides that I’m not sure if he has a second steal.

  4. Zyloch says:

    Towards the right room of the chest containing Iron Shield. There’s a trapped chest that triggers a random battle, but you get a crossbow out of it.

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