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Posted on Sep 4, 2012

Final Fantasy Dimensions Walkthrough Prologue

Watch the intro and you’ll be introduced to characters on this game. From the world map go southwest to the small border near the mountain. Talk to the guard and Aigis wil join your party, get out from the area and head to Lux on the world map.

Note: If you need some healing, use Diana’s cure spell. You can use this spell to all party member at once eventhough the healing power is reduced for a bit.

Go inside Diana’s house and then talk to Diana; check the white jar nearby to obtain Maiden’s Kiss. Get out and then talk to Glaive. Diana will rejoin your party, get out from the town and then head north a bit to the castle. Talk to the guard, he won’t let you go inside so try to get out from the castle to trigger an event. Go to the new path that has just been opened.

Lux Castle Underground

Name HP Weak
Tarantula 40 no
Steel Bat 38 fire, wind
Wererat 35 no
Ankheg 85 ice

Your first dungeonin this game, just follow the path to the Lux Castle. At point (1) check the chain, to open the door at the northeast (2); there are 3 treasures inside (100 gil, Potion, and Leather Helm).


Watch out for enemy called Ankheg!! It’s stronger than normal enemies around this area and can kill your characters easily. Diana’s cure spell is your friend on this battle (target all).

Continue north to the small square area, there is a hidden path to the castle. Look at the crack of this room(between the brown barrel) and head right, down, and then right.

See an event about Aigis, go back to the town and then go to the weapon and armor shop, to buy new equipment for your party; buy few Maiden’s Kiss if you have some spare money. Go to the world map and head north to

Northern Cave

The enemies is quite strong, remember to use Aigis’ black magic to target all monster at once. Be careful with Gigantoad because it can cause frog status (the effect is carried even after the battle), you can cure this with Maiden’s Kiss or simply let yourself got attacked again by gigantoad (this method works on other FF series, but I am not sure about this one).

Continue until you reach save point and use tent; tent also can revive your dead members, so you don’t need to use phoenix down on the first hand. Continue to BOSS

BOSS: Manatoise

1st boss battle, it weak against ice. Use ????’ Blizzara spell to deal a lot of damage. Use Diana Cure’s spell to negate Thunder damage from this boss. Its attack patterns:
[0] Thunder: Deal lightning damage to all target for 20-30 damage
[0] Carapace: deals physical damage to single target for about 30 damage

after defeating him continue east to the world map. You can buy items (sundries) and equipment from the moogle who stands near the exit. I suggest you to buy 2-3 tents so you can recover easily on the save point/world map.

Keep going north and enter the temple.

Lux Crystal Chamber

Name HP Weak
Imp 85 no
Lizard 80 ice
Stunner 78 no
Blood bat 70 fire, wind
Cursed bronze 75 lightning
Vassago 110 no
Red Mosse 32 fire


Red Mosse has high physical resistance which will make your normal attack useless, use fire spell to kill them (all-fire still kills it for one hit so use it even if you find 2 or more red mosse).

Last dungeon on this prologue, I don’t draw the room with treasure chest because they’re only simple square so I only listed them as treasure chest on the map.

Make sure take all equipment on this floor since they’re better than your equipment at this moment; don’t forget to equip them too :D. Continue north to save point, save your game (you’ll be given a chance to save your game once you have finished the prologue). Continue and

BOSS: Watchbeast

Just do your best and he’ll use soul despair (after charging up on previous turn) which will end this battle.

See the event and this is the end of the prologue. You must pay to continue to the next chapter (I choose to buy chapter 1 -4 on one purchase because it’s cheaper).

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  1. Dennis says:

    Pls add this as tip section:

    1) Whenever JP is received, it is given to the ENTIRE party. Whether it’s earned throughout the storyline or Moogle Coin trade ins it doesn’t matter.

    2) The party receives 69 JP throughout the storyline. That means Sol gets 69, Sarah gets 69, Aigis gets 69, Dusk gets 69, Nacht gets 69, Diana gets 69, Alba gets 69 and Glaive gets 69. There are also a number of Moogle Coins that you can find in treasure chests. Each one can be traded in for 3 JP which is given to each party member.

    3) JP is capped until you beat the game.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hey thank you very much :D, will put it on main page 😀

    • Dennis says:

      Taken from somewhere:

      F-Abilities List

      Available to both parties

      Poisona+Poison=Magic Missile
      Cure+Fire=Magic Bomb
      Strike (warrior)+Thunder=Thunder Slash
      Kick (monk)+Sylph (summoner)=Gale Crescent
      Bash (warrior)+Pickpocket (thief)=Nab Gil
      Cura+Fira=Magic Bomb 2
      Aurablast (monk)+Attune Blade (red mage)=Piercing Blast
      Focus (monk)+Firaga=Self-Destruct
      Curaga (not curaja)+Firaga=Magic Bomb 3
      Stop+Shiva (summoner)=Deep Freeze (1)
      Thundaga+Ramuh (summoner)=Grand Delta (1)
      Berserk+Ifrit (summoner)=Meltdown (2)
      Vacuum Wave (monk)+Diabolos (summoner)=Dark Judgement (2)

      (1) dark warriors can’t learn these two until chapter 4 when the parties unite
      (2) light warriors can’t learn these two until chapter 4 when the parties unite


      F-Abilities exclusive to the Light Warriors

      Blizzara+Blizzard Breath (dragoon)=Aqua Breath
      Enrage (warrior)+Jump (dragoon)=Boost Jump
      Protect+Brave Ballad (bard)=Aura
      Flee (thief)+Aiding Anthem (bard)=Battle Orders
      Healing Breath (dragoon)+Restful Refrain (bard)=Lively Lied
      Blink+Lancet (dragoon)=White Draw
      Chakra (monk)+Healing Breath (dragoon)=White Wind
      Haste+Swift Shanty (bard)=Hastega
      Mug (thief)+Pommel (paladin)=Life Divider
      War Cry (warrior)+Mighty Guard (paladin)=Mighty Wall
      Assault (warrior)+Charge (paladin)=Valiant Blow
      Guard (paladin)+Benediction (seer)=Alabaster Veil
      Esuna+Angelic Aria (bard)=Esunaga
      Dispel (seer)+Alexander (summoner)=Dispelga
      Dire Dirge (bard)+Wide Slash (paladin)=Shock
      Earthshatterer (monk)+Holy=Final Heaven
      Curaga (not curaja)+Dragon Soul (dragoon)=Full Cure
      Araise (seer)+Bahamut (summoner)=Mega Raise


      F-Abilities exclusive to the Dark Warriors

      Lotus Strike (monk)+Precise Shot (ranger)=Smash
      Steal (thief)+Aim: Heart (ranger)=Steal Hearts
      Cura+Curse (dark knight)=Dark
      Bash (warrior)+Draw Attacks (dark knight)=Taunt
      Riposte (monk)+Darkness (dark knight)=Bone Crusher
      Strike (warrior)+Quick Shot (ranger)=Id Break
      Enrage (warrior)+Backup (ranger)=Misty Charge
      Kick (monk)+Drain Samba (dancer)=Capoeira
      Titan (summoner)+Tremor (ninja)=Sunder Earth
      Odin (summoner)+Final Thrust (dark knight)=Iai
      Vacuum Wave (monk)+Gale (ninja)=Tempest
      Wonder Step (dancer)+Stunner (ninja)=Malediction
      Raging Fist (monk)+Image (ninja)=Sange
      Call (summoner)+Frailty Polka (dancer)=Moogle Dance
      Spreadshot (ranger)+Assassinate (ninja)=Midareyuki
      Meteor+Ebony Slash (dark knight)=Dark Star
      Dropkick (monk)+Trance (dancer)=Phantom Rush
      Flare (magus)+Bahamut (summoner)=Gigaflare

  2. Xyz says:

    What do we have to do in the Yggdrasil tree ?

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