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Posted on Sep 22, 2012

Final Fantasy Guide Chapter 2 Part 1 The Dragoon

Go south and enter the village (Braska), there is nothing to do on this village, just sleep at the inn if you want to recover your party. The shop sell some new equipments so check them. Get out and continue south and enter the cave.

Cave Deist

Name HP Weak
Cait Sith 280 fire
Cave Turtle 300 Ice
Pineapple 210 wind
Rabid Nutkin 200
Red Cap 220
Tunneler 570

Simple dungeon, folow the map to the “Exit“.

Note: I don’t know what’s the function of the “empty” room on this cave. It’s very suspicious. will update the guide when I know. (Please comments if you know something)

At the exit you’ll fight a dragon.

Battle: Drake
Weak: Wind Steal: None

You can’t defeat it but you can steal Hi-Potion from him, just survive until the battle ends.

World Map

Go south and enter the village (Deist), see an event and then rest at the inn to recover your party. Go to the small house on the northeastern part of this town. Talk with Ricard who is lying on the bed. Get out and then go to another small house on the northwestern part of this town. Talk to Grandma and hear story about Abel, you’ll get Abel’s Spear.

 Tips: Buy New black and white spells at the magic shop. You need them to kill upcoming enemies quickly.

Note: There is a dungeon on this town but the enemy is too hard at this moment. I will notice you all later in my guide when you’re probably strong enough to enter this dungeon.

Go to the world map and head west. Enter the Dragonweed Gardens and fight the soldier over there.

Note: You won’t see this event if you don’t have Abel’s  Spear.

Take the Dragon Grass and then get out from this place. Rest at the inn before you continue east to

Dragon Valley

Name HP Weak
Deist Eagle 150 Wind
Elemental 222
Ogre 550
Red Cap 220
Stinger 290 Wind
Stray Fang 250 Fire
Werewolf 280

Just ordinary dungeon,follow the map until you reach the other side of this dungeon (to world map). At point (1) you’ll fight drake, you can’t defeat it just survive until the battle ends. Continue to point (2) and you’ll meet the dragoon, just survive until the battle ends by itself.

World Map, enter the house nearby (Dragon Roost). Enter the house on the north to meet with the dragoon, event. Check the weapon rack to obtain Halberd. Get out from the town and head north to

 Tips: Buy Echo Grass before leaving dragonroost

Name HP Weak
Balrog 400
Bone Dragon 1111 fire
Evil Bat 300 fire, wind
Lesser Demon 400
Lilith 570 Fire
Wyvern 630 Wind

It’s long dungeon so I hope you’re prepared :D. North and northwest doors are locked at this moment. Go to point (1) and touch the switch to unlock the northwest door. Take Silver Hauberk and see little crack on the floor (see the screenshot), it’s  secret passage that leads to another switch room (2). From here on, the dungeon is pretty straightforward, just follow the map until you reach Boss area.

 Tips: Make sure you use save point (Tent) on 5F because the dungeon is big and you may be killed by enemies

Go to Boss area and you’ll fight drake

You can’t do anything since Barbara will do all things that needed :D.

BOSS: Vata of the wind
No Weakness
Steal: None (what..)

This battle is quite hard … Make sure you cast slow at him at the beginning of the battle and cast it again when the effect is gone. He’ll have more attack patterns when he is near death. He usually attacks twice in a row, which make instant death if he attack same person. Attack Patterns:

[0] Attack: Single target (physical) deals about 200 damage
[0] Howling gale: Single target (Wind) deals about 350 damage and cause Sap Status (it’s like poison and the effect will gone by itself after some time).
[0] Tornado: Make target’s Hp into one digit. Only used when he’s near death. This is why you need to cast slow at him because he probably uses this about 80% every time he attacks.
[0] Buffet: Deals about 200 wind damage to all.

You’ll fight him once more and you can’t win this one :D. Just attack him and see cutscene at the end of this chapter. You also get dragoon class as your reward.

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36 Responses to “Final Fantasy Guide Chapter 2 Part 1 The Dragoon”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What do you do in Rusalka >:( !!!!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    It’s not the end of the chapter it’s the end of the first part of the chapter .

  3. GalfordPR says:

    In the EMPTY ROOM there is a CHIMERA!! Hard to beat the first time u arrive.

  4. Zyloch says:

    You missing a Slasher Axe Chest that came right after the room that had the Bronze Armlet in Dragon Valley.

  5. Denski says:

    Pls help
    Im stuck in getting the pickaxe? Where will i get it and hiw tnx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t reached that point, hope other can help you.

    • Anon says:

      I am so late in commenting it.To get pickaxe buy a candy.Walk around and find a boy who which to trade that candy.Now go to the pub someone will give u a part.Now go to the casino to the far left a man will be at a slot machine next to the pickaxe.Give part to him for pickaxe

  6. AjxD says:

    please HELP me, I’m stuck in Argy-2 (The Memorist part), please somebody can help me? It is unbeatable

  7. Jesus says:

    im stuck in alfheim, anyone know how to get inside yggdrasil tree??

    • Xyz says:

      I don’t remember the exact way but when u find a green colour guy u have to fight him n then ull reach yagdrasil there will be a save point out there so make sure to save n use a tent. N make sure to have a white n black Mage if not a white Mage at least a summoner n keep using fire .. Fira will be much better but if u don’t have that fire should be all right … N keep healing u team all the tym

    • Faye says:

      you have to leave the village and go to the north, it is a cave in which allows you to enter to the ygdrasil tree ^^ then you have to beat some green man

  8. Xyz says:

    What do I have to do in the yagdrasil tree ???

    • jodaol says:

      I’m lost in the yggdrasil tree as well. I leveled up to 32 just looking for what to do next. I made it to the middle level and i swear I’ve gone to every door possible 10x.

      • Xyz says:

        There is a stair in the center but there was no way to reach it .. There r to secret routes which take u to the treasures but nothin else

  9. apparentnoob says:

    I am stuck on the Bard quest at the Pirate docks, and cannot find the boss to speak to to move on. The only character on the dock refers me into the cave, but I only can find a room with water and 1 treasure chest and a room that leads to another room with 2 other treasure chests. I am certain I am just missing something obvious but I have spent an hour looking for a hidden room to no avail. Thanks for any help.

  10. mstr.imk says:

    Great guide. I got desperate when fighting Vata, so that;s the only part i used. The Slow tactic really did it for me. The only factor i was missing.

    Just to help others I’d like to share my party and tactics:
    Entire party was in the early 20 lvls
    Sol: Monk Spam Aurablast until Mp finished. Then Focus, Attack
    Sarah: Warrior (unorthodox, i know). Attack (sometimes use Strike)
    Barbara: Dragoon Spam Thunderblast until MP finished, then Jump
    Aigis: Summoner Spam Sylph, healing & attack
    Dusky: White Mage first round: Slow
    second round: Protect
    Cura for the rest, refreshing Slow and Protect whenever required.

    BTW that hard dungeon in Deist is supposed to have Ramuh, i missed it as well :S but you can go back later.

  11. Vickers says:

    Excuse me..:( how can I defeat vata of the wind in chapter 3 he seems to be invincible.. I can’t
    Beat him coz he always use jump which dealt some 1000+ damage.. And it seems my attacks won’t affect him.. He sucks..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t reach chapter 3,really sorry.I will update my guide ASAP.

    • Dennis says:

      Hint: Check your job level bro. Minimum level 10++ else you be fried chicken on the spot. Higher levels unlock better abilities and damage.

      and what kind of jobs you are doing. You need to find the most max damage to any bosses to survive, and don’t forget a healer in the party.

  12. shoulderdev1l says:

    At this point of the game, which jobs are the best for all the characters? Like, which ones are worth giving the most JP to?

  13. Animeislol says:

    At the chocobo forest you get chocobo summon

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