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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough Town of Horne to Witch’s Mansion

Wake up from sleeping and watch the cut scene.

Once you gain control, talk to your mother. She will tell you to go to the king’s castle to the north.There are 8 hidden treasures in this town (you can talk to the man on the east house of the inn to find out how many treasures you have gathered), so before going to the king’s castle you can try to get some items in the town:

  1. Go downstairs and check the cupboard behind your mother to get a potion.
  2. Go out from your house and then check the brown water irrigation system to obtain a potion
  3. enter the right house of the entrance and then check the barrel to obtain a potion
  4. Check the brown field to obtain a potion {on the right part of the field (I already include a screenshot)}
  5. Go inside the inn and grab a Torch from the barrel on the top of the floor.
  6. Go to the west house of the storage shop, check blue box to obtain Dragon wing.
  7. Check brown field left of the storage shop to obtain a Potion (in the wood irrigation system).
  8. Go north to the 2nd screen; there is a sheep and a windmill here, check right of the windmill to get a Potion

Beside all of those items, you can also get more items by talking to the towns-people; items:

  • woman near the item shop to get a potion
  • Guard in the town entrance to get a Phoenix down
  • Man in front of the wi-fi shop will give you a potion

Go to the castle, pass the bridge and continue north to enter the castle. There are some items in king’s castle, here is the list:

  • Northeast room: Wood shield and Potion.
  • Northwest room: potion

Now meet the king by entering the door behind the horse statue. Talk to the king and he will give you a steel sword. Go back to the town and talk to your mother, she will give you  the Inherited ring (don’t forget to equip it). Now get out from the town.

World map

Go north and enter the small cave.

North cave

enemy exp drop
myconid 3 potion
blood bat 1
goblin 2 hi-potion

There is nothing special in this area, just take a look at the map on the left and grab all items if you want it. Your goal is point (1) on the map so go over there. You will see an event and get your 2nd party member.

Mini boss: Minotaur

He is easy, just use fire spell on him. You can choosethe boost command to increase your AP. Make sure heal when you need it.

Go north to the next area. Follow the map to the exit and you will arrive again at the world map. Enter the mansion in the middle of the area


Witch’s Mansion

enemy exp drop
orc 4 steel spear
lizard man 3 wind foil
cowpel 4 phoenix down, magic staffs
goblin 2 hi-potion

Go left first (1) because right side is blocked.Follow the map until you arrive at point (4); you can talk to the dying guard and you will know that the treasure chest nearby contain a cure tome, so grab it and follow the path (you can go south to point (2) to obtain 2 items) until you reach point (3) on the map. Light the candle here and then you will hear sound of the door opening.

Return to point (4) you will see an event. Kill the enemy (orc and 2 goblin) and then talk with girl over there. Choose wait and she will join your party.

Now go to the first area (1), enter the north door and keep following the path until you reach a save point (S on my map), so save your game and then go inside. You will meet with the princess and she will join you as 4th character in this game, try to get out from this area and

BOSS: Greaps

Your first boss battle, it is very easy, but make sure you heal when needed. Only use princess and your MC to heal, and use the other characters to cast fire. Sometimes you can trigger stronger fire spell when 2 characters cast fire spell on the same turn. So, always try to cast it on the same turn. His attack patterns:

[0] Attack: low physical damage deal about 7-9 damage
[0] Air Burst : deals about 10 damage to all characters (wind elemental maybe??)

She can fly when you fought her. When she  flies , she can attack twice per turn, so watch out for your HP. Use your boost command when your AP is depleted so you can always cast fire spell. After the battle ends you will see an event and get your first crown (wayfarer). Go back to the Town of Horne.

Main Menu


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  1. Edu says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work, you have done a great job! Keep the good work! =]

  2. Peter says:

    Hey! I saw a metal flan in the witch’s Mansion but only once (i think its rare)

    Please add it in the walkthrough to give them more information

  3. 666 says:

    does this game have the other ff summons?

  4. Crazy DAC says:

    There’s some small things missing. After accept King’s request, talk with the minister to get 100 Gil, and go to the South East room (Princess Aire room)talk with the Maid to get Phoenix Down.

    When you leave the castle, come back the windmill location and talk with the man to get Potion.

    Well, I think that’s all for Horne.

  5. tom s a says:

    I would like to add that in this section that the bats in the cave drop Blood Rings (which grant a 10% chance of HP absorbtion on attack).

    They are a rare drop, however.

  6. lianna says:

    great site will check back for updates

  7. tom s a says:

    All I can say is: wow. I was looking for something very specific – hidden treasures in the second town, and hidden treasures are somewhat temperamental – and although this guide only covers the first town and dungeon, the level of detail is immense.

    You absolutely must finish this. Great work. *bookmarks this site for later* 🙂

  8. Resh says:

    exactly what I’ve been looking for,

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