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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Academia 500 AF Walkthrough

Academia 500 AF

Academia 500 AF Map

Enter Academia 500 AF, this area is a little bit confusing. Before continue further, get out from academia 500 AF and visit the lady at the serendipity to learn anti-grav jump skill.

PS: I suggest you to collect some fragments that available right now (Check the main page of this guide). You need about 5000 HP to be able to defeat the final boss.

I only write the exact guide that needed to reach the final location; some of the items are mentioned but try to get them by yourself if they’re not mentioned in this text guide.

Head north and then go east to obtain Phoenix down, backtrack and head to northwest to continue to green cactuar statue (1), touch it and head east to obtain Map of Academia 500 AF. Now continue to point (2) and fight with

Boss: Pacos Amethyst HP: 250.400

[0] Employs powerful ice-based attacks
[0] Vulnerable to fire damage
[0] Employs non-elemental attacks
[0] Revives fallen allies

Pacos Luvulite HP:250.400

[0] Employs powerful fire-based attacks
[0] Vulnerable to ice damage
[0] Employs non-elemental attacks
[0] Revives fallen allies

 Scarletite (Common Drops) and Platinum Ingot (Rare Drops)

Try to reduce both of their HP to half first before you start killing one. They can revive each other and revived Pacos will have the exact same HP as the reviver. This battle is not hard at all, you can lock the timeline later to farm these monsters for Scarletite and Platinum ingot.

After defeating the boss touch the cube so it becomes blue(green), backtrack to point (1) and then touch the switch on the south so it becomes red again. Go north to reach your objective (3) by using Shaman’s Mark platform as a transit point.

SC 3 (Stop Caius 2)

Use “T” rotating platform to go to point (4), touch the switch so it becomes blue. Now hop into the same T platform and continue east. Grab Sister gate seal and activate green cactuar on the east. Make sure the cube’s color is blue(green). Now head west (5) until you reach point (6).

SC 3 (Stop Caius 3)

Change the switch color into red and then head north, stand on the platform at point (7) because the platform is rotating on red condition (You can take Royal Armlet now). Use the platform and then head to point (8), check east side of this platform and you should be able to see treasure sphere, use moogle throw to obtain 7 Vit. Boosters. Now go to point (9) by using “L” platform

PS: to Obtain 8 Mana essences, the switch must be on blue condition. You need to use moogle throw on rotating platform, which can be quite difficult. See this video to get an idea about how to obtain it

At point (9), you’ll be faced with an opponent that stronger than the final boss. Run away by choosing retry (you can try it if you don’t believe me; the enemies are 2 Schrodinger and 1x proto-behemoth. I will update this guide when I obtain a nice strategy to kill them.

Continue east to Final Battle Gate seal. You can touch giant red cactuar stone if you want to come back to the beginning of this dungeon.

For the last important treasure on this area. Leave the switch on red and head east, continue until you reach point (10), and touch the switch to make it blue. You can obtain golden bangle now by doing moogle throw at point (11). Back to Final Battle’ Gate Seal and head north to “!” mark when you’re ready.

Tips: Buy wound potion from Chocolina because it’s really important for the final battle (I bought about 30).

1st form

Chaos Bahamut

It’s so easy, most dangerous attacks is megaflare which deals about 30% of your MAX HP and cause large wound damage. Use wound potion to recover your characters from wound.

2nd form


easy, just alternate between salvation and your attack paradigm. He can inflict many bad statuses on one characters but salvation paradigm will solve this problem quickly.

3rd form


same as previous one but you need to kill him twice so watch out.

4th form

Jet Bahamut HP: 1.059.000

– employ non-elemental attack
–  Employs wounding attack that reducing HP
–  Delivers devastating physical attack
–  executes powerful magical attack

Amber Bahamut HP 141.200

– Capable of restoring HP
– Executes powerful magical attack
–  magical attack are ineffectual

Garnet Bahamut HP 141.200

– Capable of restoring HP
– Delivers devastating attack
– Physicals attack are ineffectual

This boss is not hard but probably takes a long time to defeat if your monster is not strong. On Video I manage to beat him within 5 minutes, but it takes about 13 minutes on my first try (I used lvl 15 golden chocobo on the first time and lvl 65 Chichu on 2nd try; so the result is very different).

Make sure you have “Salvation” Paradigm and wound potion on this battle. His Gigaflare deals fixed amount of damage based on your max HP (about 80 % of your max HP) and cause a large amount of wound damage.

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17 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Academia 500 AF Walkthrough”

  1. Galih says:

    just ended final bos in 2 minute 40 sec. too ez for 99 level + chocobo pack

  2. Bobbie says:

    okay so I need some help, I’m on Academia 500 AF, and I was on a platform where one of the cubes were and I hit it so it would change the direction of the pieces, but I fell off and I can’t get back up to the platform, is there any way I could restart the Academia 500 sequence or am I screwed?

  3. tyler says:

    lol i got past this level with a fully upgraded twilight odin but the only hard part was this damn puzzle THANK YOU

  4. Light says:

    What is the deal with Yuel saying turn back, not to fight Cauis?

    • rachel says:

      because inside caius beats the heart of etro, so if it hes heart stops etros dead and thus brings the end of the world. as etro was the god that was holding back the darkness and chaos

  5. Martin says:

    One thing that really disappointed me in this game, is the fact that you need to grind gil/cp.
    I did the storymode + some sidequest and when I’m by the final boss (Caius) I have around 4k hp on Noel and Serah.

    My flanitor has to low hp, lvl 20 with 800hp so he gets one shot, cannot use him.

    I spent tons of cash on a blue chocobo lvl 45, pure mana stuff and he still only has 200 magic power. Useless.

    I maxed my Dragoon around when I captured him, have used him since and he’s still quite useful. Costs about nothing to lvl up maximum (lvl 20, early peaker) and has 600+ str.

    I got a bunkerbeast as a sentinel aswell and it’s working quite good, but all the stuff at final stage is aoe, hence useless.

    So the only mob I rly got going good is my Dragoon (COM), about to get a Apotamkin up too.

    But now I’m standing here, broke and with weak mobs + underleveled main characters. There is no easy way to farm gil since my team is so weak. The only way I can think of that is decent would be to afk farm in Academy 400 AF by pressing X, but how fun of a gameplay is that?

    Conclusion: I would NOT recommend people to play this game without a guide. If you’re a final fantasy fan and love to complement a game with a guide (wich includes spoilers) then go ahead, if not, stay away from this game.

    P.S: I don’t get why they’ve made it so that if u got a team of Chocobos, they are the best monsters in the game _end game_ oO

  6. Midda says:

    My very easy strategy for proto:
    Do a preemtieve or something like that strike. I jumped on the platform, when proto appeared I returned quickly to previous platform, waited awhile and jumped to proto to greet it with noel’s swords. I started with rav/rav/syn and when proto was staggered I switched on com/rav/com (make sure both coms are attacking the same enemy). These cat-like things was without their proto nothing.
    And no, I didin’t have neither full crystarium nor odinbolt 🙂

  7. Suki says:

    I found that for the 2 Schrodinger and proto-behemoth I had a rav/sen/com and focused on one cat first (resistance to EVERYTHING sucks….) generally I switched to med/sen/med if I needed to heal badly, or just rav/sen/med just for a quick heal and to remove deprotect. Once the first shrodinger died i switched to a full blown assault on the behemoth to get rid of him quickly, then did the same with the last shrodinger. it took forever, but it was efficient and kept me alive…..and thats with almost all of my roles for Noel and Serah at max…..each one is lvl 99 or above 94. so yea…they are a toughy

  8. Travis says:

    The Proto-Behemoth was actually one of the easiest fights I’ve had, like the other guy said just use 3 Commandos, I used Noel who was based on strength, and Serah who wasn’t but both were maxed at 99 for Commando. The monster I used, could’ve made a huge difference considering I used the Commando Lightning, either way one full ATB Gauge from all 3 of them and the behemoth was already half dead, at a quarter of health I used Legion of One and that was it. P.S My Lightning isn’t maxed out so there are some monsters (e.x Dragoon) that get fairly close to her strength.

  9. razel says:

    prototype behemoth was rather easy.
    all i used was three comms (golden chocobo).
    beat him in less than a minute.

  10. screechy says:

    Thanks for the guide, just when i was begining to think that this was a really short game, i dont suppose you know where to get a hold of the components for some of the special weapons?

    Thanks Chief.

  11. Naud says:

    The target time is so fucked up in this game.
    Boss 1: Target Time: 7:30. Battle Duration: 3:30.
    Boss 2: Target Time: 4:00. Battle Duration: 1:30.
    Boss 3: Target Time: 7:30. Battle Duration: 3:30.
    Boss 4: Target Time: 11:13. Battle Duration: 27:00.

    I don’t know the exact times, but this is what I think I got. The first 3 bosses I killed way under the time, but the third one was very hard because it kept reviving the 2 weaker dragons.

    Not only these times are strange, but also some monsters have a Target Time of 1 minute and I beat them in 10 seconds, while other monsters have a Target Time of 1 minute and I beat them in 2 minutes even when I’m as strong as I was when I fought the other monster.

    You have the proto-behemoth you claimed you could not kill, or is it another monster that looks the same?
    It’s stupid that the proto-behemoth is stronger than the final boss and those 2 monsters that revive each other are pretty hard if you kill them one by one, which you do automatically at first.

    The first dragon was harder than Caius because you can’t stagger him.

    Caius can be staggered and then damaged severely when you switch to commando. I hate the chain break because it ruins the time you spend in ravager paradigm. Also

    Those 3 dragons were a real nightmare. I spend 3 days trying to kill him a few hours a day. I didn’t have a really good strategy until the third day. 😛

    I only had 4500 hp for Noel and 3500 hp for Serah, so that’s what made it that hard. 😛

    • noobbgodlike says:

      level up your character and use chichu. he’ll be dead in no time :D.Thank you for using my guide and please support us on facebook, twitter, and google +1.

  12. Will says:

    How do you get from 9 to 10 by ‘continuing east’? Backtracking to 8 doesn’t work because the right T panel doesn’t move.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      make sure you follow the color that listed on my guide, go east and then south. Change the color by using the switch on point (10), and then you can the item on point (11) now.

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