Final Fantasy XIII-2: Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF Fragment List and Location |
Posted on Mar 9, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF Fragment List and Location

Proto Fal’Cie Adam fragment

Reward: 6000 CP

Obtained automatically through the storyline.

For all next fragments you must finish them in order. You can get the quest by checking the “Request Board” panel on the room shown on the screenshot (50th Floor).

Idea Circuit

Reward: 400 CP

It’s located on the same floor as the request panel (50 th Floor). It’s on the same room with Chocolina inside, the paradox is located on the northeast side of this room. Go back to the panel after obtaining the item.

Enigma Codex

Reward: 400 CP

Request this side quest by talking to the panel on 50 th Floor. The fragment is located on the 49 th Floor. Go to the western side of 49 th floor. see the screenshot for the exact location. Go back to the panel after obtaining the item.

Difference Engine

Reward: 400 CP

The last fragment on this area. located on the northeastern side of  the 49 th floor (middle ring). Use your moogle to obtain it. You’ll obtain access key 13 also from this quest. Go back to the panel after obtaining the item.

===Augusta Tower 200 AF Fragment===

Entropy Board

Reward: 500 CP

obtained automatically through the story line.

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17 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2: Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF Fragment List and Location”

  1. Shawn brown says:

    Thank you this helped me so much what do I use access key 13 for though?

  2. Random Person says:

    You actually never even need to leave the 50th floor. You can throw your mog down to the 49th in order to collect b & c

  3. ed laidman says:

    how do i reverse augusta tower so i can face the proto fal’cei to get the last paradox ending? also i cant seem to get to level 13 evrytime i use the elevator it skips that floor

    • HopeEstheim says:

      To replay Augusta tower to defeat the proto fal’cie, you need to close the gate when your at the Historia Crux then activate the Paradox Scope you get after defeating Caius in Valhalla. This will enable you to replay the episode and defeat the proto fal’cie. And to get to level thirteen of Augusta tower. You need to find Paradox Agent Type, A,b,c. After finding all of them, you will be able to go to level 13 of Augusta tower. I hope i helped

  4. Thunder93dog says:

    so for the third paradox agent you can go to the middle ring on the 50th floor right outside of the place with the terminals that give you the mission and if you look down you can see the box and capture it with the moogle toss

  5. Jasmine says:

    I can’t gain access to level 13. I already have the access key but anytime I try to go there the elevator just jumps over to the next level. Any suggestions?

  6. Madi says:

    So… I activated the mission for Enigma Codex and went to where the chest is supposed to be, but the chest isn’t even there in my game. I got the other two paradox agents, but B doesn’t even appear in mine… I tried re-entering Augusta Tower, but the chest still isn’t there. Am I doing something wrong??

  7. ZoiSarah says:

    Paradox Agent Type A is floating high near the ceiling in the northmost corn of Chocolina’s room. Need mog throw to get it.

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