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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF

Augusta Tower 200 AF

Once you arrive here, check 4 Panels inside of the rooms to unlock the door. Get out and continue to “!” on your map. Check the computer over there to see a live trigger (Choose 9261 to open the door; the code is obtained through the dialogues/sounds that appear when you come to this room). You’ll obtain Map of Augusta Tower . Backtrack to previous room to see an event about Caius.

Take the wild fragment nearby and go to “!” mark on your map. You need a key to continue further in this dungeon. Return to Historia Crux

Augusta Tower 300 AF gate locationTo progress you need to unlock Augusta Tower 300 AF. The gate located on Yaschas Massif 01x AF (see this map; the gate is located at southwest of Unicorn Horn)

Augusta Tower 300 AF

Tips: Take a note for the numbers that appear on the dialogue as you progress in this tower. It’s needed on the end of this dungeon.

12 F

Press the switch on point (1) until you can go to the outer ring area of this floor. There is another switch on point (2), press it until the doors are in correct position. Take 800 Gil and then proceed to the middle elevator to go to

14 F

Your goal is point (3) which leads to

15 F

Go to point (4) and check the computer to enter password; 1237172. If it’s random, I have already told you to write them down in the beginning of this guide, haven’t I? 😀 If you choose the wrong password you just need to try again (so it’s not that important to write them down :D)

You’ll obtain Entropy Board, 500 CP, and Access Key 50.

Augusta Tower 200 AF

50 F

Check the previous panel to raise a platform, talk to Alyssa and go up (after taking all items on this floor) to

PS: You’ll fight 3 consecutive battles when going to 51 F but it’s not hard at all (normal enemies)

51 F

Note: ‘Silence’ Gate Seal is cube type treasure and need Moogle throw

On this floor, all of the panels are located inside of the rooms, so you need to go inside and then touch the panel to make them rotate.

SE room: touch the panel once

SW room:  touch the panel once

W room: don’t touch the panel at first, explore the outer ring (for map completion rate) and then backtrack to touch the panel 3 times.

N Room: touch the panel 3 times and then grab the casino platinum ticket, backtrack and touch once. Check the panel to obtain Access Key 52. Go back to the giant elevator and head to

52 F

The panels are located on the middle section of the ring. What are instructed below are the things that you need to do on the panels which will affect the rooms

NW room: Don’t change anything, just continue to obtain 1450 gil.

SW room:  explore the outer ring (map completion rate purpose) and then touch the panel once to take magistral crest.

W room: 2 times to get 8 mana engines. Revert the room to its orginal position (touch the panel twice ) and continue

NW room: rotate the room 2 time so you can continue to point (1) and take 8 vitality engines.

You’ll obtain top access floor key at point (2), so go back to the middle elevator and then go up.

PS: you’ll encounter greater behemoth on your way up. It can deals devastating physical damage but it’s still easy to defeat (cast protectga to boost your physical defense)

Top Floor

You’ll see Chocolina on this floor (buy sargatanas and rune feather as you should have the material that needed to create this weapon on this point); there are 3 potions near Chocolina’s position. Go upstairs and see event with Yeul.

BOSS: Proto Fal’cie Adam

Recommended Paradigm: Relentless Assault (Ravager x2, commando),  Bully (Synergist, saboteur, Commando), Diversity (Commando, ravager, medic)

On the beginning of the battle focus on the either left/right manipulator, because it can buff and cure the main body. Once you have destroyed both manipulators, switch to ‘bully’ paradigm to dispel positive buffs on the main body (it can be inflicted by deprotect and deshell). Vigilaga really helps in this battle (boss’ attacks tend to interrupt your action). This boss is not hard and one stagger should kill it (in my video I didn’t dispel his buff which make it alive after stagger, so dispel his buff because it’ll make a big difference).

Perfect Cinematic action will reward you with Crystal Apple

To end the battle choose ” scream at Hope”. IF you choose other options, you’ll enter another battle with proto fal’cie again, it’ll drop 3 phoenix down each time you have defaeted it (not the best way to obtain phoenix down….).

Check the panel and you’ll unlock Academy 4xx AF.

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44 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2: Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF”

  1. Koro says:

    Oi you’re missing three google throw treasure boxes for augusta tower 200af 52nd floor. Jus sayin… You actually have to throw mog out of bounds on the map.

  2. Oni Kataki says:

    I have accessed Augusta Tower 200AF and made it to the floor where I need to investigate the ! while working the puzzle using the 4 switches around the lift, I had to save the game and log out. Upon returning to the game, all of the Switches were gone. As Such I am not able to continue to the battle with Proto Fal’Cie Adam. Will I need to reset the game or am I missing something to get the switches back?

  3. bobbi-m says:

    Hi. I’m in Augusta Tower 200af on the 52nd floor, but I can’t get to the top floor because I don’t have access key 52 from the 51st floor. Is there any way I can go back down to get it, because I can’t seem to use the elevator and I can’t get anywhere else 🙁
    Please help, I’ve been stuck here for hours!!

  4. evan says:

    Hello, can you tell me where is access key 13?? I read somewhere that you need to do quests from a computer in augustus tower 200 af but i can’t find that computer. Help??

  5. May says:

    I have a quesiton about the 51st floor. How do you get to the little walkway under the north room with the casino ticket? I threw Mog there to get it, but I need to get on it. Help?

  6. finalshrine says:

    On augusta tower 200 age there’s q blue gate and I can’t on it which

    fragement opens that gate

  7. shotgun2012 says:

    im at the place 300 af! i went threw to get stuck at the part when the computer said… everything is clear! something like that! i had already used the password to get up there now im just stuck and i keep going back and forth in the same level looking for a clue to do next? wtff am i soposed to do? anybody wit help please help me out a.s.a.p! im like so stuck what do i do now??? post on this wall!!! helppppppppp meeeeeee!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Have obtained the key from 200 af??

      • shotgun2012 says:

        no i have not! how and where do i find it? i need that key really bad plase help

        • shotgun2012 says:

          the 300 place says access key 13 required item has been detected in the previous time period? how do i get this key??? please help me!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you don’t need this key to progress further.

        • shotgun2012 says:

          how do i get to augusta tower 200 af? i gt to 300 af some how i must have skiped something somehow? please show me the way to 200 af how do i find it what city? who do i talk to? help please!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you’ll unlock 200 AF when you progress through the storyline. Follow my gprevious guide to unlock it

        • shotgun2012 says:

          ok so i just beat the big tomato thing shurnk it down to size and beat him then snow just left somewhere idk where to maybe back to another time? anyways now im stuck i went threw a few time warps and went to this place where nole told sarah its not vanhella went back through the gate only to have unlocck like two gates that bring me no where! now im stuck where do i go now?? any help please……

        • noobbgodlike says:

          then you should have access to 2 towers now. Just follow the guide and you’ll be fine.

        • shotgun2012 says:

          see but im not fine tho!! im still stuck the last place unlocked is archyite steppe year unknown… and i gt one locked location year unknown! in archyite there iis this gate it says the u have to break the seal from the previous time how do i do that? and is that what im soposedd to do? im sick of going back and forth and not finding nottin to progress threw the story! pllease help!!! post where and what the heck im soposed to do now?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          OMG, read my guide above…… Do I mention Archylte steppe??and here you’re asking ” Am I suppose to go there (ARchylte steppe)” 😀

        • shotgun2012 says:

          i read all threw your guide and i think i knw what the problem is! i forgot the two gate seals in the void of time how do i get back there and get them gate seals? ive tryed everything and nottin so please helllppppp meeeee!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          just keep playing you’ll be able to go back there later.

        • shotgun2012 says:

          man idk what to do other then to do that tho! im lost and stuck! wha do i do now? i need them gate seals mane

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I really can’t help you…. I Have already written all things that I know. Sorry dude.

  8. Somechuppy says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on with my game! I got the fragment for the Augusta 300af and got the access key 50, but I don’t have access to ausgusta tower 200af! For some reason the scene where he says the paradox have been solved did not come up, and August tower 200af is still locked! Also when I typed in the password to get the access key 50 I had got the password on the 2nd try. What is going with my game? Is it a glitch? Or it won’t let me because I didn’t get the password right the 1st try? I really Need some help, I’ve upgraded the characters so far, and don’t want to start again. Do you have any solutions??

  9. john says:

    I cannot seem to get passed Augusta tower 300 af. It says I need a key from a different time but Idk where to go.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I have already written how to pass Augusta tower 300 AF. You need to go to augusta tower 200 AF, read the walkthrough and ask which part of the walkthrough that you don’t understand.

  10. Yavuz says:

    Thanks for all these informations but I have a serious problem dude 🙂 I entered the password on 15th floor and gained Entropy Board (not sure about Access key 50, I didn’t pay attention) and now I can’t find how to go 50th floor, I checked the panel which took me from 14th to 15th floor but It doesn’t take me to 50th…so I’m really stucked, pls help me ASAP

  11. Anonymous says:

    I finally unlocked Augusta 300 af. Found a wild artifact at Bresha Ruins 300 af by completing all the side missions there.. Thanks anyways!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys, I’m also stuck at Augusta tower 200 af, I think I found the wild artifact at 200 af, but I might have used it on another gate. I went to Yasach Massif 01x af and found the gate that I haven’t unlocked yet, but when I tried to unlock thegate, it didn’t work (serah just said we needed another wild artifact to open it). I went back to Augusta 200 af but there was no wild artifact, so are there anymore artifacts I can find, and if so, how and where? Also, I can’t access the Clear Water Marsh (the area on the cliff separated from the rest of Archilytten Steppe, and they don’t let u ride on chocobos either. (this game is much harder than the first) If anyone knows some info plz post at this site, and thanks in advance!

    • Anonymous says:

      The wild artifact at Augusta 200 af is in the form of a shiny small white transparent crystal object near the curved path just before the exclamation mark on the map where the malfunctioning switch is located (opposite end of the switch on the same path). I don’t know why it didn’t’t unlock the gate at Yachts Massif 01x af. Any ideas anyone?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I have already create wild fragment location guide, check it to obtai wild fragment.

  13. Perry says:

    Augusta Tower 300AF, 12F , outer ring top right, 9 mana slivers

  14. greg says:

    Please can u help i can only get 98% on both towers.i cant see where i am missing.

    • Doug says:

      Actually, the problem you are having is sticking to the mail elevator, but you are forgetting about the lift in 300 AF. Go down the lift which is on the 14th floor down to the 13th floor. Then, from there, head to the mail elevator and it will take you down one more level to a very small section which has a moogle hunt item, and it will clear the last 2%.

  15. EDB says:

    I cant get access to Augusta Tower 300Af (stuck at the key to unlock the bridge in 200AF), not sure where to get a wild artifact to unlock the gate for it inside Yaschas Massif 01x AF… can someone help please?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can obtain wild artefact at augusta tower 200 AF ( do you read my guide or just blindly asking question?? because I have already listed the location of the wild artefact on my guide above). or Did you use the wild artefact already??
      thanks for using my guide

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey guys sup? I finally found a wild artifact that unlocks the gate at Yascha Massif 01x af. Just complete all of the side missions at Breath Ruins 300 af and you’ll get a wild artifact. Then just use it to unlock the gate at Yasch Massif 01x af.

  16. Teyeng says:

    haha screaming at Hope bypasses fighting altogether, I didn’t expect it to really work.

  17. Rob says:

    Snipers Eye and Phoenix down are located on the outer-west section of 51 F.

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