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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dying World 700 AF and New Bodhum 700 AF

The Void Beyond

Move forward and you’ll see Yeul, from now on you only need to talk to ‘every’ Yeul that appear on the map. You’ll obtain a new fragment automatically each time you have talked to her. The list of the fragments are:

  • Etro’s sorrow
  • Pulse’s Resolution
  • Mwynn’s Tenderness
  • Lindzel’s Desire
  • Bhunivelze’s sleep
    There is hidden chocolina on your way to the next Yeul :D.

You’ll fight Caius at the end of this dungeon. I believe you don’t need any specific tactic against him because he doesn’t have any dangerous attacks.


Hollow Seclusion

Talk with everyone you see and then go to NORA house. Go to Lightning who standing on the dock. You’ll be offered 2 choices on live trigger.

Choose yes first to obtain paradox ending and Transcript: Fate and Freedom Fragment. On the next game, choose no unless you want to see the ending one more time :D. Follow the voice that calling you (it’s on the meteor crash site). See an event…..

New area is unlocked


Dying World 700 AF

Follow Noel to wherever he goes and try to talk with him. Use moogle hunt to find Caius on the location shown in the screenshot above.  You’ll fight Caius by using Noel (it’s also easy like Serah’s battle). You’ll obtain Martyr’s Emblem as a reward for defeating him. Now follow Noel to northwest of 10 Vitality Essences. See an event and

Boss: Gogmagog

Recommended Paradigm: Tri-Disaster and Relentless Assault

He uses writhe on the beginning of the battle which will make him weaker and weaker each time. After a few times of debuffing, it’ll use absolution (recover its HP) and then use Hellish Breath which can inflict  many bad statuses on your characters (stop, etc). Kill it quickly before it use ‘Hellish Breath’.  Buff your characters at the beginning of the battle quickly (I used Bellow; Behemoth’s Feral Link). Use Tri-disater to build your stagger meter quickly. Once it has been staggered, use ultimate arrow (Serah’s special attack) to raise % stagger damage quickly. Use Meteor Javelin when you see ‘absolution‘ (after 5 debuff) appear on the screen. Those attacks should kill this monster now.

Dying World 700 AF Map

After beating Gogmagog, you’ll see Live Trigger, I choose “I still want to change the future” and obtain Crystal Rose as a reward. From here you only need to go to point (1) on my map; it’s  farseer relic, examine it to get out from dying world 700 AF.


[0] Don’t forget to take Golden Chocobo on cube treasure chest. It’s one of the strongest ‘commando’ monsters on this game.
[0] The west part of dying world can’t be accessed at this moment (red area on my map), so just ignore it for now.
[0] I don’t know whether all of the items that I have listed is available during your first visit to this world ( I obtained them on second visit).
[0] During this visit you’ll only get Gogmagog fragment beta ( don’t know whether ultima brand can be obtained now or not; chaos brand and omega brand are obviously can’t be obtained because you can’t go to the west side of this area). For specific fragment guide for this area visit this link.
[0] Strigol drop Segmented carapace and Garganzola drops Mutant extract. Both of the items are needed to create decent weapon on Chocolina shop (ATB charge +35% and Chain bonus Lvl 3).

New Bodhum 700 AF

New Bodhum 700 AF

PS: (1), (2), and (3) show fragment location, for the detail guide of the fragment. Visit this link

Go to the the golden timerift to see an event. Your moogle hunt will be upgraded, you can reveal advanced object now. Get map of the new bodhum 700 AF. Go northwest and take Artefact of the Ark. Head south to the gate (Historia Crux). This gate will end this episode and open Academia 500 AF on Historia Crux.

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  1. ffxiiifan says:

    How can i fight snow at the coloseum? They said i can find a treasure box at new bodhum 700 AF

  2. Sarah L says:

    You forgot about the 2 fragments in new bodhum xxxaf. You can get them after you talk to vanille and fang.

  3. gamemore says:

    I will qoute it

    Choose yes first to obtain paradox ending and Transcript: Fate and Freedom Fragment. On the next game, choose no unless you want to see the ending one more time .

    I was not able to get this fragments because I chose no instead of yes on the firts place.. so what can I do to go back again on this area?.. actually its not New bodhum 700AF its New Bodhum xxx AF year unknown… as I can see there is no gate on that year,,,

  4. gamemore says:

    I’d like to know if I can go back again to Lightning in New bodhum 700 AF? I was not able to get the Fate and Freedom fragment

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