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Posted on Mar 11, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ending Guide

{1}. Paradox Ending: Fate and Freedom

[0] Transcript: Fate and Freedom
[0] 1500 CP
Location: New Bodhum 700 AF

Choose to stay with Lightning on New Bodhum 700 AF (Choose “yes”). This is probably the fastest ending that you’ll get on this game.

{2}. Normal Ending

[0] Transcript:,.,.,.,.
[0] 30.000 CP and paradox scope skill

Location: Academia 500 AF

Beat the game normally to obtain this ending.

{3}. Paradox Ending: A Giant Mistake

[0] Transcript: A Giant Mistake
[0]  10.000 CP

Location: Bresha Ruins 005 AF

Defeat Atlas without using weakening device. Use R1 to reverse the timeline (you need to have a correct gate gate seal).

{4}. Paradox Ending: Vanille’s Truth

[0] Transcript: Vanille’s Truth
[0] 10.000 CP

Location: Oerba 200 AF

Go to Oerba 200 AF and defeat Caius with PARADOX SCOPE ACTIVE.

{5}. Paradox Ending: Test Subject

[0] Transcript: Test Subjects
[0] 10.000 CP

Location: Augusta Tower 200 AF

Defeat Proto Fal’Cie Adam with PARADOX SCOPE ACTIVE.

{6} Paradox Ending: Mischievous Mog’s Marvelous Plan with Flan

[0] Transcript: Mischievous Mog’s Marvelous Plan with Flan
[0] 10.000 CP

Location: Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF

Defeat His royal Ripeness with PARADOX SCOPE ACTIVE.

{7}. Paradox Ending: The Future is Hope

[0] Transcript: The Future is Hope
[0] 3.000 CP

Location: Academia 4xx AF

PARADOX SCOPE MUST BE ON ACTIVE CONDITION.Do “time reversal” at Academia 4xx and then give 5 graviton cores to Alyssa which will trigger the event. See the event and you’ll see 2 options. Answer with “no” to get the ending.

{8]. Paradox Ending: Beneath a Timeless Sky

[0] Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky
[0] 10.000 CP

Location: The Void Beyond (from Academia 4xx AF)

PARADOX SCOPE MUST BE ON ACTIVE CONDITION. Defeat Caius on the Void Beyond (after an event on Academia 4xx AF). Caius is hard on this battle.

Tips: on the video, Serah is nearly on  maxed status (only 3 level before mastering on all roles). This battle still provide a little challenge. Few things that could really help:

  • Saboteur (does a wound damage so he can’t recover his HP)
  • Unicorn Horn ( use this to dispel his status)
  • Vigilance (his attack will be very very interrupting if you don’t use vigilance)
  • Have a medic monster by your side active,. It seems Caius only focus his attack on Serah.
  • Have a sentinel role monster (Caius can be provoked). Thanks to Bryan for the tips

{9}. Paradox Ending: Heir to Chaos

[0] Transcript: Heir to Chaos
[0] 10.000 Cp

Location: Dying World 700 AF (from Academia 4xx AF)

PARADOX SCOPE MUST BE ON ACTIVE CONDITION. .Defeat Caius using Noel on Dying World Event (turn off your paradox scope skill while fighting Caius using Serah on the Void Beyond).


  • Use synergist role at the beginning of the battle so you can cast protect, shell, vigilance on the beginning of the battle.
  • Use unicorn horn to dispel his status
  • it’s easier thatn Serah battle and you probably won’t face any trouble.
SECRET ENDING: Collect all fragments (160 total) and then defeat the last boss on Academia 500 AF to see this ending.
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13 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ending Guide”

  1. ffxiiifan says:

    I cant get the paradox ending mischiveous mog. Can someone tell me how? ( detailed )

  2. nyky says:

    Paradox Ending Fate and Freedom
    if you don’t get for the frist time you can close the gate on academia 4xx and go to New Bodhum year unknow after caius fight.

  3. Midda says:

    Can I suggest my own tactic in fight with Caius by Serah? 🙂
    As mya allies I used maxed pulsework gladiator (sentinel) and maxed flan-something (medic). If your sentinel has “chellange” the fight should be quite easy.
    I started with sab/sen. The most important is to cast deshell and poison and it’s important to dispel him if he’s buffed. Than I switch to rav/sen and fill stagger quage. If needed, use med/sen. If he is staggered switch to com/sen and the circle closes 😉 remember about poison!
    So my paradigms:
    Also com/sen or com/com for the last few hits

  4. Masamune says:

    Many thanks for this guide! Almost there!

  5. edward says:

    for Paradox Ending: Mischievous Mog’s Marvelous Plan with Flan you dont need paradox scope just fight it without weakening it in the steppe ( mutantomato)

  6. Ukonsavara says:

    Paradox Ending: Test Subject: is in Augusta Tower 200 AF not
    Augusta Tower 300 AF

  7. Bryan says:

    If you have a sentinel active, Caius can be provoked by it, makes the fight much, much easier! reference to paradox ending with Serah!

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