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Posted on Feb 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Episode 2 Guide Bresha Ruins 005 AF

As you arrive, you’ll face

BOSS: Paradox Alpha

There’ll be an explanation about “wound” status, unlike normal damage, “wound” will cause your maximum HP to be reduced inside the battle. But you won’t need to worry about it in this battle because it’s easy. Keep fighting until you see 2 cinematic action chances,

1st cinematic action will let you avoid damage from his hands and grants you positive status for your characters {it may depend on your role in the battle; the bonuses that I got faith for Serah (ravager) and bravery for Noel (commando)}.

2nd cinematic action will make atlas staggered (try to kill him before he can recover).

After you have reduced his HP to 0, there’ll be another cinematic action. MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THESE CINEMATIC ACTIONS COMPLETELY!!

You’ll obtain Phoenix Down as a reward and Silver Gear (Cinematic Bonus; you need to do those cinematic actions to obtain this item, CMIIW).

See an event, talk to Noel and Sentry to advance the story. Another event, follow Alyssa and you’ll get Academy Communicator and Map of Bresha Ruins from Her. You can also change your leader now.

You need to confront atlas now (“!” mark on your map). Visit Chocolina to buy new equipments (Meteorblaze and Howling Soul).  Explore the town to obtain all items and then head to point (1) when you’re ready.

You’ll enter the battle immediately, defeat the monster to obtain your 1st monsters (Cait Sith and Zwerg Scandroid).


Name Pic Tips Drops
Caith Sith   Defeat it first because it’ll can cast cure, usually packed with Pulsework soldier and Hoplite Potent Droplet
Dendrobium   Potent Droplet
Garchimachera   have other monsters that took same forms *Gremlin, etc” Potent Droplet
Hoplite   Potent Droplet; Radial Bearing; Potent Bolt
Pulsework Knight   Use relentless assault to  raise stagger point Radial Bearing; Potent Bolt
Uridimmu   Can cause poison and deals moderate physical damage. Relentless assault is recommended against this enemy Potent Droplet
Zwerg Scandroid   Potent Droplet

PS: Unlike your characters, monster only have 1 role but you can bring up to 3 monsters into one battle. So, it’s  best to bring monster with different roles. Ex: Cait sith (medic)  and Zerg Scandroid (Ravager).

PS: You can talk to specific person to obtain side quests which will grant you fragment as a reward of finishing them. Side quest will cover in another section in this site, so please check it if you want to know about them.

Now just keep moving until you arrive at point (2) and learn about “The Moogle Hunt”, press R1 to obtain treasure which contains Wild Artefact. Mysterious device will appear once you reach point (3), Now head to the device (“!” mark on your map).

PS: You can challenge Atlas immediately but I’m pretty sure that you’ll be slaughtered immediately. You’re not strong enough to face it directly at this time.

You need to solve puzzle in order to get out from Temporal rift.

Bresha Ruins 005 AF Temporal Rift Solution:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
 bresha ruins temporal rift solution stage 1    Temporal rift Bresha ruins 005 AF stage 3 Solution

You’ll obtain 200 CP and Delicate Crystal as a reward. Examine the crystal and you’ll receive news about Atlas. Go to Atlas and

Boss: Atlas

Recommended Paradigm: Tri Disaster and Relentless Assault

He’ll inflict all of your characters with curse which will make your action can be interrupted easily. I recommend you to switch paradigm when you see he swing his arm to attack you (it’ll reduce the time delay from animation effect of his attack).

There’ll be a cinematic action at the end of this battle. Do that perfectly to obtain a bonus item (fragment crystal).

Check the epitaph to see an event. You’ll see 2 treasures appear on Bresha Ruins. Go to point (4) and use moogle hunt to obtain Eclipse Artefact. Another treasure is near point (3) which contains Reunion Artefacts. You’re free to choose which gate you want to enter first.

FYI: I choose to use Eclipse Artefact first (choose Yaschas Massif if you use the same artefact), but you can also use Reunion artefact first (choose sunleth waterscape 300 AF if you do)

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