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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Faq New Bodhum 003 AF Fragment List and Location

New Bodhum 003 AF Map

Gogmagog Fragment Alpha

Additional Reward: –

You’ll get this automatically as you progress through the game (check the meteorite location)

Gogmagog Fragment Beta

Additional reward: 1000 CP

Defeat Gogmagog for the 2nd time (you’ll face him automatically).

Heart Prism

Additional reward: 50 CP

Talk to the girl who is sitting on the beach {northeast of point (5)}. She’ll ask you to find medical kit. (will update this guide when I have found it). You can find Medical kit on Southwest of [2] and the Phoenix Down. (thanks to FFFan for this info)

Graviton Cores Alpha

Additional Reward: 500 CP

You need this fragment to progress through the storyline. It’s located near the Iron Bangle location (a little bit to the north). Use moogle hunt to find this fragment.

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14 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Faq New Bodhum 003 AF Fragment List and Location”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have searched everywhere and still cannot find the last one.

  2. lg says:

    4th fragment is graviton core alpha. Hug the eastern coastline outaide the village/city and you will come upon 3 guys walking in that same strip of land. Its on one of those small platforms on the ground.

    You will see 2 platforms across from each other. It is the western smaller one and fragment is invisible floating on top of it.

  3. Shadow says:

    The fourth fragment is the graviton core alpha it doesn’t appear till later in the game when you have to go back and search for up tp 7 of them

    • Hatter says:

      You are able to get it after defeating atlas in brush a ruins and obtaining moot hunt ability

  4. davidhaines says:

    the last fragment is gravition core alpha and can be found on the surfer path near a chocobo you need mog to find it cause it’s invisable

  5. Anonymous says:

    The last one is Graviton Core Alpha, which you’ll need once you get to Academia 4XX AF.

  6. anonymous says:

    wheres the 4th fragment?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haven’t found it too. Will update the guide once I have found it 😀

      • :) says:

        You have to use Mog (R1 ability) to find the 4th fragment on the Tidal Shore? (where it was underwater / blocked off earlier). You stand on the square metal platform off to one side and you’ll find it.

      • Sjoerdje says:

        The 4th fragment can be found after acquiring the ability from mog to see hidden objects. Go back to the Winding Way part (with a square block next to a chocobo) and use the skill there to make it visible.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Is there any requirement that needed to be done first to make them appear?? I have already searched and haven’t found it :D. one guy below said the fragment needed once on academy 4xx. I haven’t reach that point.

  7. FFFan says:

    The medical kit is SouthWest of [2] and the Phoenix Down.

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