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Posted on Feb 10, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQ Serendipity and Academia 400 AF

Serendipity (???)

This place is unlocked now. Take the treasure ball nearby which contain casino tickets. Talk to the girl who stands on the gate, she’ll give you Map of Serendipity. Go to the next area. Check treasure ball right of the gate to obtain Lightning mask. There are are 2 buildings that you can enter this moment:

Southwest building:  Fragment skills room, you’ll get a new menu on your menu (fragment skills). You can turn the ability on or off by using this option. You can obtain more ability by gathering more fragments.

Northeast building: To enter chocobo race, you must own chocobo to enter the race. You can find yellow and red chocobo on the Archylte Steppe (Red chocho bo can be found easily when it’s raining).

Get out once you’re done here, to

Academia 400 AF

Academia Map 400 AF

This is not the full map of academia but you can’t go to the north part of academy anyway :D. This map only display area that available during your visit at this time.


Name Pic Tips Drops
Nelapsi   employs wind based attack (aero) Tear of Remorse; Tear of Woe
Fencer   wound attack Potent Engine; Analog Circuit
Koboldroid Yin   Potent Chip; Iron Shell
Taxim   ice based attack; weak against all elements Tear of Remorse; Begrimed claw

PS: I don’t know if it’s just me or for everyone who play this game. This place is crowded with a lot of enemies and it seems that you can’t run away from them ( I enter the battle every 6- 7 seconds). It’s a great place to level up but become really annoying when you want to speed things up :D.

Watch the scene, the town remind me about final fantasy versus XIII trailer (SE please release it quickly … instead of FF XIII-3). Check the panel at point (1) to change the elevator’s direction.

PS: You don’t need to change the direction when you want use elevator. You can force your way by jumping :D, this may sounds stupid but when you want to backtrack (missed some items or etc) and can’t find nearby panel you can use this method.

Advance to point (2) and check the defense panel system to obtain Map of Academia. There is Chocolina nearby so go there to buy a new weapon from her. You must get out from this area by fighting monsters that guard the hologram barrier. Continue to point (3) to meet with Caius. From now on you just need go west to point (5).

Geiseric strongWARNING: There is a strong enemy called Geiseric on point (4), I think you can’t defeat him at your current condition so just leave him for now :D.

You’ll fight an improved version of Nelapsi (Cocytus) over there (Cocytus) but it’s still weak as Nelapsi. Continue north and

BOSS: Zenobia

Recommended paradigm: Bully (Synergist, Sentinel, Commando), Relentless assault (Commando, ravager x2), Diversity (commando, ravager, medic).

At the beginning of the battle, he ‘ll use “defensive stances”. This skill will make him invulnerable and spawn 3 Vaballathus. Buff your party with Vigil to prevent interruption from their attacks. You must kill all vaballathus first before you can do any damage to Zenobia.

Switch to ‘Bully’ once you can do damage to Zenobia. Zenobia can be inflicted with a lot of debuff (deprotect, deshell, etc), once you have inflicted it with a lot of debuff switch into relentless assault to build your stagger point and kill him.

There will be cinematic action that will grant you with Crystal Petal if you done it perfectly.

You’ll obtain ‘Tower’ Artefact which can be used on the ‘Tower’ Gate that located nearby from your current location.

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11 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQ Serendipity and Academia 400 AF”

  1. GG says:

    Something I found out just throwing Mog around like I do:

    Stand in front of the gate you came out of facing it. Throw Mog (improved Mog Throw) to the left into the parts of the map you can’t access (where the cars are going and what not) and you should find a Blue Guitar Adornment. It’s either to the left face the gate or out towards the right facing away from the gate.

    Nothing important, just something to put on a monster to make look awesome

  2. EightBitRed says:

    I didn’t get the Crystal Petal, is this item important for some kind of quest?

  3. hade says:

    do you know if i can do academia 400 again but with a time reversal. i finished the game but it wont let me i did a retrial at the sunscape but it wont let me can you help.

  4. Pempees says:

    The first time I was in Academia 400AF, I just basically ran through it without searching too much and now I notice, I have a lot that I didn’t do in there, including one gate, but I can’t get back. When I go to this location from the Historia crux, it puts me to the place where the monster killed Yeul and I can’t get out of there, because all the ‘elevators’ go upwards, so I can’t get down. Any idea what to do?

  5. Sara says:

    ok how do i get to this map? I am not sure but think i might have gone out a sequence in the game. Is that possible?

  6. Karl says:

    I didn’t talk to the Girl at the gate (once she moved) and now I can’t get the map-fragment!!! She is located in the Slot-room, but she won’t give me the damn map!!!
    🙁 GLITCH?

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