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Posted on Feb 9, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Archylte Steppe and Faeryl

Archylte Steppe

As you arrive, you’ll see a bunch of hunters doing their usual activities. Go inside the town (“!” on your map) and talk with the leader over there. He’ll give you Map of the Steppe. But it’s not free…. You need to help the hunters doing some mundane jobs.

Archylte Steppe Map

There were too many enemies in this place, So I won’t list them all here but in other sections 😀

[1] Defeat the goblin

The location might be different but I found them running around at point [1] on my map. They’re also accompanied by chocobo but it’s easy too… You’ll obtain Goblin Fragment after killing the goblin. Go back to the town by touching the red cactuar statue that located north of [1].

[2] Woolly Wool

Talk to a girl who stand on the  north of the leader (“!” on your map). You can find the sheep on the location marked by [2] on my map. You need to find 3 different types of wool (Rough wool, Fluffy Wool, and Thick Wool). Return to her and give the wool to her. You’ll obtain Woolly Stone Fragment.

Now you can use “weather controlling device”  :D. You can change the weather to change the monsters that will appear on this area. Combination of the switches are:

L= left, R= right, U= Up, D= down

LU and RU= Windy (default weather when you came here for the first time)

LD and RD= Rainy

LU and RD=Sunny

LD and RU= Cloudy

You’ll need to make a heat wave which can be done by change the weather into sunny condition. There’ll be a dragon appears after you have changed the weather into sunny condition. Try to go there and you’ll see a giant beast blocks your way.

PS: It’s called long gui, those who have played FF XIII must have known this enemies, I believe you can’t defeat it now :D. Maybe you can defeat it right now if you have over-leveled your characters , but Snow will die because he keeps waiting forever for you because the flan is getting bigger and bigger :D.

So go back to weather controlling device and then change the weather into dark condition. This will make long gui disappeared from the path. Go back to Dragon’s spot and

BOSS: Faeryl

Recommended Paradigm: Perpetual magic (Medic x2 Ravager), Bully( Synergist, saboteur, commando), Relentless assasult (ravager x2 and commando).

At the very beginning, it’ll use Megaton Charge. On this time you can free to choose to attack him or simply buff your characters. Megaton Charge deals about 700-900 to all of your characters, so make sure you switch to “healing‘ paradigm when it’s flying (animation attack of Megaton Charge). its other attacks are not dangerous (aerora only deals about 100 damage to all characters; with shell status).

After defeating it you’ll obtain Black Hole Gem. There’ll be a cube treasure ( Dragon Hide Backpack;live trigger reward) appear nearby. You’re done for now and can go back to Sunleth Waterscape.

(There are a lot of things that can be done on Archylte Steppe so I will cover it on another section; Check it later on main index of FF XIII-2 guide).

Sunleth Waterscape

Snow has been waiting for us and didn’t get patient enough to wait for us (maybe he already died if you have leveled up to defeat long gui :)) ).

Boss: Mutantomato

Recommended paradigm: Relentless assault (Ravager x2 and commando), Bully (Synergist, saboteur, commando)

At the beginning it‘ll be on weakened status so you get a chances to do some free hits. Switch to bully paradigm to buff your characters and weaken mutantomato (can be inflicted by deprotect). It can cast bravery , faith , etc on itself, so cast dispel if you have it. Like previous form, it can inflict you with poison, so bring an antidote or esuna. The boss can be launched (commando’s ability) into the air, so after this boss has been staggered by your party, it’s simply a winning battle :D.

You’ll get Mutantomato Fragment as reward. Event, throw the moogle to obtain Mysterious Fragment and then go to the gate in the middle of this area (marked by “!” on your map). You’ll use Mysterious artefact that you have gotten before (it’ll transform into Restoration Artefact).

Go to “The Void Beyond”, it’s your second time here if you have followed my guide since beginning. Event, and then take 6 potent chips. There are seal items in this area:

 ‘Prediction’ Gate’s Seal on the southwest of this area (you need to use moogle throw).
‘The Calm’ Gate Seal on the northwest of this area (moogle throw needed)

Check the golden sand once you have done those things. You’ll see Academia 400 AF and Serendipity (casino) appear on historia crux (only if you have done Yaschas Massif scenario).

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  1. David says:

    I know this is a VERY late comment but what do you do if you didn’t get the seals in The Void Beyond and went back to the Historia Crux. How do I get back to The Void Beyond? It now doesn’t allow me to enter the The Void Beyond from the Historia Crux.

    I also tried a time reversal on Bresha Ruins 005AF, defeated Atlas and unlocked the gate to Sunleth Waterscape but in the Historia Crux it doesn’t allow me to enter Sunleth Waterscape to redo Mutantomato. Any ideas?

  2. Ken says:

    Actually there is one more treasure in the void beyond, where you cant discover that place, try to use MT to the peak of that area and you will find librasvope

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