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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Archylte Steppe Fragment Location and List

Archylte Steppe Map

Archylte Steppe Map West Side

You need to defeat 3 gigantuar first before you can use wild fragment on the gate that leads to Bresha Ruins 300 AF. The location of gigantuar is shown by “GC’ on my map above. To reach the west side of the archylte steppe you need to have anti-grav jump or use golden cactuar (3); Archylte Steppe west side map.

Some of the fragments are only obtainable during certain weather, so you need to manipulate the weather using the weather controlling device, the combination of the switches are:

L= left, R= right, U= Up, D= down

LU/RU = Cloudy
LD/RD = Sunny
LU/RD = Rainy
LD/RU = Stormy

Crimson Crystal Fragment (1)

Additional reward: 300 CP

Use red cactuar statue portal on the east side of Archylte steppe. Sunny weather.

Goblin Fragment

Additional Reward: 300 CP

Obtained automatically through the storyline.

Woolly Stone

Additional  reward: 300 CP

Obtained automatically through the storyline.

Azure Crystal (2)

Additional reward: 300 CP

Use red cactuar statue portal on the southeast side of Archylte steppe. Rainy Weather.

Black Hole Gem

Additional Reward: 3500 CP

Obtained automatically through the storyline.

Amber Crystal (4)

Additional Reward: 300 CP

Use the red cactuar at point (4), I find it on Sunny weather.

Violet Crystal (5)

Additional Reward: 300 CP

Use red cactuar at point (5), I find it on cloudy weather.

Forest Crystal (3)

Additional Reward: 300 CP

Use Golden cactuar at point (3) disguised as a tornado, I find it on windy weather. This stone will teleport you to the west side of Archylte Steppe.

The last four of the fragment can be obtained by defeating 4 giant bosses at Archylte Steppe (You need to be able to ride chocobo; find all cactuar stones).

Talk to Tribe Leader to get “Ochu” Quest. Rainy
Talk to girl south of the tribe leader to get “Immortal” Quest. Windy
Long Gui can be found at sunny weather on Faeryl’s spot.
Defeat Ochu and Immortal and then talk to tribe leader to get a notification about Yomi. Cloudy

Visit this link for the tips on how to defeat them all.

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96 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Archylte Steppe Fragment Location and List”

  1. Reventon says:

    At point (5), it should be stormy weather, not cloudy.

    • Reventon says:

      Sorry. I always thought of the cloudy as stormy since there are lightning strikes. And always thought of the windy as cloudy. lol

  2. Mike says:

    Hi there. I noticed that you have the weather machine controls incorrect and wanted to help correct that so it’ll help others out. I tried out the ones listed in the above guide, but gave me the wrong conditions so I decided to check it out. Here’s the right controls for the weather machine in The Archylte Steepe ??? AF:

    LU/RU = Cloudy
    LD/RD = Sunny
    LU/RD = Rainy
    LD/RU = Stormy




  3. Atzy says:

    where are the ridable chocobos? the ones in the nomad village aren’t

  4. Shyshy Sudia says:

    Umm okay so I’ve followed your guide and its been really helpful but I’ve now it end game and I can’t get past the 3 Bahumat part so I looked at a couple different things and it said I should use the gigantar that has 1000 needles as a feral attack so I went back to the Archylte Steppe to get the gigantar and I have found all 3 statues and deleted the one near the camp that is a synergist and has hop what weather does it have to be to get the other two gigantar statues in the swamp area to give me cactuar fights

  5. Sephiroth ftw says:

    So I’m not very far in the game only 41 fragments, I beat ochu and immortal fairly easily , yomi on the other hand was no joke, I could have eventually beat him too but it was just taking too long, spent about 25min just to get him down to 70%, said f that and gave up. Time to go progress and hit up that mofo later on. Awesome guide btw, I got lost early on and for a long time, finally decided to look things up and your guide has been super helpful 🙂 wish I had done so sooner unfortunately I was stuck/lost for so long that by the time I started using your guide I was way way over-leveled, kinda takes away from the game when u kill everything in a few turns even bosses, glad yomi is no push over 🙂 , just want to say thanx one more time for your guide

  6. Tylar deyarmond says:

    The leader won’t talk to me and I couldn’t find the third gigantaur

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to advance with the storyline first.

    • Danno the Manno says:

      You need to turn the weather to rainy to make it appear. Also, you can beat the giant monster with roughly 4000 or so hp on your main characters. Make sure you have 99 sentinel, at least a medic with all the healing abilities. I had lightning as my sentinel b/c the defense increase helped her survive. My third was a strong commando. Mine is the dragoon, at lvl 20 it’s at 607 attack which is insane for a middle game monster. Switch between this setup and a ravenger/commando/ravenger for when you knock him down. Use provoke on the head to reduce his spell casting and force him to use physical attacks. Then rage with your power hitters when he’s down to get the chain break. When the break limit is at 1/3 switch to defensive posture because he’ll get up before it’s gone. Then repeat. I’d buy 30-35 remedies to use on your healer when he prevents you from casting. Also have 10-15 wound potions to restore your health capacity. It sounds like a lot. Believe me, it is. This method works if you can devote the time. It took me 1 hour and 20-40 minutes. But hey, I’ve only got 54 fragments so I’m not super far so that 30000 xp gain really helps.

  7. jacob smith says:

    this is going to sound stupid but i found all the cactuar statues and beat all three gigantuars and i still cant get chocobos or boss monsters. do i need to progress farther into the story?

  8. forest fairy says:

    Hi there,

    your guide has been very helpful so far, thank you very much! I have a really stupid question, though. I cannot reach Yomi. It’s rainy, I’ve talked to the chief and opened the quest and I can see him on that ledge, but I cannot jump that far. I tried with a chocobo and I have the anti-gravity jump, but that’s not helping. I still can’t reach Yomi’s ledge. How do I get there? Thanks!

  9. Lyrisun says:

    Hey there, yeah, about the weather system, for Sunny, you need LD and RD. I think I’m the first one to notice, I dunno…

  10. Noel says:

    I couldn’t talk to tribe leader either. So I finally made the weather sunny and the son of b… Started talking. I then changed the weather to rainy again to find the Ochu. the fight was a bit tough since I havn’t finished the story yet and my characters are not super strong. to use sentinel to take hits while others attack. Switch to medic when need to heal and switch back. Just keep hitting Ochu and don’t worry about the little ones. Those f…ers get their hp back.

  11. Cory says:

    I defeated immortal and i didn’t receive the fragment, did i do something wrong?

  12. TNGx TerrorzZ says:

    For those still having trouble finding that 3rd blue cactuar statue go to the west part of the map either via the yellow cactuar that teleports over there or via chocobo (my way) It has to be raining to find this one, it’s south-east of the top most red cactuar, (in the small L shape groove) just did it myself.. man that took awhile to find. Completely legit!!! Good luck to all my final fantasy peeps :).

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