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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Bresha Ruins 100 AF Fragment Location and List

Bresha Ruins 300 AF Map

You can unlock this area from the gate that located on Dying World 700 AF (on the southwest part).

Palladium Ring (1)

Additional Reward: 1000 CP

Talk to the female soldier near the starting point of this area (1). She’ll ask you to find Weapon Material, you can find it on northwest of her location (shown on the map). You need to use moogle hunt to reveal the item.

Osmium Ring (2)

Additional Reward: 1000 CP

Talk to the Proffesor at point (2), he’ll ask you to find his assistant. You can find the assistant at point (3) {near 8 Mana Droplets). Use moogle hunt to find the person , talk to him to obtain Monster Analysis Report. Give it to the professor to obtain the fragment.

Ruthenium Ring (4)

Additional Reward: 1.000 CP

Talk to Walter at point (4). You need to make Walter become a happy man (5). Talk to him and choose the choice that makes him happy, ex:

[0] That’s an amazing weapon
[0] You’ve gotta teach me sometime to fight

Rhodium Ring (6)

Additional reward: 1.000 CP

You need to solve 3 side quests that listed before, and unlock Bresha Ruins 300 AF. Go to Cemetry area (6), and talk to Ronan. He’ll ask you to find a device that can solve the paradox problem. Return to Historia Crux and head to Bresha Ruins 300 AF. Go to the same spot where you find Ronan on 100 AF and then check the grave to obtain Old Device. Give it to Ronan to obtain the fragment.

PS: You can get Eternity Gate Seal now (see the map to know the exact location)

Adamantite Ring (7)

Additional Reward: 1.000 CP

Solve previous quests listed on this guide. Head to point (7) and then talk to Porter, He’ll ask you to find 2 passwords.

1st Password:

– Travel to Yaschas Massif 100 AF and then head to Yaschas Headquarters (the place where Hope and Alyssa usually standing around). Talk to Uma (zoom the screenshot above to know the exact location of her) and you’ll obtain Thorne’s information.

– Travel to Yaschas Massif 110 AF, Head to the eastern Cliff on this area (click right screenshot above to know the exact location). Use moogle hunt to find Thorne. Talk to him and tell his name. You’ll obtain Control Device Password 1. (see this link for the full map area)

2nd Password

Head to Bresha Ruins 300 AF and then talk to the man who stands on the Porter’s spot. He’ll let you examine the controlling device (you must find 1st password first and other Bresha Ruins 300 AF side quests before he lets you do that). Check the controlling device and solve it. Solution:

The crystal will move from place to place. It’s hard to describe the solution by writing it, so just watch the video below for complete solution (follow the steps on the video carefully and make sure you obtain the crsytal when following the steps shown on the video).

Stage 1 Solution

Stage 2 solution

Stage 3 solution

You’ll obtain Control Device Password 2 Fragment. Go back to Bresha Ruins 100 AF and talk to Porter to obtain the fragment.

Kalavinka Fragment

Additional Reward; 4500 CP

Talk to Porter after you have done all of the side quests above. See an event, open your map and you should see “!” on your map. Go over there and defeat Kalavinka. You’ll obtain the fragment after defeating it.

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  1. Will says:

    Where is the Wild Artefact to open the gate in 700 AF?

  2. Ephraim says:

    Uma is not guaranteed to be inside the leader tent. She will usually be in around the area on that hill though. -1 hour of frustration of her not being in tent and me deciding to take 10 steps outside.

  3. Olivia says:

    I had to tell Walter these:

    Are you the famous Raymond?
    That’s an extraordinary weapon

  4. chviekn says:

    I found and unlocked Thorne in Yaschas Massif 100 af, but he just keeps saying he doesn’t remember his name and won’t give me the password. Is there something I’m missing??

    • chviekn says:

      Nevermind, I’m a big dummy who doesn’t know how to read. BTW, this is by far the best website I’ve seen for 13-2 and has been essential to my hunt for fragments. Thanks!!

  5. koichords says:

    this helped alot 🙂

  6. rikki says:

    How do I get bresha ruins 100 ? I know were the gate is but not the fragment to open it ??

  7. oLIFFERo says:

    By point (5) there is an Elixir in a sphere you can find using moogle hunt. Great guides btw, have been using them like mad with all the postgame play. Thanks!

  8. Anton says:

    I have same problem with vita lyrica…morris dont want to talk while i got the comm device already

  9. Onizuka says:

    I have a problem with a Mision: Vita Lyrica… I have open the back door and I get the Army Comm Device, but when I come back to Morris to talk with him i CAN’T, even the x pop up is appearing!!! What do I need to do? PLS help!!!

  10. Pspivey666 says:

    Thank you for posting the Puzzle Solution you were a big Help!

  11. mviamonte says:

    Thank you. i had problems with the last one, exactly with the las 3 cristal.

  12. Ukonsavara says:

    Bresha Ruins 300 AF has a total of 4 fragments and this guide is showing more then 4… SORT IT OUT

  13. Nimri says:

    I ended up in vile peaks 200 AF when i used gate with seal that you break by killing the 3 gigant cactuars

  14. Rei1121 says:

    Hey bro your wrong on how to get here the gate is in the dying world 700 af on the southwest side and you open it with a wild artifact. Great guide btw thanks for the effort on posting it

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