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Posted on Feb 6, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Oerba 200 AF and Yaschas Massif 01X AF

Oerba 200 AF

Oerba 200 AF Map


Name Pic Tips Drops
Chelicerata   Kill this first before killing Clione Potent  droplet; Power Sliver
Choncon   Usually packed with Seeker, easy enemy though Painkiller
Clione   Potent  droplet; Power Sliver
Frag Leech   Absorbs Hp but it’s easy .. Molten Tail, Potent Chip
Ghast   Deals powerful magical attack. Relentless assault is recommended Cie’th tear
Seeker   Have sentinel roles in your part to provoke them  Holy Water

At the beginning of the area, use moogle hunt to find “Giant Egg”. Now head north and you’ll meet a dead end, use moogle hunt to find “golden sand” like object, examine it to enter temporal rift.

New type of puzzle, you only need to connect each crystal so they form a certain pattern (the order of connected crystals is not matters). You can only connect crystals with the same color; just walk around until it changes its color.

Reminder: Remember to use moogle hunt when you can’t see the exact form of the treasure.

You’ll obtain Time’s Stardust once you have finished this temporal rift. The path will be unlocked, head north and explore the area until you reach point (3). You need to solve another temporal rift in order to progress (Time’s Shell as a reward).

Oerba temporal Rift part 2
Solution 1 Solution 2


Oerba temporal Rift 3
Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3
   3-2 solution  3-3 solution

Walk to point (4) and then solve the last temporal rift puzzle in this dungeon. You’ll obtain Time’s Coral as a reward. Continue to point (5) and don’t bother about 10 power bolts, examine the object nearby to fight with

BOSS: Caius Ballad

Recommended Paradigm: Relentless Assault (Commando, ravager, ravager), Diversity (Commando, ravager, Medic), Aggression (Commando x 2, ravager)

Many people have trouble against this one, but IMHO he’s not that hard. If you find it hard then try to have sentinel role to distract him. The most dangerous attack is Blast wave, it cause “wound” status and can deal area damage.  You can try to minimize damage by cast protect and shell on all of your party members (I have feral behemoth so I don’t need synergist since his ‘feral link’ already grants positive statuses). If you really have hard time against this man then have 2 medics on your paradigm shift like ‘perpetual magic‘ (medic x2, ravager).

No cinematic action again……..

Once you have beaten him (you’ll obtain artefact of origins), jump to through the broken roof to obtain 10 Power Bolts.  Head to ‘Origins’ gate and use the artefact to progress the story.

Yaschas Massif 01X AF

There are some new items on this era, explore the area to grab it :D. The enemy is still the same as 010 AF though (no feral behemoth though).

Yaschas Massif 01X Map

Unicorn Horn (left): You can obtain this items by mounting chocobo and then jump top the cliff where the item is located

10 Power Bolts (right): You must be able to do “moogle throw” in order to get it. Come back once you have obtained moogle throw (obtained from Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF).

Head to Hope’s place (marked with “!”) on your map.After talking to him go to point (1) to discover new artefact (‘Mysterious Aftefact‘). You can use this artefact to go to the new place (through the gate at point (2)). You can’t do anything on those places for now, I’ll list it on the other sections when you can do something on those places. Now go back to Bresha Ruins 005 AF and access reunion gate if you haven’t done it before.

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