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Posted on Feb 5, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Yaschas Massif 010 AF

Yaschas Massif 010 AF Map

As you start go north to point (1) and talk to the man who is standing over there. He’ll give you Yaschas Massif Map. Your destination is point (2) on my map above.


Name Pic Tips Drops
Feral Behemoth   Hard but can be easily avoided. See the tips to learn how to defeat it Potent Sliver; Behemoth Fang
Gandayaks   Usually paired with 2 ganhogas. Have a sentinel roles to tank damage from their attacks Shattered Bones; Potent Sliver
Gahnogas  Gahongas pic Usually paired with Gandayaks. Have a sentinel roles to tank damage from their attacks Shattered Bones; Potent Sliver
Mandrake    Potent droplets
Spiranthes   Potent Sliver; Potent droplets

There is strong monster called Feral Behemoth. It’ll give you 300 CP and 336 Gil if you manage to kill it. It’s hard but can be defeated if you have strong sentinel role on your party. If you don’t want to fight it simply run to the searchlights beam area.

Tips on defeating Feral Behemoth:

Make sure you have “sentinel” role active on every turn on the battle (use provoke so Behemoth will only attack sentinel; I have pulsework knight at level 20). Build your stagger point by using “commando ravager” or “ravager ravager” combination. Use long range attacks such as ruin, aero, blizzard, etc because it will make your characters stand away from behemoth (Behemoth’s attack can damage nearby target).  Commando’s launch ability helps you a lot since it’ll make Behemoth hopeless  on stagger condition. Try to recruit Behemoth as your monster.

Buy a new equipment from Chocolina at point (2), continue and

BOSS: Aloeidai

Recommended Role: Decimation (Synergist, Commando, Ravager), relentless assault (Ravager x2 , commando), Tireless Charge (Commando x2 and Medic)

It looks like Gogmagog twin brothers :D. It casts ruinga constantly which is bad because of his ability to cast deshellga (deshell on all of your characters). This is where Synergist role comes in handy because it can nullifies the effect by casting shell so the ruinga won’t hurt your characters that much. Another deadly attack from him is Landshatter which will deal about 200-300 damage to all of your characters and cause moderate “wound” damage. After some damage he’ll cast causality barrier which means you need to stagger to deal significant damage against him.

Sentinel role is suck in this battle because it usually attacks all of your characters at once :D. No cinematic action for this battle :(. If you have Feral Behemoth, raise his feral link first before enter this battle. His feral link (Bellow) will grant you with a lot of buff instantly which is very useful :D.

See an event and then continue following the hope until you get a chance to ask about Snow, Sazh, Lightning, and Ruins. You’ll obtain hollow artefact at the end of this event. Take all items nearby and then head to “Hollow” gate.

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