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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Yaschas Massif 110 AF Fragment Guide and Location

Yaschas Massif 110 AF Map

You can unlock this area from Bresha Ruins 300 AF.

Gerhilde’s Blossom (1)

Additional Reward: 500 CP

Check the red paradox sphere at point (1). You need to find a girl to complete this side quest. Go to ‘Sister‘ Location on my map and then use moogle hunt to reveal her. Talk to her to obtain wedding jewelry, return it to the red paradox sphere to complete this quest.

Walraute’s Flower (2)

Additional Reward: 500 CP

Check the red paradox sphere on point (2), you need to find the technician. Go to Technician’s location on my map (it’s the same location where you found fruit of fenrir; you need to use chocobo to reach this spot). You need to get the service manual from spot where Hope showed you the oracle drive in Yaschas Massif 010 AF. It is in a hidden cube, so you need to use Mog to reveal it. Talk to the technician and answer his question with “manual” and you’ll get Technician’s note. Return it to the red paradox sphere to obtain this fragment.

Ortlinde’s Bloom (3)

Additional Reward: 500 CP

Check the red paradox sphere on point (3), you need to find Terrorist’s Mark. You can find it on the location shown on my map above (use moogle hunt and then take it). Return it to solve this quest.

Book of Avalon (4)

Additional Reward: 500 CP

Go to point (4) and then solve the temporal rift puzzle (visit this link for an easy solution).

Ugallu Fragment (5)

Additional Reward: 2000 CP

You need to finihs all side quests at Yaschas Massif 100 AF first to be able to trigger this fragment quest.

Check the red Sphere on point (5), you need to defeat Ugallu to obtain this fragment. Go to the same spot where you found Terrorist’s Mark. Kill it to obtain the fragment.

Ugallu HP: 141.200

[0] Capable of inflicting Poison (remedy or esuna)
[0] Capable of inflicting Curse (remedy or esuna)
[0] Executes powerful magic attacks (counter with shell)
[0] Delivers devastating physical attacks (counter with protect)

It can cast Virulent Breath and inflict a lot of bad statuses so you need to have remedy or esuna on this battle.

Control Device Password 1

Additional Reward: 300 CP

It’s part of the Bresha Ruins 100 AF side quests ( I don’t know whether you can find him without taking the side quest first). You only need to talk to the man (reveal him first using moogle hunt) on mentioned location on my map above (Control Device password 1).

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31 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Yaschas Massif 110 AF Fragment Guide and Location”

  1. ChaosKnightMatthew says:

    For the battle part of this area’s fragment, Ugallu, in place of Esuna or Remedy it may be better to attain Unicorn Horns from Serendipity first as with the breath attack it can remove all bad status ailments at once. I tackled this one at max lvl all roles with Grand Behemoth as my Ravenger and Orion as my Commando (Gigantuar as a Syn but he died too quick to help). Battle was still tough but managed a 5 star victory over that one.

  2. Michael says:

    Oooook no rift on my game lol and where the eff do you return the terrorist mark? -_- I don’t even have objective whenI look at the map. Ugh.

  3. Kyla says:

    whoever came up with the clock solver is a genius. I’m sure I could’ve done the math/spatial reasoning to figure it out if i wanted but i was playing at like 4am and that just wasn’t happening lol

  4. ash says:

    I have a similar problem I have 4/6 fragments discovered. I’ve done what you’ve said and walked around the whole map. Nothing is happening! What’s the problem?

  5. De'Angelo Harris says:

    I’m having trouble wit the hands of time in Yaschas Massif 110 AF and this damn puzzle thing isn’t helping at all. Is there another way to do it?

    • jacval60 says:

      If you are talking about the Clock Puzzle you should try and solve it, if you find it to difficult you can go here to get help..
      Note start with the 12 o clock number then go clock wise. Note if you accidently put a wrong number in the sequence it will tell you in Japanese in box before clock. Just retype the number. I only tell you these information cause after trying for 10 times it could get frustrated.

  6. Anjelica says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can finish the Yaschas Massif times completely. I have finished the game ad have the paradox scope, I have done the red orbs of woe, but one remains in 110 I think. Any help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm All I know are already written on this page. Really sorry I can’t help you much since I have stopped playing ff 13-2 .

    • jason says:

      I’ve beaten the game and can’t seem to find one lonely artifact wild one to unlock brescha ruins 100AF any clue were last one is hiding on me? the last wild artifact you will need is in archylte steppe go to back of marsh and look over the edge use mog to get it.

  7. Melanie says:

    Love your guide, especially the maps! FYI- For the Control Device Password 1, I don’t even have Bresha Ruins 100af unlocked yet but I was able to find the guy. Problem is, he doesn’t remember who he is and you can’t get the fragment just yet. 🙁

  8. keith says:

    the manual is in yaschas 110 not 010..

  9. Paper_Tiger says:

    The last orb for Ugallu Fragment doesn’t appear until you’ve completed all the fragments in 100AF (because its the monster that was sealed away there, and you released it). That might be the problem some people are having.

  10. Mario of paadra says:

    Hey man.. i’m still stocked with the last fragment.. i dont really understand what i have to do.. i talk to the man and he told me that he doesn´t remember… but he didn.t give me a mission or something..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try to progress with your storyline first. You need to pass certain point before you are able to do some side quests.

      • Mikalon says:

        i solved the game, have the paradoxkop or what it named, i’ve got all fragments in all other yasha massif times, but i still cannot find the last 3 fragments

    • Yup says:

      You have to get Thorne’s information (a special item)from Uma in Yaschas 100 and then go to Thorne in Yaschas 110 and help him figure out who he is.

    • jason says:

      his name is thorin and you have to unlock brascha ruins for him to remember who he is.

  11. mikehj says:

    I did all 4 frag missions but don’t see the 5th red orb

  12. crashed case says:

    Im having trouble in multiple different times/worlds and in yaschas massif 110 af i have 4/6 fragments, the trouble is that i cant find any more red orbs and have done a LOT of research (videos, search pages, etc). If you guys could tell me any messily things it would be a lot of help!
    p.s. I cant seem to finish the game with out more fragments.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      follow exactly everything I have written in this post. If you can’t take any side quest then it mean you are not reach the point when you can d this quest. Just keep playing to until you can take it.

    • robert says:

      The guide is pretty straight forward. Although can be confusing. Sometimes you may have to leave the world then return for the orbs to appear after a quest. Similar to the problems encountered at the STEPPE when attaining the Yomi, Long Gui, etc. fragments.

      Your problems sounds like you haven’t reached the point in the game that you should be at the attempt to go through the side quest.

      I HIGHLY recommend NOT doing the sidequest until towards the end of the game. Either just before the END OF DAYS stage/section or after

  13. Evangelion01 says:

    In order to complete Waltraute’s Flower, you need to get the service manual from up where Hope showed you the oracle drive in Yaschas Massif 010 AF. It is in a hidden cube, so you need to use Mog to reveal it.

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