Final Fantasy XIII-2 How to Defeat Full Power Atlas Tips |
Posted on Mar 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 How to Defeat Full Power Atlas Tips


HP 156.000

Halved: Fire, ice, physical, magic

Resitance: Lightning and aero

Recommended Paradigm:

Salvation (medic x3)

It’s suggested that you have about 5000 HP before start challenging this boss. He can easily inflict 3000 damage to all your members. Bring some wound potion to cure your wound. His stagger point is 900 %, so it takes a long time to stagger him (you probably defeat him on normal condition).

This battle is not hard. You only need to have about 5000 HP. You only need to switch between your salvation paradigm with “offensive paradigm” (relentless assault, Cerberus,etc). I am using Cerberus because it seems very hard to make him stagger and Cerberus output is the most damaging paradigm against this boss {he strong against all elements so using elemental attack (ravager)will further reduce your damage}.

You’ll unlock The Archylte Steppe ??? and see paradox ending. You’ll get “Transcript: A Giant Mistake” and 10.000 CP.

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2 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 How to Defeat Full Power Atlas Tips”

  1. Bobo says:

    Fought him post-game. Easy as pie.

  2. Martin says:

    Using 3xmedic on both diagrams? With my experience, I can say that that is not going to win the fight, no matter how experienced your medics are.

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