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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tips on How to Beat Ochu, Immortal, Long Gui, and Yomi

Note: You can fight boss monster on Archylte Steppe multiple times. You must get out from Archylte Steppe first (return to Historia Crux), return to archylte steppe and then change the weather into “conditional weather” for the monster to be able to spawn.

Example: you kill Ochu, you want it to respawn. Return to Historia Crux and then enter archylte steppe. Go to weather controlling device change the weather into different weather (assuming you haven’t changed it before) then change it to rainy again to make Ochu appear.


You can make Ochu appears after you have discovered all of the cactuar stones on Archylte steppe. Talk to the leader of thr tribe, he’ll ask you to kill this monster. Only appear on rainy weather (Clearwater Marshes territory).

Hp 317.200

[0] Calls allies
[0] Capable of inflicting Debrave
[0] Capable of restoring HP

Attack Patterns:
[0] Seed dispersal: Summon microchu
[0] Pollen: Inflict debrave and defaith on all your characters

This battle is not hard, you only need about 3000-4000 HP. If you’re getting hard time against it, add one sentinel to your party and you should be able to defeat it. It’ll call microchu (about 3-4), and microchu can use “plead” to restore Ochu’s HP. Relentless assault is the best paradigm on this battle because you can stagger him quickly and maintain the stagger meter. Microchu and Ochu are weak to fire which is good because your ravager must be able to use them on this battle.

Ochu will give you a nice weapon if you manage to beat him (you may need to kill him multiple times to obtain the weapon). Get 5 star to increase drops rate.

Reward: Grashita (common) and Gandiva (rare drop)


You can make Immortal appears after you have discovered all of the cactuar stones on Archylte steppe. Talk to the woman that stand south of leader of the tribe, he’ll ask you to kill this monster. Only appear on windy weather.

HP: 326.400

[0] High Damage-Dealing Potential
[0] Calls allies
[0] Employs powerful lightning based attack

Weak: Fire
halved: Aero, physical, magic
Immune: lightning

Recommended paradigm: Salvation and relentless assault

A little bit harder than Ochu but still easy to defeat. Immortal itself is not dangerous, the most dangerous attack from him, is his sword. If you can beat Ochu then you should be able to kill this thing too. Protectga will useful in this battle because the damage from his blade is quite high…. Lightning resistance accessory will also help you on this battle.

Reward: Romulus & Remus (rare), Indrajit (common)

Centaurion Blade

HP 32.640

Weak: Fire

This blade is quite easy to kill but Immortal can always replicates it. It’s your choice to kill this sword or just focus on immortal immediately (you probably wont get 5 star if you need to kill the blade). This blade will be destroyed automatically if immortal dies (unlike microchu on Ochu battle).

Long Gui

HP: 4.160.000
[0] Employs wounding attack that reduce maximum attack (bring some wound potion)
[0] Delivers devastating physical attacks (counter with salvation paradigm and protectga spell)
[0] Executes powerful magic attacks (counter with Salvation paradigm and shellga spell)
[0] Legs can be disabled if dealt enough damage

Weakness: Lightning
Halved: Fire
Resistant: Magical, Physical

Recommended paradigm:
[0] Espionage (Saboteur x2 and synergist)
[0] Salvation (Medic x3)
[0] Relentless Assault (Ravager x2 and Commando)

His leg attack can deal about 2000 damage to all members, so it’s a good idea to disable both of them. the Legs has a lot of HP but they can be inflicted by imperil and deprotect, so set your espionage paradigm on the beginning of the battle to inflict them quickly. Always keeps your health above 5000 point just to be safe against ultima. Long gui will fall into the ground once you have destroy the legs.

NOW it’s your chance to deal a lot of damage to him. Switch back to Espionage and inflict him with deprotect and deshell. After inflicting them, switch to relentless assault to build your stagger meter. The legs will recover after some time, if that happens you must repeat the process again from the beginning.

PS: You can attack long gui immediately (without destroying the legs) but your attack will do less damage and you’ll get a lot of interruptions….from the legs)


HP 1.200.000

[0] Delivers devastating physical attack
[0] Executes Powerful magical attacks
[0] Susceptible to curse
[0] Capable of temporary invulnerability

Halved: Aero, Blizzard, Fire, and Thunder
normal: Physical and Magic

Recommended paradigm:
[0] Espionage (Saboteur x2 and synergist)
[0] Salvation (Medic x3)
[0] Relentless Assault (Ravager x2 and Commando)
[0] Superiority (Synergist x2 and Saboteur)

It’s the hardest monster on Archylte steppe. I suggest you to have about 7000 HP Leader (noel will reach this number faster than Serah). Don’t bother to stagger him because he can reset his stagger meter……  I suggest you to equip ATB+ 50% weapon (You can farm them from immortal).

He’ll use impenetrable aura each time you have dealt some damage to him. You can’t do anything to him while he’s doing that. Heal and buff your party at this moment (Bravery and Faith will help you in this battle; use superiority or salvation). Try to keep your HP above 5000 HP because his whicked whirl can deal a large amount of damage. He also do a lot of wound damage, so it’s a good idea to bring some wound potions. You can inflict it with deshell, deprotect and poison, so do that if you think it’ll help you (I find deshell and deprotect are useful but no poison because he will reset the status immediately)

You can also farm Yomi for Gil farming purpose (he gives you 72.000 Gil per battle; with gilfinder II ability). He drops Trapezohedron (rare drop) to create ATB +1 weapon.

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18 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tips on How to Beat Ochu, Immortal, Long Gui, and Yomi”

  1. Zox says:

    Hi. I can’t get to Yomi because my Chocobo won’t glide. I tried holding the jump button while approaching the ledge but still nothing. I tried jumping with the chocobo and then pressing and holding down the jump button and it’s still not working. What am I doing wrong. If I keep holding the jump button the chocobo won’t jump because I have to release the button for the jump to register. What am I missing? Please someone help me…:-(

  2. Boombx123 says:

    For anyone having trouble with Yomi try adding a SEN/SEN/SEN when he uses his Whirlwind Offense.

  3. Cance says:

    Was able to kill the immortal at 2.5k Noel hp… Took a few tries but got him. Got both weapons on first 5 star…

    I ran sab/sab/sym till blade out then rav/rav/med till I broke him then rev/com/med. always had to have med or died. I ran with green choco and the big cactus dude and Bhemoth for the intaa buffa

  4. darkone500 says:

    yeah i beat him differently i used com/syn/com and used the same for imp except i had one healer my monster was a proto bahemuth he has a abillity to do more damage when the enemy stats res or half

  5. sprakonites says:

    I just had my first battle with Yomi, and I thought I can beat him easily considering I had level 99 all skills with 9k+ HP for Noel and 8k+ HP for Serah. I had my paradigm set to, COM/RAV/SEN (Bunkerbeast) for my offense and SYN/SAB/SEN or MEDIC (Blue Chocobo) if its on IMP AURA. I was able to stagger it once and I shifted to RELENTLESS ASSAULT (with Cloudburst). I had its HP almost down to zero with 150k left..but as soon as it gets there, the sequence of his attacks became faster and he uses TWO WHICKED WIRL before entering IMP AURA and it suddenly heals itself too. If its in that state, it only lasted for a very short while. My SALVATION just couldn’t catch up with his fast sequence of attack and it deals a lot of wound damage too. It is the last boss I need to battle with in order to complete my quest in that area. I would appreciate any advice in beating it. Tnx!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to ee my video to see what you should do.

      • sprakonites says:

        I saw it..thanks! will try those set of paradigms..big help! 😀 nwei, does the choice of monsters matters too? I have my cloudburst and bunkerbeast maximize and serves as my regulars..while I’m routing to use blue chocobo all the way as my medic..but before that I use Flanitor..for commando I am thinking of using Odin..but it seems many recommends chichu..I’m asking this because I’m about to finish the game yet, aftr completing some quests and I’m in the stage now of picking which monsters shall I have my bet on for each skills..thanks..

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, yeah the monsters is really important. I never use cloudburst and bunker burst since if you have chicu then all other commando monsters are useless. 😀

  6. Maibs says:

    The easiest way to beat Yomi is poison, it will resist alot of the time but when its hits it causes massive damage.
    Just beat him easily with just Sab/Sab/Medic and Syn/Syn/Medic for when he is in aura mode
    Also Sen/Sab/Medic and Sab/Medic/Medic works well to.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      doesn’t it recover from poison when using the barrier?

      • Maibs says:

        Yes he recovers once he enters imp aura so you do need to recast everytime he exits it.

        Just spam with 2 sabs the sooner it hits after he exits aura the more damage is done before he re-enters, I’ve hit just after he exits and it took 25% of his health before he re-entered.

        Great guide btw

  7. i dont know where yomi is and how do u unlock him

  8. hip_shootr___69 says:

    for yomi just let the saboteurs poison and wound him, then focus on surviving. i’ve been farming him for quite some time using this method. once you get the hang of it you can throw some ravagers and chichu especially (to remove yomi’s buffs), but letting him die by slow poison is a gratifying and effective strategy. still no traps though 🙁

  9. Hellp says:

    Hi, I’ve spent hours trying to defeat Yomi but I get his health bar to about half and he inflicts his wind offense 2 or 3 times in a row and wipes me out every time. I know I must be doing something wrong but don’t know what. Could it be weapons or accessories related? Please help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, he’ll inflict that if you are not damage him fast enough. The only solution I can give you is to level up and change your monsters (chichu or golden chocobo is pretty good).

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